1 vs. 100: Will the Game Show Return to Network TV?

1 vs 100It seems that the 1 vs. 100 TV series might be making a comeback.

Hosted by Bob Saget, the game show ran for two short seasons on NBC and went off the air in February 2008. Though 1 vs. 100 was short-lived, the series has been popular in reruns on GSN and has been attracting a lot of viewers as a live Xbox game.

According to BuzzerBlog, the site for game show news, they have some reliable sources who believe the show is very likely to return to network television. If that happens, it probably won’t be back on NBC however. No word if Saget would return as host or if the format would be altered in some way.

What do you think? Would you like to see 1 vs. 100 return to primetime? Should Saget return as host?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Donna Michel says

    I loved loved loved the show…….still watch it in syndication….Bob Saget IS a great host for the show…… really hope it returns.

  2. Cynthia says

    Absolutely loved the show. If it comes back, I will be applying as a contestant. Bob Saget needs to definitely continue as host. He’s perfect!

  3. Anonymous says

    ABC should purchase the rights to 1 vs. 100, premiere it in mid-season, and start an all-new Saturday night schedule with it leading off the night at 8pm. On a Monday night when Castle has its occasional repeat episode, they could place 1 vs. 100 at 10pm for a special sneak preview with The Bachelor as its lead-in. They could then repeat the Monday preview on Friday at 8pm and help build extra buzz for its Saturday premiere along the way.

    I would love to see one of the big three networks like ABC re-try Saturday night original programming (not talking about summer burn-offs) and 1 vs. 100 might be the show that helps re-vitalize Saturday night. If ABC actually got the rights to 1 vs. 100, I would suggest ordering a second season of Boston Med for 9pm and an edition of Primetime at 10pm.

  4. Joey says

    Great show and hopefully bob saget will host it again! Thanks for the tip that it’s on gsm I didn’t know

  5. says

    I liked the show on Friday night , Bob Sagat did well as host. I don’t know if I would care so much for it with someone else in the host’s job.

  6. Matt says

    If any game show should be brought back, why not Identity? A different concept from the standard quiz show format, yet still fun for the viewers at home to play, plus a great host in Penn Gilette.

    • MaryAnn Dumond says

      Matt, you’re so right. That was a fun show. We should make a list of the ones we want to see again and send it to all the networks. Some of them are bound to be needing replacement shows with all the ones they’re cancelling on us.

  7. AuntieD says

    Wasn’t it hosted by Drew Carey, or am I thinking of a different game show (and I am not thinking of the Price is Right)? I can see that Drew would not have time to host a 2nd show, but I think the world has had enough of Bob Saget and I would prefer a new face for the show.

  8. MaryAnn Dumond says

    Oh, I hope they bring it back. I’ve been faithfully watching the reruns on GSN but it would be great to see some NEW episodes.
    CBS is going to have some gaps to fill when the soap, ATWT, ends in Sept. and NBC will have a space when the reruns of the Bonnie Hunt Show are over. 1 VS 100 might do very well in those time slots.

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