100 Questions: New NBC Sitcom; Cancel or Keep It?

100 QuestionsNBC recently debuted a new sitcom on Thursday nights called 100 Questions. Will this new TV show last past the summer season and become a staple of the network’s Thursday line-up?

100 Questions revolves around Charlotte Payne (Sophie Winkleman), a young woman looking for love. She’s come to a dating service and is answering 100 questions posed by a consultant named Andrew (Michael Benjamin Washington). While trying to figure out what she’s looking for in a mate, she recounts relationship stories and these memories include friends Leslie (Smith Cho), Jill (Collette Wolfe), Mike (Christopher Moynihan), and Wayne (David Walton).

The sitcom debuted on May 27th to a terrible 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.48 million viewers. That’s one of the worst premieres in NBC’s history. In week two, the demo bumped up a little (a 0.9 rating) but total viewership dropped (2.22 million). Truly horrible numbers for original programming.

The ratings for 100 Questions can’t come as much of a surprise to NBC execs as they seem to have lost faith in the series months ago. NBC originally ordered 13 episodes but they shut down production after only six were completed. The sitcom was planned to be a mid-season replacement series but was pushed into summer, a time when networks typically air repeats and burn off extra programming.

Based on the ratings, there’s no way that 100 Questions will be back for a second season. It’s also highly likely that NBC will pull the show before all six installments have aired. After all, the network is getting better ratings from repeats of its other comedies.

But, what do you think? Do you like 100 Questions? Cancel or keep it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Goodhumor says

    Great show and wonderful cast; agree with other posters that reality shows are boring …complete overkill already.
    MORE Simple good fun comedies and love Smith Cho.

  2. says

    Keep it, for goodness sake! I enjoyed it very much! And a lot of people too!
    It’s quite amusing and I don’t understand how canceling it is relevant. 😐

  3. Marcin (from Poland) says

    Please don’t shutdown this series. It’s the best series about search of love. Please keep it.

  4. Marcia says

    Please NBC the only fault this show had is lack of advertisement.Put some thought on how to get this show to the masses.I have been really disappointed with NBC after friends was over but when I saw this show I felt you guys did a good job bringing that comradary
    back in your line up.But I guess you refuse to not suck..Bring it back..

  5. ALS says

    I love this show! NBC did absolutely no advertising for this at all. I would never have discovered it had my cable provider not included it in the on demand library. Bring it back!

  6. Christian Leavitt says

    No F**KING wonder NBC blows….let the show develop. This is a great show! The concept is great! The actress that plays Charolette is amazing! I can name at least 3 shows at the top of my head that should be cancelled first before this one. NBC is really pissing me off lately…..CBS seems to be the only station with solid T.V shows? WHY? BECAUSE THEY GAVE THE SHOWS A CHANCE FOR A FULL SEASON…..DUHHH Bring this show back!

  7. Chris P says

    This is the best show I ever seen. Its got the making of friends or seinfield. Especially Seinfeld cause the creator is an actor on the show. I will be looking foward to the next epsodes and i will tell all my friends on facebook

  8. Irene says

    Hi! I’m from Spain, I have watched the first six episodes and was hoping to see the next one when I found out that the series was cancelled… WTF?!?!?! It’s an awesome show and the NBC is not going to give it a chance?? Even my parents liked the show, they read the subs ’cause they dom’t speak english. I think that there’s gotta be a second season. Definitely.

  9. marcia says

    I love this show! Just found it one night and already TiVo it in case I miss. Reminds me of Friends and that’s a good thing! Don’t take it off. Give it a chance and some advertising.

  10. jack says

    I agree with Anon. Give the show a freakin chance. what do you have to lose NBC?
    you’ve blown sooooooooooooo many good to great shows in the past! We have enough
    moronic so – called reality shows. My vote is to keep Sophie and that beautiful accent on the air.

  11. Anon says

    NBC: Give the show a chance. Jeez! So the show isn’t mindbendingly deep. Does every TV program have to have an earth-shattering message?

  12. Miss Nie says

    This comedy sitcom is a lighthearted, feel good gem.

    When I first began watching “100 Questions”, I was a tad skeptical about its potential. The show seemed overly honeyed and stroked me as standing on vacillating grounds, but as I kept on viewing, I grew fonder of its comicality. For instance, Wayne is a brilliant character and has been doted with golden one liners. His nonchalant yet charming demeanor is considerably attaching. Charlotte is the classic girl next door; she is graceful and somewhat more reserved than her other female counterparts, but has the ability to surprise the audience with the bolder side of her personality. We all can, to some degree, relate to Mike, who although lacks confidence, makes up for it with his adorable quirkiness. Finally, Leslie and Jill always manage to brighten up any situation with their priceless frivolousness.

    The plot of the show is clearly captivating. The chemistry between Charlotte and Wayne is indisputable. One cannot help but to wonder when Charlotte will come to realization that Wayne is the one she has been searching for all along.

    Ultimately, 100 Questions is undeniably easy to watch and helps one evade reality for approximately half an hour, something which I believe we all need to do once in awhile. For the network to eradicate itself of this show would be quite shameful.

    I assuredly say yea, for the continuation of the series.

  13. elizabeth says

    This show is awesome! I just started watching it 3 weeks ago. Didn’t know last Thursday was the finale, because I didn’t even know about the show when it premiered. There was no advertising for it at all! It seems like it was doomed to fail before it even had a chance…

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