100 Questions: NBC Sitcom Cancelled; No Season Two

100 QuestionsIt’s been a rocky road for NBC’s 100 Questions and now the journey is over. The sitcom has been cancelled after one season and six episodes.

100 Questions follows Charlotte Payne (Sophie Winkleman), a young woman who’s looking for love. She goes to a dating service and answers 100 questions as posed by a frustrated consultant named Andrew (Michael Benjamin Washington). While trying to figure out what she’s looking for in a mate, she recounts relationship stories that include friends Leslie (Smith Cho), Jill (Collette Wolfe), Mike (Christopher Moynihan), and Wayne (David Walton).

Originally titled 100 Questions for Charlotte Payne, the pilot was directed by Emmy Award-winning director James Burrows. NBC ordered it to series but then recast several characters and director Alex Hardcastle took over. After six installments were produced, the network cut the episode order and shut down production. Then, the show’s premiere was delayed until May 27th. Clearly, the network’s enthusiasm had waned a bit.

When 100 Questions finally did debut, most viewers didn’t notice. The show’s premiere episode attracted horrible numbers — just a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.48 million viewers. The numbers got even worse as the weeks progressed. The network kept the show on the schedule and let all six episodes air. There won’t be any more though.

To no surprise, 100 Questions has been cancelled and won’t be back for a second season, as reported by both Futon Critic and MediaWeek.

Though NBC declined to comment, Moynihan, the show’s creator and a co-star, has already moved on. He recently signed a deal to write and executive produce two new projects for ABC Studios. He’s also expected to have a part in front of the camera as well.

What do you think? Are you sorry that 100 Questions won’t be back? How would you have wrapped up Charlotte’s quest? Why do you think the series didn’t succeed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Marcelo from Brazil says

    I just watched the whole series in a single day.
    It is a relaxing comedy with the superb Sophie and her marvelous accent and beauty!
    It is too bad no season 2 will come.

  2. Korean says

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, I’m really sorry for that……
    I’m from South Korea and watched this series a year ago when I was in the U.S.
    Just wanted to know when the season two will begin..Not to know it’s canceled..!!
    OMG..too bad

  3. Portuguese Girl says

    I just wanted to state that I really loved this series and I was surprised to see only six episodes on a first season.. I really liked it and I agree with some of you who say that the only problem would be the laugh’s track…

  4. Laura says

    My mom and I really enjoyed watching this series together. I never heard of it until I came across the series on demand. I wish they would’ve shown more previews for it, then I’m sure people would’ve tuned in to see it.

  5. Laurel says

    I love the series a lot. It’s very funny and very fascinating, one of the best TV shows I’ve seen. It’s way better than most series on TV atm and I don’t understand why it got cancelled. I was looking for the reasons til I read this. What’s wrong with people’s taste? If I were one of the viewers, I would rate it 5 stars. Is there any chance it could be continued? I really look forward to seeing how it would work out. So so so sad :(((((

    From Australia with love

  6. Vera says

    It’s very sorry that second season was canceled. I live in Ukraine. It’s far from UK but here we heart about this TV-series. There are a lot of fans here in Ukraine. If we had a possibility, we’d ask producers and director to continue the series. But we can’t. And it is very sad. We are really sorry!
    With eternal love to this TV-series,
    From Ukraine, Kyiv,

    • Yuriy says

      I hear you, sister! A big Hello from Kharkov!
      It’s a shame the show got cancelled. What I really liked about the show is that it’s not overloaded with sex, like almost every other show on television nowadays..

  7. TV HELL says

    “Nielsen ratings system ” with its Slaughterings and Murdering Bloodbath.
    Networks could do more of an accurate calculation with the DVR’S boxes because they are in more home than Nelsen’s Box. I don’t even know of not one viewer with Nelsen’s box. DO YOU?

  8. extinction says

    It is sure hard to find anything on television since all those cancellations
    Do You KNOW? How does the “Nielsen ratings system ” work?
    Anyone out here understand, in each situation, how do the rating system really works?
    Hypothetically situation,
    Old King Cobra watches News, Drama,sports ,playboy channels and he DVR “No Ordinary Family” to watch, next day with his children age 2,4, 10
    But his need 20 year old bipolar wife watches “No Ordinary Family” a week later, by herself. The Wife also gone during the day time because she was busy, running around, spending King Cobra’s money.
    So she, DVR’D her soaps but was home in time to watched bachelor and American Idol
    but DVR’D, Cougar Town. So which one is rated and how? Is DVR’S only counted if the wife watches. Kids 2,4 and 10 watches the DVR event, are they counted? Is a DVR event counted at all? Dose DVR’S event have a particular time in which day it is watched, to be counted?
    Is any DVR’S counted as much as live?
    Do people still watch live TV?
    Do they count 50 plus year old people as whole a count or do they have to have “100” of “50 plus” to count as “one”? 50 plus people counted at all? How many 50plus people dose it take to turn a light bulb?
    Was the Nielsen ratings system been around ever since radio days?
    Was the Nielsen ratings system base on a study, how people might have spent their money,
    back in The Great Depression days?
    Haven’t they found that Studies, like Nielsen ratings system often proved wrong, and way off
    base? People alone with the time has changed a great deal.
    Hasn’t technology changed along with People and spending since way back when?

  9. extinction says

    Is the Nielsen ratings system, truly understand and welcoming the convenience and its popularity of DVR’S events? With the importance of improving Nielsen ratings system are they considering DVR events of an individual. Wouldn’t it prove to be ,more accurate of its calculation then the Nielsen ratings system ? Do you think Nielsen ratings system calculates, in all the ways people view programs, like DVD’S,internet and even on cell phone? Is the Internet and DVD’S hurting, networks and causing rating, at its all time lowest ratings ever? Is mass cancellation the only avenue for the networks? Aren’t viewers still falling off the networks like fly? Will the networks ever realized in these las 10 years with over 300 canceling and still they can’t seem bring back mass viewer they once had before game boxes and interne and cell phones? Will networks ever realize how important it would be to keep, the ones of us, whom are still trying to hang on while Nielsen tornado wipe-out? With Series Show, about to go extinct ,dose that make Networks like the dinosaur?

  10. Jessica says

    That’s too bad that the serie has no season 2!! I liked the serie a lot ! It was fun and so on, the best one I saw until now… :/

  11. Anna says

    I actually liked the serie a lot, i was just searching when the 2 season was going to begin when i see this. It’s sad :(

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