18 to Life: New TV Show for CW; Cancel or Keep it?

18 to LifeThe CW debuted a new comedy this week called 18 to Life. Like The Bridge, The Listener, and Flashpoint, this series was originally produced for Canadian television. Canadian shows have had mixed success in the US so, how did this one fare?

The 18 to Life series revolves around Tom (Michael Seater) and Jessie (Stacey Farber), a pair of 18-year-old best friends who have grown up next door to each other. After a game of truth-or-dare gets out of hand, they run away, get married, and eventually move into Tom’s family’s attic. As a result, the couple’s two very different families — one free-spirited, one uptight –must finally learn how to get along with each other. The rest of the cast includes Peter Keleghan, Ellen David, Alain Goulem, Angela Asher, Arielle Shiri, and Tiio Horn.

In its first week on The CW, 18 to Life was barely noticed by most viewers. The debut attracted a tiny 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 988,000 viewers. The second episode dropped to a 0.3 rating and 846,000 total viewers. That put the pair of episodes in last place in both categories.

The show was even beaten by its lead-in, a little-watched repeat of CW’s Plain Jane reality series.

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While CW shows typically attract much lower viewership than the other networks, this is certainly a very poor beginning. The premiere ratings also hardly bode well for week two’s numbers.

While the network may let all 12 episodes air over the next five weeks, there would be little reason for them to buy additional installments unless viewership improves.

The show has gotten a better reception in Canada, where it’s produced. Season one began running on CBC in January and concluded in April. It was renewed for a second season in May and production is currently underway.

Season two of 18 to Life is expected to begin airing in Canada in January. Unless ratings improve, it seems very unlikely that the CW will follow their lead.

What do you think? Should The CW continue to air 18 to Life or should they just cancel it already?

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  1. savy says

    You SHOULD KEEP MAKING more because i just finished watching all 2 seasons in 2 days and my sister, aunt, mom, and i all loved the show and where sad to find out thet might not make more.

  2. Bre says

    Don’t cancel it! I’ve been watching the series and I love it! It has great actor and great writers, what more can you ask for! PLZ BRING IT BACK!

  3. nicole says

    That sucks! That show was really good and I watched it every week. Its CW’s fault if they would have treated it like a real show they would have got better ratings. I mean I didn’t see one preview for it before it aired I found the preview for the show on youtube. I mean I have seena preview for the hellcats on every channel but not one for 18 to life. And even when I did watch it the never even showed clips for next weels episode they just went straight to the news. This whole things sucks. the cw just made the worst mistake ever cuz besides supernatural all their other shows suck!

  4. david182 says

    i liked the show!! i think they should keep it, the ratings are low but if you look at the rest of the cw shows, i mean, they all suck haha! the cw hardly has anything to offer so i think keep what ever works! and this one works!

  5. Kyle says

    While I don’t think the show was great by any means, it has a decent enough cast (I recognize the main guy from The Zach Files). I hate when networks buy shows and don’t air all the episodes–so the CW should just continue to air this for the next 5 weeks.

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