18 to Life

18 to Life Network: The CW, CBC
Episodes: 25 (half-hour)
Seasons: two

TV show dates: August 3, 2010 — March 28, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Michael Seater, Stacey Farber, Alain Goulem, Angela Asher, Jesse Rath, Kaniehtiio Horn, Arielle Shiri, Peter Keleghan, Ellen David, Erin Agostino, Carl Alacchi, Samantha Moore, and Raphael Cohen-Demers.

18 to life past TV show

TV show description:
Tom Bellow (Michael Seater) and Jessie Hill (Stacey Farber) are college students and best friends that have grown up next door to each other, in very different households.

Jessie throws herself into everything she takes on, be it working, shopping, or just hanging out. She lacks that filter in social conversation and doesn’t fully appreciate authority, especially if she feels something just isn’t right.

Jessie’s father, Phil (Al Goulem), works in I.T., but thinks of himself as a “modern day plumber.” He’s the self-proclaimed “High Sheriff of Recycle Town” and has a green room next to the garage but it’s really where he goes to sneak beef jerky. His wife, Tara (Angela Asher), is a proud liberal but knows when it’s best to pull back a little (which is why she allows the beef jerky secret to continue). Tara works at a non-profit called NGO, a place that doesn’t accomplish a lot, but she’s happy to think she’s changing the world.

Ever socially conscious, the Hills have an Iraqui refugee (Carl Alacchi) living with them. Understandably, he’s often confused about what’s going on around him.

Tom is the type of guy who’s comfortable with both jocks and emo-boys. He likes to think it’s because of his well-rounded personality, but really this guy just likes to be liked, and isn’t big on conflict.

Tom’s dad, Ben (Peter Keleghan), is a municipal judge in small claims. For his job, Ben struggles with weighty issues, looking at them from every possible angle. He knows how to intimidate others both at work and at home. The true power in the house though belongs to Judith (Ellen David), Tom’s uptight wife. She’s a complete throwback to more traditional times which doesn’t always sit well with the neighbor ladies.

Monica (Kaniehtiio Horn), Tom’s aggressive big sister, lives downtown while little sister Wendy (Arielle Shiri) lives at home and often looks for ways to push her own boundaries.

While playing a particularly intense game of “truth or dare,” Jessie dares Tom to propose to her. To her surprise, he proposes for real and they commit to getting married. Tom’s uptight parents hate the idea and Jessie’s free-spirited parents don’t care for the institution of marriage as a whole. Their friends aren’t crazy about the matrimony plans either — including Carter (Jesse Rath), Tom’s best friend, who is the first guy that Jessie slept with some two years ago.

Tom and Jessie feel their love is truly genuine and plan to prove that love can conquer all. The parents try to use reverse psychology and act like they’re gung-ho. It doesn’t work and they elope. After looking for a place of their own, Tom and Jessie end up moving into the attic of Tom’s parents’ house.

Series Finale:     
Episode #25 — “House of Cards”
Tom and Jessie exchange anniversary gifts they can’t afford, while their parents give them a gift that only the parents enjoy.
First aired: March 28, 2011.


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Canceled and renewed TV show

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