2006 – 2007 Cancelled Shows: Videos of the Dearly Departed

William Shatner of Show Me the MoneyThe networks hyped them for weeks and months, getting us so excited about the new shows of the 2006 – 2007 television season. Millions of viewers dutifully tuned in and quickly became attached to the new sitcoms and ongoing dramatic series.

Then the networks, not having the patience to let some of the new series develop a larger audience, pulled over a dozen of the new shows after only a handful of episodes. Most will never be seen on primetime television again.

Here now are a few video promos and clips of the new shows that we’ve lost this season. TV Series Finale home page

CBS’ Smith was the first series of the new season to be cancelled.   Fortunately for fans of Kidnapped, NBC released the final episodes online.
Runaway, starring Donnie Wahlberg, only aired for a few episodes on the CW network.   ABC’s Day Break was pulled after six episodes? Will fans ever see the rest?
The Fox sitcom Happy Hour on Fox had a small but loyal following.   The cancellation of NBC’s Twenty Good Years didn’t come as a huge surprise to many.
Fox concluded Vanished online but few were satisfied with the conclusion.   Victor Garber starred in the legal drama Justice on Fox.
ABC’s drama about bank hostages, The Nine may return to ABC.   Six Degrees was supposed to return to ABC but it’s looking doubtful at best.
ABC gave Help Me Help You nine episodes to catch on but most viewers weren’t interested.   Even Boston Legal’s William Shatner couldn’t save ABC’s Show Me the Money.
Brought in to replace Smith, 3 Lbs. lasted three episodes on CBS.   Big Day on ABC hasn’t been cancelled but is it next?

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  1. says

    I am trying to find the name of a series starring Ian Zering . It was showing during the time of the tv strike and this series was cancelled .They didn’t get to show the ending. A girl fell in love with Ians’ voice. They had talked on the phone, that’s all. They were finally going to meet but kept missing each other. It aired once a week. Please help me find this show. I think it went off the air in 2006 or 2007. Waiting to hear from you.


  2. Asad says

    Justice was an excellent show. Visually stunning, enticing stories (although slightly two-dimentional), well directed and solid characters to boot. How many show’s on now can boast the same?

    Can someone, anyone please get a petition going to bring it back?

    It’s just too good to pass up without a fight.

  3. underdog fan says

    I personally haven’t watched only one of the shows that have been cancelled thus far (Justice). I thought Justice was okay, I didn’t get entirely upset if I missed an episode, but would tune in if nothing better were available. I am a Survivor fan, but I am getting so fed up with all of the other reality shows out there, especially American Idol. It takes up way too much air time and they have fill in the most of the time with boring tripe. On top of that the few shows I do watch on Fox have to get shuffled around and it is very frustrating to try and keep up with what show comes on what night when that grating American Idle piece of crap is hogging the network airtime.

  4. Chris says

    Help Me Help You was hilarious.

    TV has gone to crap over the past years with all of the reality garbage.

    American Idol is complete garbage. I realize it gets huge ratings. I’m just amazed that so many American viewers are so clueless and actually like watching that crap.

  5. cst says

    It’s amazing these days that anything lasts on network tv. If it’s not an immediate hit, it gets pulled. At least Fox let “Arrested Development” try to pull in an audience before canceling it but it seems they’ve now decided that pulling the trigger quick is the way to go.

    I think back to other shows that didn’t do well initially but eventually grabbed huge audiences: “Seinfeld” & “Cheers”. “Cheers” didn’t take off until its third season and “Seinfeld” got two chances before it finally stuck.

    These shows probably wouldn’t have made it in todays network shuffle.

    Shows like “Daybreak”, and “The Nine” should certainly be given at least one season and maybe two to grab an audience.

    Two surprising shows for me this year were “Big Day” and “Help Me, Help You”. I didn’t discover either until they were several episodes into the season and I had to download them to catch up on them. Both have been very funny and each may have grabbed a sizable audience if they’d been given a chance (and greater promotion).

    Good comedies are always a rarity (like “Arrested Development”) and when any show has a linear timeline the networks always take the chance that people who would’ve watched them might miss a few episodes and end up lost or decide not to watch.

    I’m one of those people who hates to come in on a storyline that is already in process and because of that I’ve missed out on some outstanding series (“Arrested Development”, “24” & “Prison Break” come immediately to mind).

    Last year, two knockoffs on the “Lost” theme (or maybe it was the “4400” theme depending on how you view it) were excellent series: “Threshold (CBS)” and “Invasion (ABC)”. Each were canceled too quickly. At least “Invasion” was given an entire season, but “Threshold” was pulled after just a few episodes (and it was easily the best of the three “Lost” clones from that year… “Surface (NBC)” being the 3rd). By the end of “Invasion”‘s first season it was really good!

    I gave up on “Lost” in its first season…. too many reruns up front and the ‘supernatural’ storyline didn’t work for me — I thought they could’ve kept the story based in ‘reality’ and it would’ve been an excellent series on that basis.

    It’s a shame that the networks, in their all consuming need for immediate market-share and ad revenue and even more immediate need to keep their stock prices up — give up on promising series before they’ve been given a chance to take root.

    With all the options for entertainment these days they certainly can’t expect to fill their schedules with only shows that are immediate hits. Many shows need to time to develop an audience and the smarter the show is the more time required. “Homicide: Life on the Streets” would have never survived in today’s market and what an incredible shame that would’ve been!

    Well, who knows.. maybe we will get a 4th “CSI” or a 5th “Law & Order” or some new inane reality/game show to fill the schedule! And they wonder why the network TV audience keeps falling each year.

    Compare the best dramas on network TV to HBO’s “Sopranos”, “Six Feet Under”, “The Wire”, “Sex and the City”, “Rome” etc.. You could clean up the language and/or violence in all of those series and they still would’ve been great dramas.

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