2006 – 2007 Cancelled Shows: Videos of the Dearly Departed

William Shatner of Show Me the MoneyThe networks hyped them for weeks and months, getting us so excited about the new shows of the 2006 – 2007 television season. Millions of viewers dutifully tuned in and quickly became attached to the new sitcoms and ongoing dramatic series.

Then the networks, not having the patience to let some of the new series develop a larger audience, pulled over a dozen of the new shows after only a handful of episodes. Most will never be seen on primetime television again.

Here now are a few video promos and clips of the new shows that we’ve lost this season. TV Series Finale home page

CBS’ Smith was the first series of the new season to be cancelled.   Fortunately for fans of Kidnapped, NBC released the final episodes online.
Runaway, starring Donnie Wahlberg, only aired for a few episodes on the CW network.   ABC’s Day Break was pulled after six episodes? Will fans ever see the rest?
The Fox sitcom Happy Hour on Fox had a small but loyal following.   The cancellation of NBC’s Twenty Good Years didn’t come as a huge surprise to many.
Fox concluded Vanished online but few were satisfied with the conclusion.   Victor Garber starred in the legal drama Justice on Fox.
ABC’s drama about bank hostages, The Nine may return to ABC.   Six Degrees was supposed to return to ABC but it’s looking doubtful at best.
ABC gave Help Me Help You nine episodes to catch on but most viewers weren’t interested.   Even Boston Legal’s William Shatner couldn’t save ABC’s Show Me the Money.
Brought in to replace Smith, 3 Lbs. lasted three episodes on CBS.   Big Day on ABC hasn’t been cancelled but is it next?

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  1. Jean says

    I liked vanished.It was like i stared this really good book, never to be able to find it every again to finish the story.

  2. David T. Gray says

    Hear ye, hear ye. Here is the lowdown on the cancelled shows:

    1. Big Four hype shows to the skies just before a MAJOR sporting event is broadcast. This insures a higher audience number will tune in before & after the sporting event.

    2. After pulling our chains with double-broadcasts, different-day scheduling they hit us with i.e. “Kidnapped with return in 3 weeks with all new episodes”. Then they run marathons of the new show on a rival network–say USA & Kidnapped.

    3. At this point the show’s future is in doubt anyway.

    4. Then they trump up some bogus justification of why the show is cancelled. My personal favorite? Ray Liotta of the superb “Smith” is too MENACING for television. Have they watched any cartoons/video games lately?

    5. Networks then just ERASE the show from our memory INSTALL another one that stinks in it’s place. Cancel that one & finally stick a CHEAP & worthless “reality show” in it’s place.

    It is all about the bottom line with these NY executives that are calling the shots for Hollywood. (Remember when you could watch the credits, locations of a show then it would end. Not anymore, they have pushed the screen to 1/3 it’s size to run ads hyping other “network plugs” that they have been showing incessantly for the duration of the show you just watched. Why? You tell me!)

    It all goes back to the SAG strike about 7 years ago the Big Four had to eat crow on that one–NEVER AGAIN. The viewers don’t deserve quality. The lemming audience for the reality crap is their proof.

    Solution? If you see a quality show WATCH IT. A little bit of heaven is better than a lot of hell.

  3. says

    While I heard that Day Break was going to run its un-aired episodes on the ABC website, I keep checking only to find it missing in action. A shame as it was an original idea (if you don’t count GROUNDHOG’S DAY) that was well executed and engaging. It took a brain to keep up with it, which probablyl doomed it from day one.

  4. Alaphrench says

    All of my friends and just about everyone I ran into or spoke to loved Six Degrees. It’s an awesome, awesome, awesome show that many can relate to on many levels. Please bring it back ASAP!

  5. lisa says

    why in the H*** would fox cancel justice!? it was one of the best shows they had on! what are they toking over there???!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. Beth - NY says

    I was quite upset when I discovered that Day Break had been cancelled – and now Justice too??

    WHY can’t smart shows survive without being monster revenue makers? Surely -having a show smarter than my dog is possible other than on HBO?

  7. says

    why did they have to cancel daybreak!! that was the best show i’ve ever seen well other than the o.c. on fox i think abc should really put daybreak back on the air or show it online.

  8. Melanie says

    they need to bring the nine back on, it was a great show. why do the networks keep doing this, shove endless comm. about a show, we watch a get into it and then WHAM-GONE!!!! it is just not right!!!

  9. Cindy says

    I was very disappointed to hear that ABC canceled Day Break. I believe it was an awesome show. Hopefully if enough people complain to ABC, they will bring it back or release it to DVD.

  10. Ben says

    Justice and Daybreak were excellent shows. People are so f’n stupid. I guess that’s why ‘W’ is in the whitehouse.

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