2006 Cancelled Shows: ABC Cleans House

Commander in Chief Season One The ABC network has been announcing its new Fall 2006 schedule this week. As part of that, they’ve been telling us what won’t be returning, much to the dismay of some TV viewers. It turns out that none of the scripted series introduced on ABC last fall will be returning.

Commander in Chief – ABC will begin airing the remaining new episodes on Wednesday, May 31, 2006. Fans of the series will be able to purchase Commander in Chief on DVD in the Fall. I would expect there to be some interesting supplemental materials concerning this promising but troubled series. (Download Commander in Chief on iTunes)

Crumbs – The outrageous comedy with Jane Curtin, William Devane and Fred Savage is not on the ABC Fall 2006 schedule. Five of the existing eight episodes were aired.

The Evidence – This Rob Estes drama shot six episodes (aired four) and has been off the schedule since April.

cast of FreddieFreddie – ABC will show the unaired pilot episode of the Brian Austin Green and Freddie Prinze, Jr. series on Wednesday, May 31, 2006.

Hope & Faith – After 73 episodes and three seasons, the season finale that aired on May 2nd will be the show’s last. Repeat episodes can be seen on Friday nights beginning June 2, 2006.

In Justice – The Kyle MacLachalan drama has not been picked up for a new season and only produced 13 episodes (all of which have aired).

Invasion – There were reportedly some initial talks of the show being picked up by the new CW network. That became unlikely due to high production costs. The complete Invasion series is available on DVD and features some nice extras.

Less Than Perfect – You can see new episodes starting on Tuesday, May 30, 2006. After four seasons, the show is not on the Fall lineup.

Primetime – For the first time in over 15 years, the veteran news show is not on the fall schedule. The show may return in the form of news specials or if an entertainment show currently on the schedule fails.

Rodney – This show has been missing since February but will return on Tuesday, May 30, 2006 to air unseen episodes.

Sons & Daughters – Fans of this quirky comedy can check out co-creator and series star Fred Goss’ blog for his thoughts on the cancellation.

Other shows that had been cancelled previously include: Alias, Emily’s Reasons Why Not, Hot Properties, Jake in Progress, and Night Stalker.

Keep in mind that, though unlikely, it is possible for shows to be resurrected, especially after a new season starts and new shows don’t garner the ratings that the network hopes for.

According to Jim, What About Brian and George Lopez, which were all on the brink of cancellation, have been renewed for another season. TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Judi D says

    I am so disappointed in the fall lineup. All of the good tv programs are gone. Bring back Jim, Rodney and George. I only watch TV on Monday nights because that is the only night there are good comedies on. Who cares about these reality shows that have no reality to them. I am in my 50’s and I could care less about dancing with stars or big losers, survivors, teen singers being verbally abused by adults or any other of this garbage.

  2. Andrea Richard says

    I am so diappointed in TV. I never write regarding TV shows but I am finally prompted to put my opinions somewhere, not that I believe it matters. Lately ABC has been putting on better shows rather than the canned laugh sitcomes. Thought provoking shows like Invasion and the newer Six Degrees, which just was taken off the air, were both a breath of fresh air for the thinking folks. What do we have to do to keep the GOOD shows on TV? The TV shows that remain appeal to the masses that veg in front of the TV. Even Lost has become so sporadic I am losing intreest in staying with finding out what happens because my life is too busy to worry about how ABC schedules the rest of this show! If there is any good news about Six Degrees please let me know.

  3. Dave Martinello says

    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith
    Hope and Faith.
    I think you get my point. Now bring it back. I already started a petition online. And people seem to be responding well.

  4. Brenda says

    Please bring back Commander in cheif! I downloaded all the shows and they were great! Get rid of all the reality shows and bring back the good shows.

  5. Rey Hernandez says

    i’m not vary happy that they cancelled abc show like
    Invasion not happy at all Commander & chief & freddie. abc bring back the show Invasion i have been waiting a summer long to see what happen ???? Now what …………..

    *********BRING BACK INVASION**********************
    **********BRING BACK INVASOIN**********************
    **********BRING BACK COMMANDER IN CHIEF************
    **********BRING BACK COMMANDER IN CHIEF************
    **********BRING BACK FREDDIE***********************
    **********BRING BACK FREDDIE***********************


  6. shawn says

    Invasion was an excellent television show as well as Rodney. I am upset that too was cancelled. I really don’t even want to start watching any new shows because every single time I get into a show, it get’s cancelled. I even find myself leary about enjoying LOST too much because I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC pulled the plug on that one either. You people have an act for drawing the viewers in and then just letting us go. Then you put Rodney up against American Idol. C’mon ppl, get with it. Start putting some of these great shows back on and use a little more common sense with your time slots.

  7. Shawn says

    My husband and I have been waiting for RODNEY to come back on. Now I find out it’s been cancelled.
    That was the FUNNIEST show on the air. What’s wrong with you people? Finally a show that’s actually believable comes on and you pull the plug. Rodney was a show that our family could watch and really relate to. We loved Tuesday nights because we could sit down as a family and watch Rodney. Please give the show one more chance. It was absolutley hilarious.

  8. Riley says

    I can understand if certain shows get cancelled b/c of bad ratings but ABC DOES change shows around and airs show like one of my favorites, Vanished, rumored to be cancelled after only 13 episodes. For example, Lost’s ratings have been slipping since season 2 b/c of all the big gaps and repeats. It was said that ABC would not have the same happen this season due to the loss of so many viewers who didn’t have the time or the patients to keep up with new and old episodes and the times that they would be on, like myself. I finally finished watching the 2nd season about a week ago and am now caught up on the 3rd season only to find out that they will supposedly be taking about a 2 month hiatus. November 9th will be the last episode until Feb. 7th. In it’s place they are putting some show called Day Break to see how it will do in Lost’s slot and put Lost in a time slot after Grey’s Anatomy so that ABC can claim that Thursdays are “theirs”. I am pretty irritated about it. If ABC keeps canceling and/or changing time slots for their shows what’s to say that their ratings are not going to keep slipping. Who has a cliff hanger in the middle of the season any way?

  9. Dan says

    Never Again will ABC, CBS or NBC get my loyalty.
    They just throw you away like corporate america does its employees nowdays. Outsource, ratings, money, immediate success or else. Well, bridges have been burned and this tv is one sci-fi fan who is not going back. I will only by a DVD Series when I know its 1) a good series 2) last more than a season 3) has some resolution 4) is not broken up into several parts (season 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) to “add value” to the companies bottom line. I’m sick of big business and tv execs. They can go take a hike.
    No more and never again.

  10. doctor who says

    Commander an chief good idea not good person for the role. her kids were stupid. the plots were not real and believable. to much back stabbing by donald sutherlands charactor. trying to pass era ammendment after 30 years STUPID PLOT IDEA. the plot were the dumb kids have a unsupervised party in the white house WAS STUPID. even when the president in gone the white house still has staff and secret service people at ALL TIMES and having them have beer at their party was sending a wrong message to views those kids were under legal drinking age girls and boys making out inthe oval office STUPIE PLOT. and one day i will vote for a women president but not if she is like this air head played by gena davis. good it’s gone course the girl that played her oldest daughter was cute.

  11. Harry says

    My wife and I have been waiting all summer for the return of Invasion. We went on line to see when it was going to return. To our surprise after reading all these comments, it saddens us that our favorite night of televsion, watching Lost, then Invasion will no longer happen. We want to voice our opinions with others who want Invasion brought back. Bring back good quality, entertaining televsion. Bring back Invasion.

  12. Dannette Duplessis says

    I don’t want to see homosexual stuff on the show Brothers and Sisters. I turns me off and its just plain gross.

    Please change it or I’ll stop watching.

  13. Victoria says

    I can not believe you cancelled Rodney! I loved that show. And you wonder why your ratings drop!Again you dropped the ball!

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