2006 Cancelled Shows: CBS Cancels a Few Favorites

Tom Cavanagh in Love MonkeyCBS is playing it particularly safe this fall. The Tiffany network is introducing only four new shows, therefore sticking with most of its current schedule and canceling few programs. The few casualties (mostly sitcoms) of the 2005-06 season are:

Courting Alex – The quirky show starring Jenna Elfman and Dabney Coleman started as a mid-season replacement show but never quite caught on. The eighth of the 12 episodes aired in March and the show has been off the schedule since.

Love Monkey – The Tom Cavanagh sitcom was pulled from the CBS schedule after only three episode airings but VH1 started airing the remaining five episodes in April 2006. Viacom owns both VH1 and CBS and no further episodes have been ordered.

Out of Practice – This doctor-family sitcom starred Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing on CBS’ big night of comedy. Unfortunately, it didn’t perform as well as How I Met Your Mother or the more recent The New Adventures of Old Christine. To date, 14 of Practice’s 20 episodes have aired and has been off the air since January 2006.

ThresholdStill Standing – After four seasons and 88 episodes, CBS has pulled the plug on this family sitcom. The last episode aired on March 8, 2006. There was no official closing episode produced but reruns will begin airing on Lifetime in the fall.

Threshold – CBS’ answer to science-fiction programming (ABC had Invasion, NBC had Surface…) didn’t catch on and was pulled from the schedule after nine of its 13 episodes had aired. You can however find all of the episodes here.

Yes, Dear – This family sitcom aired for six seasons and 122 episodes. Though you can find reruns in syndication, it will not return to CBS in the fall. It’s unknown if it was intended to be a series finale but the final scene of the sixth season featured a sentimental scene between Greg and Jimmy. TV Series Finale home page

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  1. pat says

    where are the days when what the viewers thought and desired counted maybe CBS sponsors are the ones to notify.


  2. Greg says

    I know it sounds stupid, but it apparently works for TV and business to have things grouped together, such as every kind of restaurant or store in 1 spot or a bunch of good TV shows on at the same time. For some reason, this generates more viewers or customers than if all of the shows or restaurants were spread out all over the place. For example, the top 2 soap operas for ratings, Young and the Restless and All My Children, are on at the same time. The biggest ratings in pro wrestling history were from 1997 to 1999 when WWF Monday Night RAW was on at the same time as WCW Monday Nitro. Competition brings ratings and success which is the American way.

  3. Beth says

    PLease… dont cancel KING of queens.. !?!?!?!?

    why is it the final season ? who’s decision was it.. ??? b/c i heard Leah R. say that they’d rather go out not doing well, and not on top..like Seinfeld did yrs. ago……………. I’m so upset..

    I loooove this show. !!!!!!!!!!!


  4. yourmom says

    i think CBS should give in to K.J.’s demands and pay the big fella more cheese. that show simply rocks. after that, Leah should dump a few pounds, dump her hubby, and drop by my pad for a little Remini on ice…oh that’s nice…Papa Spooner can just stay in his dungeon and stare out the window at the Incredible Hulk’s sagging bottom; he had his chance with Spence’s hideous looking mom, so let me and Carrie have ours.

    missing nicole sullivan. Deac’s wife wasn’t bad retina candy as long as she stayed within her proper dress size– 14 huffy.

  5. Nancy and Michael Bond says

    I am so upset that all of the good sitcoms that had some kind of comedy are going. It was time for Raymond to go, and of course all shows get old at some point, even All in the Family and Seinfeld had to go but I thought Frasier had a few more years, but King of Queens and Still Standing and Yes Dear were still in their prime and had a lot more seasons to be enjoyed. SHAME ON YOU CBS. You don’t really know what the people want. Those new shows How I met your mother is just not funny and the characters do not connect, and now your reaching with some crazy show about classmates all reuniting, like that would really happen. As John Stossel would say Give me a Break!!!!!!!!! I asked my family to get any DVD this year from some comedy shows that I really loved to watch and you cancelled. So you still win with the proceeds and that’s probably want you want, but won’t have to watch those stupid shows that you are showing now!!

  6. Tina Woods says

    I can’t say much about the other CBS shows but I do know for sure , The King of Queens is a side-splitting show,Iam addicted to it I watch it on TBS and CBS,There is not much quality funny shows after the departure of Seinfield,so The King of Queens is my last chance. Please do not cancel this show,I love the cast all of them are top notch in my book.

  7. carla carnes says

    Still Standing was a great show and I can’t believe you would cancel it before Old Christine. That is a boaring show and atleast Still Standing was a funny show and everyone I know loved that show. I hope you can hold on to the other great shows like, Two and Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, and Class. Because I never cared for CBS shows until they started watching Still Standing, then it followed with Two and Half Men, and so on, and so on. You better keep the other great funny shows or you will be back under ABC shows.

  8. Chasity says

    I can not believe SMITH got cancelled that SUX. Smith was a great show. You need to cancel some of these stupid reality shows instead of great ones like SMITH.

  9. Georgina says

    I think everyone should just go to the CBS website to the feedback section and demand the network to stop being jerkwads and order more seasons of King of Queens. Or at least a decent final season, more than 13 episodes. This season is going to be way too short because the network doesn’t want to pay the actors the money they deserve. Send CBS some complaint you all and have them make more King of Queens episodes and don’t watch these foul “How I Met Your Mother” Garbage!

  10. Suzy says

    I can not believe you canceled Smith.Best show since who knows when.then you but on reruns. know we have another E.R. qreat if I did not live alone I would quite watching T.V., I just watch and complain anyway very little thats good,Smith was great. You could have at least given it a chance.

  11. Lisa says

    Still standing and Reba are both sooo side spliting funny.
    The execs will miss rev’s w/ new fans from lifetime
    reruns !!!!!!!!

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