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2006 Cancelled Shows: Lots of NBC Cancellations

Following one of NBC’s worst seasons, the peacock network is understandably making quite a few changes for the fall season. There are a number of interesting shows on the schedule which includes Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60. Will the new shows and the addition of Sunday Night Football help return the National Broadcasting Company to its ratings glory days? Time will tell. Here’s what won’t be returning:

ConvictionThe Apprentice: Martha Stewart – This show didn’t quite gel and the result of having two versions of The Apprentice on the air at the same time, seemed to weaken both.

The Book of Daniel – This controversial Aiden Quinn show was cancelled before airing all of its initial six episodes. Click here for previous coverage.

Conviction – Though not technically a Law & Order spin-off, this series did feature Law & Order: SVU actress Stephanie March in her role as Chief Cabot. All thirteen episodes have aired and it won’t be returning with more. The series is available on DVD.

E-Ring – Expectations for this Jerry Bruckheimer political/military drama, that starred Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper, were high but never established a large enough audience. Of the 20 episodes produced, only 14 were aired. It’s unclear if NBC will air these during the summer.

Fear Factor – After six seasons and 142 episodes, NBC is pulling the plug on the guilty-pleasure show that’s all about making contestants and viewers both scared and sick. Fans of the show can see it return in reruns on NBC in June.

Four Kings – The Seth Green comedy never caught on — despite a large promotional campaign (alongside the better-received My Name is Earl). Seven of the 10 episodes have been aired and there are no current plans to return it to the schedule.

Heist – It seems like someone stole this show’s ratings. NBC aired five of the six produced episodes of this action-adventure drama and it won’t be returning.

Inconceivable – One of the early fatalities of the 2005-06 season, this doctor drama was pulled back in October of 2005. Only four of the 10 produced episodes have aired.

Joey – A ratings disappointment for the network (which may have had unreasonably high expectations), the Friends spin-off aired only 14 of its 22 second season episodes. It seems unlikely that the rest will be aired during the summer. The first season is available here.

SurfaceSurface – This sci-fi series about strange sea creatures seems to have been eclipsed by ABC’s Invasion (which has also been cancelled). All 15 first season episodes have aired and any plans for season two have been permanently deep-sixed. The first season is available here and you can also download Surface on iTunes.)

Teachers – This mid-season comedy about New Jersey teachers won’t be returning for a new semester, uh, season.

Three Wishes – SingerAmy Grant’s show about small-town wish-fulfillment didn’t achieve Extreme Makeover-sized ratings and won’t be returning for another season. It’s been off NBC since December of 2005 but CMT (Country Music Television) has reportedly acquired the rights to air the reruns.

The West Wing – This venerable White House drama had its series finale on May 14, 2006. You can read previous coverage here or a recap of the final episode.

Will & Grace – The groundbreaking and often bawdy sitcom aired its last episode on May 18, 2006. You can read coverage here or a recap of the final episode.

Crossing Jordan was planned to be a mid-season replacement but has been moved onto Friday night on the fall schedule. Scrubs has been renewed for 22 new episodes but won’t return until early 2007. TV Series Finale home page

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