2006 Cancelled Shows: Not Many Surprises from FOX

After what one could call FOX’s most successful seasons in its history, there are very few cancellations to report. FOX’s schedule will remain the same for the most part and borderline shows (ratings-wise) like The OC, The Loop and The War at Home have received renewal notices. The few shows that were cancelled (either this week or earlier) include:

Bernie MacArrested Development – Critics loved it but few people watched. Read more information here.

The Bernie Mac Show – After five seasons and 104 episodes, this comedy aired its last original episode on April 14, 2006.

Free Ride – This partially-improved sitcom aired the last of its six episodes on April 9, 2006.

Head Cases – The Chris O’Donnell comedy was one of the first fatalities of the 2005-06 season.

Killer Instinct – This San Francisco-based crime thriller aired episode #13 (of 14 produced) in March of 2006 and hasn’t been seen since.

Kitchen Confidential – The off-beat Bradley Cooper comedy didn’t take off as expected and has been off the air since January 2006.

Malcolm in the Middle – The series finale aired on May 14, 2006. Click here for coverage.

Reunion – A much loved and popular series did not make it through its first season. For more information on the killer’s identity and unreleased episode details, go here.

Skating with Celebrities – This Dancing with the Stars “inspired” show never took off.

Stacked – The Pamela Anderson & Christopher Lloyd bookstore comedy has been off the air since January 2006. Episodes 15-17 have been produced but are unaired.

That ’70s Show – The series finale airs tonight with the return of Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher). Stay tuned for a recap.

Unan1mous – This odd “reality” game show has been almost unanimously disliked by critics and won’t be returning.

American Idol, 24, and King of the Hill will not return until early 2007, following the NFL Season. TV Series Finale home page

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  1. sabrina livngston says

    fox has to be some of the biggest dummies god ever created and call yourself business men and women thats just like stop selling hot dogs and beer at a baseball game i have one word for you dummies who deceided to stop airing the bernie mac show and didn’t give the cast the cast its final show or let us the public say goodbye to the mac man, vanessa (who remindes me so much of my daughter) jordan ( the colprete), or wanda the one who keeps everyone in check with such grace and i can’t forget baby girl. i guess you guys fell on a bumb stick and said bye bye to such a of a good show and please don’t get upset when i call you all dummies put on the shoe i bet it fits., DUMMIES!

  2. Davida Tuggle says

    The Bernie Mac Show should have never been cancelled. Fox chooses to keep shows on the air seem to appeal to a certain audience. Those of you out there know who I mean, if you don’t, then you’re the one’s to whom I am referring. It was a show that most of us could identify,especially with his commentaries at the end of each show. We know we’ve felt the very same way at one time or another~

  3. Bill Smith says

    Bernie should have never got the can. I always missed it due to the contast time changes and I’m sure most viewers just couldn’t keep up too. He was delt a bad hand in the end

  4. Tiffany Taylor says

    It is such a shame that Fox has canceled the Bernie Mac show. This is one of my all-time favorite shows. I watch the re-runs every weeknight. I agree that Fox never respected the man’s work and ultimately caused a decline in ratings because of all the show’s time/date changes. I am really hoping that one of the other networks will pick up the show.

  5. Harold Pierce says

    Everybody’s pissed off about Bernie Mac, what the hell! I’m not saying it wasn’t a great show, it was, but what about KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL! AMAZING SITCOM! Fox is out of their minds, it’s going to be another Family Guy with that one…

  6. Suzanne Teague says

    I just found out that the Bernie Mac show was cancelled!! I have loved this show since the first season….for once I had a show I could watch with my son and the entire family was entertained. Hopefully Fox’s stupidity will be another networks gain.

    I am just in disbelief!!!

  7. miranda says

    The least Fox could have done was give Bernie one more season to wrap things up. How could anyone keep up with the constant day/time changes Fox put this show through? I will miss this show immensely & am not interested in any of Fox’s new programming, including many of the mediocre shows that did not get cancelled.

  8. john haliburton says

    Why ws the Bernie Mac show not given a proper send off? I believe this was a very entertaining, family oriented show. I guess we should have known the writing was on the wall teh way it got bounced around this last television season. Well at least thanks for Fox for giving this show the opportunity to entertain us for five seasons, too bad it didn’t get the respect it deserved in ending.

  9. Alex says

    Yes, this is an outrage. The Bernie Mac show was a great refreshing look at the formulaic family sitcom… bad move fox…

  10. marthas corner says

    I just have one question about the cancelling of the Bernie Mac Show.
    WHY?? It was a wonderful show without all the cussing and nonsense of other (so called/not funny) sitcoms. What a loss for Fox.

  11. my voice says

    FOX has really messed up now….I will not be apart of their slam TV. Bernie Mac was never respected by Fox…and then they went out and TRIED to get another version on the show …u know the one…thewhitefamilythatssostupidthat itsnotfunnyafterthefirstfiveminutesincludingcommercials. When a door close a window opens…Bernie, his cast and crew will do bigger and better things without having to be disrespected by FOX and it’s flip flops. So one needs to be fired.

  12. jerieshia jones says

    you can keep mad tv on the air, but you can’t keep the bernie mac show on the air!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only imagine how is must feel.

  13. jerieshia jones says

    I think it’s really a shame that you would not only cancel the Bernie Mac Show, but won’t even let the show air a proper good bye or season finale!

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