2007 Cancelled Shows: CW Drops Old Favorites

Veronica Mars hangs onIt’s been an interesting freshman year for the new CW. The network hasn’t really grown its audience but that’s not surprising considering almost all of the season’s shows came from either WB or UPN. They’re dumping most of them this time around. Here’s a recap of won’t be back for the CW’s 2007-08 season:

All of Us The sitcom co-created by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has been dropped after four seasons and 88 episodes. The finale aired on Monday night.

Gilmore Girls – Though the network wanted to bring the drama back for an eighth season, an agreement couldn’t be reached with the series’ two female leads. The last episode aired on Tuesday night.

Reba – The Reba McEntire sitcom was given a reprieve last year and returned for 13 episodes this season. Despite being one of the highest rated shows on the network, it was cancelled. The last episode aired on February 18, 2007.

Runaway – The drama about a family on the run starred Donnie Wahlberg and was pulled after just three episodes. Three other episodes were reportedly completed but went unaired.

7th Heaven – The series was rescued from cancellation last season after the “final episode” aired. The show’s 11th season disappointed many and the ratings fell. The final episode aired last Sunday.

Veronica Mars – After three seasons, the gal detective series is officially canceled. But CW’s Dawn Ostroff is talking with Mars creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell about possibly doing a new series for the network. It’s unclear if the new show would relate to Mars. The deadline for deciding on a Veronica Mars-related series would reportedly be June 15, 2007.

Returning series include: America’s Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, Everybody Hates Chris, The Game, Girlfriends, Smallville, Supernatural, and Friday Night Smackdown.

One Tree Hill and Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, will return mid-season (January or earlier). Hill will be reworked and set four years into the future, post-college. CW will post journal entries from the characters that will bring viewers up to date until the series returns. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. TV Fanatic says

    Rarely do I venture into network television to watch Programing.

    Statement of Fact, The Best Programing is on Cable.

    Three (3) reasons I’ve stayed committed to Network Televison, LETTERMAN, LENO.

    Most important, my Monday Night Line Up on the Defunct UPN Network, now CW Network.

    It used to be a Thursday Night Line Up of African American Sitcoms on UPN.

    Not so long ago, UPN was the only network where you could see Total African American Sitcoms (period).

    When Major Networks wasn’t Developing and/or Producing African American Sitcoms UPN did.

    It took Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to raise a Ruckus to get African Americans Starring Roles on Major Network Dramas, Sitcoms when many did not employ them nor considered an African American Lead.

    I have no demographics, I believe many of the people that supported UPN were African Americans. From the discussion of subordinates at my place of employment, many other Nationalities didn’t watch UPN, not even Veronica Mars.

    A Major, Major Lost, last year after the Merger of Columbia and Warner Bros:

    Jill Marie Jones (Tony Childs) left Girlfriends because she was unsure of the sitcoms future.

    One on One:
    Half & Half:

    All Great Sitcoms and very well written got the AXE.

    Word on the Street and written on the internet last year.

    All of Us, actually got cancelled last year end of 2006. Tony Rock, CHRIS ROCK younger brother asked Chris to help out.
    Chris apparently used his considerable clout with the Producer to keep the show on the air another season.

    Perhaps the Highest Rated and strongest show of the line up on UPN or CW Network was Veronica Mars.

    Television doesn’t get any better than Veronica Mars.


    Thank GOD, I’ve got a build in pvr (personal video recorder) into my computer.

    Last week I watched 2006 Christmas Episodes of Half & Half. Essence Atkins boyfriend came over the house to announce he was getting married.

    Essence Atkins went into the house changed into her Daisey Duke Shorts, Open Toe Stiletto Shoes, and returned eating a Popsicle (all the innuendo one need) bent over in front of him revealing cavities and anatomy only a gynecologist should witness.

    Be Still My Heart!!!!!!!

    A Great Moment in Television.

    Later in the week, I watched the Christmas Episode of Cuts Featuring Bobby Brown.

    Nothing short of Brilliant!!!!!!!

    EVE, Great Sitcom, I watch re-runs on TV One every chance I get.

    An observation not being critical. I wish African American Network Owners, Bob Johnson and Cathy Hughes would venture into Program Series Drama/Sitcom Development instead of other choices in Programing. I can only assume the Money nor interest is in the Program Series Development Market.

    I’ve got every episode of One on One,
    Half & Half, EVE, CUTS, All of Us, and Veroncia Mars as a TESTAMENT to their Greatness.

    I’m saddened and I’ll miss them. None of the Network Decisions to Cancel SUCCESSFUL Sitcoms make sense to me.

    My favorite of the lot is Girlfriends without Golden Brooks it wouldn’t be as Highly Rated.

    IMHO, the strongest character on the show with the most acting experience. Golden Brooks is essentially carrying the sitcom on her shoulders.

  2. Sherrie Scott says

    WOW I can not believe they would cancel ALL OF US just like that?? All the shows I love are always cancelled I really rely on the CW network for all of the great positive African American sitcoms. Seems like lately there failing me.Very dissapointed fan

  3. Courtney says

    I Dont think they should have Cancelled All of Us When it was really getting good, now they could have at least cancelled Beauty and the Geek or Friday night smackdown

  4. Aly says

    The CW really screwed up now…of all show they had to cancel All Of Us, they were sending positive vibes to people! I just hope they don’t get rid of Girlfriends and The Game, but who knows they might do so anyways, The CW is starting to suck and now at 8:30 in stead of All of Us they put on Aliens in America or some crap like that im better of watching the animal planet

  5. Sanka Tulasie says

    “I can’t believe they canceled All of Us,half&half,one on one,eve,and cuts u might as well get rid of all the black people in the world just drop us off on mars.”

    ?? Blacks go to Mars? werent we here first? chu..

    and why cancel All Of Us? I know they were going to cancel it before when Tia left due to the payments, etc and Will Smith came and saved it, but damn. I didn’t see the last episode, but maybe its best it doesnt air again, or then it does. I would love to see All Of Us Again. And they cancelled Cuts and Eve too? (Half on Half is aight at best, for me anyway)damn.

  6. Ms.pissedoff says

    I am upset to see the the dropped all of us and VM!!! why not the pointless show of everybody hates chris?!?!
    those shows NEVER had a finaly…myself and other that I have chatted talked to on-line will not be watchin the cw this fall!

  7. Youknowhatitis says

    What was CW thinking literally??? How you goin to cancel All of Us when Robert and Niecy was just getting back together and making their baby!!! I hate cliffhangers!!! ITS JUST RIDICULOUS!!!

  8. natalie says

    I don’t understand why in the world All of Us was cancelled. That was a great show.Will and Jada find another chanell to pick it up if you can. and if you do make guest apperances that will most definetally boost the ratings. All of the cast members are great on that show, i’m going to miss seeing all of them.

  9. april says

    I can’t believe they canceled All of Us,half&half,one on one,eve,and cuts u might as well get rid of all the black people in the world just drop us off on mars.

  10. Roxsand says

    I just have to say I’m upset about them canceling all of us just when they were about to have another baby, but I cant wait to see the next eposide of the game because darwin cheating ass is gonna get it!!! And Joan is finally getting married!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Venecia Webster says

    I am so mad that they canceled “All of US.” I wanted Nesse and Robert to get back together and have a little girl. Being a professional black woman its really hard to watch black comedy because a lot of it does not portray real life. All of US was a very good show, I don’t know why it was canceled; I wish they would do another season!! I will definately buy the DVD when it comes out. I loved Lisa Raye in this sitcom, she was so good…. Thanks Will Smith and Jada Smith.

  12. sonya thomas says

    All of Us was one of the best shows on the network. I knew when the networks combined it would go downhill. Well, they lost this viewer and a whole lot of others

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