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  1. Cindy says

    Studio 60..NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Who in the world decided to cancel this show??? It was clever, comical, and completely engaging!! Bring it back…hurry…I am in shock right now…

  2. Larry says

    Raines was never given a chance. My family loved this show. Just giving Jeff 6-7 shows??? Give it a chance. What a good Idea for a show. I started watching LIFE today. Raines has shows like this one beat. Everybody loves Jeff.

  3. E says

    I am sorry to learn that Raines has been cancelled, as well as The Real Wedding Crashers. Just knowing that we will get the entertainment of yet another stupid reality show is just wonderful. My family will be watching even more cable networks, than before. Way to go!!!!

  4. says

    I will truely miss watching Crossing Jordan. Thanks alot NBC for taking it off the air. You people need a better person for putting together the line up for each season. The person/people you have right now suck and it appears that they really don’t have a clue of what the public likes.

  5. Jennifer G says

    Crossing Jordan was the only show on any station that I made a point of being home to watch every week. I won’t watch reality shows, they have no point, no thought, no story. What were you thinking?

  6. CJS says

    Since NBC likes reality shows, maybe they should have one about NBC executives getting fired because of stupid moves, like getting rid of Crossing Jordan.

  7. Kevin S says

    I’ve never post comments on sites, but if this helps convince somebody in the TV Network World that RAINES & STUDIO 60 need to be back on the air, then here’s my vote! Give great shows a chance to becoming just that…GREAT SHOWS!!

  8. elaine says

    i cant see why they are taking good shows for those reality ones. who wants to watch that..i watch tv to relax and take me away from everyday problems and what about seniors who cant afford large tv package.
    they are taking away abc nbc and cbs. we want our shows back…

  9. Stephanie N says

    Crossing Jordan was one of the best shows on NBC. Why cancel it?? I think this is a pretty stupid move for NBC. You’re losing a lot of viewers. BRING CROSSING JORDAN BACK!!!

  10. Laura B says

    I totally agree with all the comments about Raines. I am very disappointed that it was canceled. That show was the only reason I watched television. I also am boycotting NBC – they canceled my favorite show – I canceled them on my televison. “NBC – Nothing But Crap” network.

  11. Emily G says

    I cannot believe that they cancelled Thank God You’re Here. It was one of he few things on TV worth watching. Please bring it back. Most of the time it was very funny.

  12. Lori says

    I just saw that Crossing Jordan was cancelled! What a total disappointment. I agree with the comments about stupid reality TV. Is this where we are as a country? Like someone wrote….”this sucks”!

  13. Brittany says

    I wish I could be angrier about NBC cancelling Crossing Jordan, but they lost me when they decided to move it from the Sunday time slot. It was my favorite show and I always watched it and then I tried to watch it one Sunday and it wasn’t on anymore. By the time I found out when it was on I had already missed several episodes and didn’t know what was going on. If you are going to change something like that TELL YOUR VIEWERS I would have kept watching it if it weren’t for that. I’ve started watching CJ reruns again on A&E and I still love the show! What is with all the networks replacing great shows for crappy reality TV (Veronica Mars)? Pretty soon I’m just going to have to stop watching TV.

  14. Jenn says

    I can’t believe that they’re taking Crossing Jordan off, but yet they leave cappy tv shows like Americas got Talent, who cares???? And what is this Lipstick Jungle??? My name is Earl and the Office for gods sake get a life… What sucks the most is most of the shows I love I will not be watching: Days of Our Lives, ER, Medium, Las Vegas,The Apprentice just to name a few that I watch regularly. Yes NBC I am boycotting in the name of a quality show, Crossing Jordan!!! I mean just to bring up another hair brain idea that they apparently think will go over, what in the world is the Victoria Beckham comes to America? Do they really think anyone cares about this womans life??? WHO CARES??? Shame on you NBC for taking a quality show off and replacing it with absolute nonsense!

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