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  1. says

    Great, now I’ll never see the Raines/Goren quirky cop crossover I was holding out for :)
    Raines was the only new show to come out in the last 4 years that I actually watched more than once. That tells you something. The only stuff I’ll see now are programs I’ve been watching since the 90’s, because every time I get attached to a new show, it gets cancelled or “shaken up!” and changed all to hell. ><

    They gave up on Criminal Intent when SVU took off in the ratings…fine. It’s a L&O, it’ll be ok. They gave up on Studio 60 when it didn’t rocket up to West Wing numbers in 2 weeks flat. Fantastic. Great plan, Tartikoff would be proud.

    Viewers brought back Jericho with a write-in campaign…who’s with me, let’s do the same for Raines!
    It can be done – just google for Jericho, you’ll see the whole story. VIEWERS HAVE MORE POWER THAN EXECUTIVES! LET’S USE IT!
    *sigh* Or I’ll just go back to watching it on PVR. All 7 episodes. That I religiously PVR’d, since it was on while I’m at work. Hear that, NBC? Media has changed. You better get changing with it, or keep being left behind

  2. Antonio Borges says

    NBC is totaly non sense….

    Studio 60 is the best show of this year… im so glad when i see de commercial on tv about the new serie… so i thing… next year i have one more good show to wait for new episodes…

    NBC dont care about us… its a shame… HBO is much better.

    I WANT STUDIO 60 BACK!!!! NBC have to do hair cut and not decided what is a good serie.

  3. shane says

    Wish you’d reconsider about cancelling Raines. It was the only “crime drama” we could have on with kids, since it didn’t dwell on the gore, evil, or general sensationalism.

  4. S & S says

    Just one more reason not to watch NBC. We loved Raines. Finally a show you had to pay attention to and be engrossed in. Working from home the TV is on all day and night. Hours on NBC per week will now be 3, just enough to watch Heroes, Earl, Scrubs and Las Vegas.

    I think NBC should just become the 24 hour “Deal or No Deal” channel.

  5. renee says

    What I want to know is…WHY IS ER STILL ON? Let it die already. It ran it’s course by the time Mark Green died, please people.

    BRING BACK STUDIO 60!!!!!!!! At least it was different…no cops, no sadistic killers, no bad lawyers…can network executives not approve any show that is not either filled with violence or reality tv morons?

  6. Melanie Davis says

    I am so shocked at the total disregard NBC has for it’s viewers! If they would visit the message boards on their “own” Crossing Jordan website, they would see the impact this cancellation is having. Boycotts, protests, petitions, phone calls, letters, people contacting advertisers and news reporting media to name a few of the actions being taken by us; the very angry CJ viewers.

    Here is what just “one” journalist had to say:
    (This is not a word for word quote. I left out the personal content between she and the person who posted this on the CJ message board.)
    Molly Willow of the Columbus Dispatch wrote about finales, ranking CJ AS THE “WORST SEASON FINALE”.

    The worst season fianle: Crossing Jordan (NBC). The series ended with a plane crash, with the fates of the characters unclear.

    CJ had thousands of “loyal fans” and they deserved better.

    While I usually don’t agree with a network “having it in” for a series, in this case, I somewhat agree.

    NBC treated it poorly from the start and clearly were not committed to making it work. Even more frustrating is they must have known early on that is was on the cancellation block, so why not allow the writers to wrap up the story? I am heartened to see today, that as a result of a HUGE FAN OUTRAGE, CBS is considering tying up the series with a 7 episode mini-season. That’s practically unheard of.

    Could it be that a network is finally understanding the price they pay for ticking off their fans?
    To the suits at NBC: (I won’t address the “DOPES” responisble for programming decisions, etc.) While reality shows are cheap to produce: At day’s end; is it really going to be worth the gamble? Your Fall line-up is embarrassing, though it does make it easier for your “former” viewers to hold true with the boycotting of your network. Also, a “heads-up”: One of the many websites that have come to be, is one that actually has been set up with several capabilities: the tracking on how many of your “??new shows??” tank, as well as how quickly, how quickly your viewer base drops-as a result, we are going to keep up with your struggle keeping sponsors and advertisers. I would immagine, no viewers, no ratings, ooops…once loyal advertisers; dropping you like a set of keys. We have gotten great responses from quite a few concerned companies. DON’T WORRY, WE WILL ALL KEEP YUU AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WILL LISTEN, UPDATED!!!!!

    P.S. It’s not all about “cancellation” of CJ, but the way it was done..Kidnapped, ring a bell? There is one word for NBC, “Karma”!!

  7. Debra says

    I am sorry to see a unique show like Raines being cancelled when the mindless dribble called entertainment continues.

  8. Cyla says

    I thoroughly enjoyed the premier of Raines. Jeff G. has a dry wit and excellent acting skill. Crossing Jordan crossed the line sometimes, but she was dependable. Studio 60 almost seemed to sense their sinking and have become episodes of whining and immobility.
    I’m sorely disappointed with
    Why would an intelligent network wish to compete in a child market when these children are fast becoming the minority?

  9. miriamhartman says

    Raines was a pleasure. Enough with the L&O, and the CSI copies, too. How do they expect to sell DVD’s of the cancelled shows if there weren’t enough people watching to keep ratings high enough to renew the show? Or do they think there’s more money in the DVD sales? Get serious. Why would I spend $30 or so for a show that was cancelled? They never gave me a chance to Love Raines, only to like him a lot. Silly them.

    HBO had the sense to keep The Wire on in spite of poor ratings. Now there’s a great show. And one whose DVD’s are worth buying.

  10. jim says

    NBC is unfortunetly lost in a pool of stupidity. We the viewer are sick of reality shows. The only reality shows i want to watch are WWE and TNA wrestling. I don’t want no crap about games.

    You take off quality for shows that are high for a year or two then die by the wayside. WAKE UP NBC. Crossing Jordan, Raines, Studio 60. Donnelly’s, Kidnapped and even Thank God You’re here were good shows. But you would rather play reality bingo.

  11. Kelsey says

    I can believe they cancelled The Black Donnellys.THAT WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW!!!! For once i had some thing to look forward to on Mondays.NBC is making a big mistakes. I couldn’t wait to see what trouble Jimmy got into, and how Tommy got out of it.It was the best show on NBC!!!!PUT IT BACK ON!!!!!And dont cancelled Medium eather!!!

  12. says

    Why the hell are they taking off good shows like Crossing Jordan, Studio 60 and Raines and keeping a bunch of Law and Order crap. I can see CSI stuff staying on CBS, these are good shows. But, taking off good shows to keep mediocre L&O crap just to be like CSI is insane. Be different than CBS and keep the the good shows instead. So what if they don’t have the same name. If NBC needs to be like CBS then get rid of Law and Order and make “Crossing Jordan”, “Crossing Raines” and “crossing Studio 60″.

  13. Rick says

    Studio 60 and Raines were good
    It’s too bad you A-holes at NBC seem to have no idea what’s good and what’s bad.
    Ratings are the wrong thing to base cancellations on. Once you figure that out maybe you’ll get your network back on track. We the viewers are sick of investing our time in these shows you put on only to have them taken away from us. Take a lesson from HBO . Quality sells. You just need a little patience and some balls to stick it out. Personally I won’t be watching your network anymore. You’ve screwed me around too many times.

  14. Flora says

    I would like to say I really enjoyed RAINES I hate that it got cancelled. I hope you guys rethink that decision…

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