2008 – 2009 Cancelled TV Shows: 10 CW Series That Won’t Be Back for 2009 – 2010

Everybody Hates ChrisThe CW was the last to announce their new schedule for the 2009 – 2010 season. The network targets the desirable young female demographic but has been having a hard time attracting many viewers at all — at least when you compare them to the four major networks.

Like FOX, the CW only has two hours of primetime to fill each weeknight. They also recently gave Sunday nights back to the affiliates to program. That means that the network only has to program 10 hours of evening time each week. On the one hand, the execs need to be picky about what shows they keep around. On the other hand, most of their returning shows have been around for quite awhile and may soon be headed to retirement. The network needs successful new programming fast.

For next season, they’ve renewed 90210, America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Smallville, and Supernatural.

Over the Summer, they’re unveiling two new series; reality show Hitched or Ditched debuted tonight and drama Blonde Charity Mafia will show up in July. Next season, you’ll be able to see The Beautiful Life, Parental Discretion Advised, The Vampire Diaries, and a new version of Melrose Place.

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The shows you won’t be seeing back next season include…

This reality series follows celebrities as they travel around the world and meet inspiring community leaders. Eight episodes were produced but only seven aired.

13: Fear Is Real
A horror-reality show that revolves around 13 contestants trying to survive scary movie scenarios and win $66,666. Unfortunately, the show couldn’t scare up viewers. It’s been cancelled after all eight episodes aired.

Easy Money
Part of the Media Rights Capitol Sunday night line-up, this drama centers around a family of loan sharks. Eight episodes were made but only four saw the light of day.

The GameEverybody Hates Chris
A semi-autobiographical sitcom about the early life of comic Chris Rock. The show lasted for four seasons and 88 episodes. It was looking pretty certain that the show was going to be cancelled so Rock ended it on his own terms.

The Game
After three seasons and 64 episodes, Melanie and Derwin were finally married. Since the network is no longer interested in sitcoms, creator Mara Brock Akil pitched an hour-long dramady version of the series for season four but the CW didn’t go for it. There’s been some talk that BET might pick it up.

In Harm’s Way
A reality show that details dangerous professions and the people that do them. The show got very low ratings and was pulled after only five episodes had aired. Five installments are still on the shelf.

This dramedy stars JoAnna Garcia as a young journalist who becomes a tutor to two spoiled, rich teens. Though the series has a devoted following, it just didn’t attract a large audience. There won’t be a second season.

Sam, a young slacker, learns that his parents sold his soul to the devil and, in return, must hunt down escaped souls for the Devil. The fun supernatural series was cancelled after two short seasons and 31 episodes. ABC Studios, who produces the show, is measuring interest from CW affiliates about possibly continuing the series in first-run syndication.

A group of fashionista wannabes compete for a junior position at the high-profile Elle magazine. It seemed like a natural partner for America’s Next Top Model but viewers tuned out. All nine episodes aired.

A romantic drama in which a group of Greek gods try to promote love among mortals. Four aired while four other installments are gathering dust on the shelf.

So, what do you think? Did the network get these cancellations right? Was it time for these shows to go? Sound off below.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Gamer86 says

    This is total crap. Reaper was an excellent show and could have lasted for a long run. It’d be even more popular if they’d do 2 showings per day so that people who missed the early one could see the later one, etc.. When a show only comes on in one bracket it’s harder to see every episode.

    Renew Reaper you bums.

  2. tvgal says

    My two favorite shows THE GAME and ONE TREE HILL
    im not sure if one tree hill is being canceled but i did hear Hilarie Buron and chad michael murray wont be in season 7. This doesnt make since they are one tree hill they make the show , ata the very least they shld be kept on for guest appearances i love them and i do not want to see them go.
    as far as THE GAME goes im so pissed at the CW the reason ratings went down and arent up for the game is they were given a crap time slot i missed almost the entire last season of the game because i thought it was canceled i didnt even know they switched the show to friday until someone told me, listen up CW if you want to keep viewers heres what u need to do esp for shows like the game..CW… YOU NEED TO ADVERTISE BETTER !! MANY OF MY FRIENDS HAVENT HEARD OF THIS SHOW WANT TO KNOW WHY??? BECAUSE U DONT ADVERTISE ENOUGH, I LVE IN LA I SHOULD SEE BILLBOARDS EVERYWHERE AND COMMERCIALS EVERYWHERE LIKE I DO WITH OTHER NETWORKS. STEP UP CW OR U WILL LOSE YOUR VIEWERS! THE GAME IS A GREAT SHOW BUT NO ONE HAS HEARD OF IT AND WHEN I DID WATCH IT U SWICHED THE DAYS ON ME WITHOUT ENOUGH NOTICE. THE ONE HOUR SLOT WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT IDEA, YOU ARE LAE FOR NOT TAKING IT…OH YEA MELROSE PLACE is going to bomb! no one wants to see that you have to many similar shows 90210,melrose place, and gossip girl??? its all the same at least with the game you had a splash of divesity and one tree hill was intresting vs the repetitive crap on your other shows.

  3. sophia says

    I can’t believe you are cancelling priveleged!! it was the most adorable show i have ever watched. it was totally different and intriguing, it kept me coming back for more! i’m so upset, i can’t even begin to tell you! just when you start getting attached to the characters and their situations, it gets pulled from right under you. so not fair.

  4. Gina2724 says

    I can’t stand it!!!! Why do all my favorites get cancelled. Reaper was one of the few tv shows my husband and I actually watched together. This is a HUGE mistake. Now there is only one good show on your station….Supernatural….your number one show…..maybe you should take a hint from what works.

    Reaper is a funny supernatural. Very few shows make me laugh and this one was great.
    Save my show……please!!!!

  5. Sommer says

    I’m very sad to hear that Privileged won’t be returning for season 2. There was so much that was left unfinished and that’s a real dissapointment to all it’s fans. As Emile said, it wasn’t adequately publicised. It’s much better then Gossip Girl. What sad sad sad news.

  6. debra washington says

    are u f****** kidding me the game cant be cancel i hope bet picks it up that is the best channel anyway

  7. adrian jones says

    this is crazy the game was my favorite show we dont have any black sitcoms thanks for the tease melinda and derwin finally got married we have waited so long for this i personally think CW is a the worst channel EVER

  8. cheryl says

    i think that the game needed a lot of work. It showed a lot of promise but I hate how the story line changed. I am glad that they wer married. it gave a finality to the show

  9. T.ford says

    Who’s is making theses decisions. Surely not someone who is actucally watching the shows.Not one of the shows that made the cut is nearly as entertaining as The game. It makes me wonder what factors truly are considered when the ax is swung.

  10. Emile A. says

    I am seriously sad to hear Privileged was cancelled. I don’t think the promotions adequately displayed how the show could appeal to the younger viewers. I truly believe with better promotions to bring in viewers, this series could have succeeded. It was one of just a few shows that I found different and interesting. It appears that the CW is only interested in keeping shows that push the envelope too far (ex. 90210), rather than a true family show like this one.

  11. sharon says

    Please, please, please don’t cancel Reaper. It is one of the shows that my daughter and I watch together. She is 14 and is starting to drift away from family time, so watching Reaper is one of the few things left that she enjoys doing with the family. Please bring it back!!! We love it!!

  12. cathy says

    Reaper might still live again: Everything we’re hearing is sounding GOOD for the syndication deal for Reaper Season 3. People have had very positive responses from CW affiliates they’ve written. Today we received word that two of the biggest Tribune-owned CW markets in Texas are interested, and since Tribune owns a boatload of affiliates, it’s thought if the Tribune stations come on board, Season 3 is a lock. If you’re concerned about how show creators Fazekas & Butters’ new contract at Fox will affect the show, or Tyler Labine’s new series, we have updates on that too.

    We still need fans to show their support; we have about ONE WEEK to get across our love for this show! All links and details here: http://tinyurl.com/reaperlatest

  13. says

    i feel you have all this ******* white shows we have seen before, and to cut the game is wrong you took girlfriends away and gave us a taste of the game and to let it go due to the different time and day you have it on. it’s a shame for all that cw is doing i use to watch your tv station but now i will watch at all. no good show for the africa american any more . why!!!!!

  14. Jon says

    Why the hell did they cancell Reaper??? It was a good show with solid writing and an original concept, executed perfectly. It blended comedy, drama and even occasionally some action. The show never really got a fair shake on the CW, and I can only hope that it gets picked up by a network that would give it every opportunity to develop the strong fanbase it needs. My favorite show, and the only one I’ve recently watched live to try and help ratings, has just been cancelled!

    Reaper, you will be missed!

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