2008 – 2009 Cancelled TV Shows: 10 CW Series That Won’t Be Back for 2009 – 2010

Everybody Hates ChrisThe CW was the last to announce their new schedule for the 2009 – 2010 season. The network targets the desirable young female demographic but has been having a hard time attracting many viewers at all — at least when you compare them to the four major networks.

Like FOX, the CW only has two hours of primetime to fill each weeknight. They also recently gave Sunday nights back to the affiliates to program. That means that the network only has to program 10 hours of evening time each week. On the one hand, the execs need to be picky about what shows they keep around. On the other hand, most of their returning shows have been around for quite awhile and may soon be headed to retirement. The network needs successful new programming fast.

For next season, they’ve renewed 90210, America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Smallville, and Supernatural.

Over the Summer, they’re unveiling two new series; reality show Hitched or Ditched debuted tonight and drama Blonde Charity Mafia will show up in July. Next season, you’ll be able to see The Beautiful Life, Parental Discretion Advised, The Vampire Diaries, and a new version of Melrose Place.

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The shows you won’t be seeing back next season include…

This reality series follows celebrities as they travel around the world and meet inspiring community leaders. Eight episodes were produced but only seven aired.

13: Fear Is Real
A horror-reality show that revolves around 13 contestants trying to survive scary movie scenarios and win $66,666. Unfortunately, the show couldn’t scare up viewers. It’s been cancelled after all eight episodes aired.

Easy Money
Part of the Media Rights Capitol Sunday night line-up, this drama centers around a family of loan sharks. Eight episodes were made but only four saw the light of day.

The GameEverybody Hates Chris
A semi-autobiographical sitcom about the early life of comic Chris Rock. The show lasted for four seasons and 88 episodes. It was looking pretty certain that the show was going to be cancelled so Rock ended it on his own terms.

The Game
After three seasons and 64 episodes, Melanie and Derwin were finally married. Since the network is no longer interested in sitcoms, creator Mara Brock Akil pitched an hour-long dramady version of the series for season four but the CW didn’t go for it. There’s been some talk that BET might pick it up.

In Harm’s Way
A reality show that details dangerous professions and the people that do them. The show got very low ratings and was pulled after only five episodes had aired. Five installments are still on the shelf.

This dramedy stars JoAnna Garcia as a young journalist who becomes a tutor to two spoiled, rich teens. Though the series has a devoted following, it just didn’t attract a large audience. There won’t be a second season.

Sam, a young slacker, learns that his parents sold his soul to the devil and, in return, must hunt down escaped souls for the Devil. The fun supernatural series was cancelled after two short seasons and 31 episodes. ABC Studios, who produces the show, is measuring interest from CW affiliates about possibly continuing the series in first-run syndication.

A group of fashionista wannabes compete for a junior position at the high-profile Elle magazine. It seemed like a natural partner for America’s Next Top Model but viewers tuned out. All nine episodes aired.

A romantic drama in which a group of Greek gods try to promote love among mortals. Four aired while four other installments are gathering dust on the shelf.

So, what do you think? Did the network get these cancellations right? Was it time for these shows to go? Sound off below.

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  1. Fernanda says

    God!!! I think it’s a shame to cancel such a great show as Everybody Hates Chris! It’s one of the most criatives shows i’ve ever seen, and it works for the whole family!
    Plus, Chris Rock’s life works like a incentive for a lot of poor kids around the world!
    So, I hope they’ll change their minds!!!

  2. JRS says

    I do not understand this channel with these stupid 90210 and tree hill mess, but canceling th e african american shows I NO LONGER WATCH CW11 IN NEW YORK IT HAS NO DIVERSITY AND WENT FROM A PROMISING NETWORK OF GIRLFRIENDS, THE GAME AND EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS TO PURE GARBAGE

  3. jake says

    for once on your patherick misrable life finish a tv a series then cancel it i understand desparate times call for desparate measures and i allso understand sometimes these changes are neccery but why dont you cancel one of the really old shows taht you been dragging over the past few years and canceled allot of good shows over to name one friends ya might be a great show but you been dragging its dead corpse for 10 years 10 years that will free allot of space and each week you waste 4 hours on some crappy random movie please leave that to tbs fill those slots with sone of those shows another thing american next top model what is it the 11 cycle now just give it a rest allready 11 is enough yat year after year you crap up that time slot and another dumb reality show beside it its gotten to the point of sad family guy is one of the few decent shows left on cw but its one 4 diffrent networks does it really need to be on this one to? even taking of cw we woul still have CN TBS FOX theirs whear all you time goes into all that crap(with the exception of family guy) you know it used that most of shows i watched were on cw now it ranges from 2-3 hours you craped up the after noon time slot practicly the entire morning time slot the only decent shows on now are from 5-6pm 7-10pm and most of the midnight time slot once again if you have to cancl the above shows atleast give am the proper send of dont make go searching the web a year later to find out they all been canceled i hope you take my words in to considerations as well as much of waht was said above like it or not we do have some valid points

  4. Anonymous says

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Everybody Hates Chris and The Game
    were great show but they cancelled it. its a good thing they come on at BET

  5. kay says

    I’m upset b/c I love Evwrybody Hates Chris and The Game. They were the few shows for blacks and they were real. I think they are absolutely fantastic shows and its just wrong that they were cancelled. Its getting to the point that tv is not for black people and it saddens me. To take away the only current black shows let’s me know that the CW does not care about us or what we like to watch. I hope BET does pick up The Game so we can laugh in the CW’s face. Thanks CW for letting us down.

  6. matt says

    f**k the cw all their shows suck anyway except the game and everybody hates chris exspecially smallville has to be the dumbest show ive ever seen

  7. brendan kennedy says

    bring back kyle xy as it a hell of lot better then the s**t on tv now why is it when a good show comes out you replace it with pathetic reality show or sumthing. Just once can we find out what happens at the end of a show without it been caned . brendan kennedy brisbane australia

  8. Yolanda says

    I can’t believe the network canceled The Game. Everyone in my network of friends tuned in each week to see what was new with the tale of the San Diego Sabers. It was the first time, in my opinion, that they “script writers” depicted Afro American women in a truthful light. It was great TV.

  9. Jae08 says

    I feel that the game should not have been canceled. this is undercover racism. everytime african americans have a sitcom to look foward to its taken away and with out notice at that. i mean seriously why the hell do we need to bring back melrose place and 90210???. you get rid of something new and that alot of people can relate to for a show with rich brats fighting over popularity,sex, money and drugs? we are in a reccession damn near no one lives like that any more!!! we are in the 21 centery and things still havent changed. i pray that BET does pick the show up. i am extremely upset with the CW and they will never have to worry about me watching anymore of their shows and i will also inform my friends and family members.

    • NESB says

      i Totally agree with you although i love 90210 and melrose is okay but one show that should get canned is Vampire dairies that show sucks ass and i HATE it..Bring the game BACK NOW……….. Oh and yall can also cancel smallville who even watches that boring **** anymore…CW if 90210 wasn’t one of my favorite shows i wouldn’t even bother to watch this network just stop cancelling ****

  10. JB says

    I will miss Everybody Hates Chris. It was a refreshing, likable comedy with a great wit about it. it was nice that the family was African American, but they were appealing because they were such genuine characters. We all know people like them, of all colors. Anyone of any race could identify and there were other characters of other races in the weekly cast. I will miss the great comedic timing of the young cast and the cameos made by so many great actors. Sad to see it go.

  11. Nicki says

    The Game should not have been cancelled. It was the only thing that I had to look forward to on Friday nights. Now there are no black sitcoms that I can watch and relate to, except for Half and Half, and that comes on around 2:30 am. What is up with all these white shows, and no shows for other cultures. I’m tired of seeing the teeny bop, rich white, Clueless type shows on tv. I just turn the tv off for now.

  12. Unico says

    [to QUOTE]my name isn’t shaniqwa September 9, 2009 at 2:47 pm
    You people are dumb. We have enough black sitcoms on TV right now anyway so go watch one of those. [QUOTE]

    Can you NAME “Those” black sitcoms that are new and are not on paid cable?
    Besides one; there is no ongoing black sitcoms at the moment.
    Take notice that “those” sitcoms were also canceled, even though they got good ratings. So what we are seeing are reruns.

    [to QUOTE]Do white people have their own month, TV station, or anything else that black people have? NO! I’m tired of hearing about this subject. [QUOTE]

    Um… because white people already have all these things. Minorities: Latino, Asian, Black etc. Have to go through hell to get their own network and TV shows. It is no secret that networks don’t enjoy keeping shows that have a large minority cast and only attract a minority audience. They want mainstream appeal, and that is whites… specifically “white female Teens and Women”. Was there any reason to bring back 90210 or Melrose Place?

  13. Kelly says

    Can’t believe that Priviledged will not be coming back!! NOT FAIR to all its fans…now we’ll never know what happens to all the loose ends!! There were SOOOO many mysterious corners this program could have turned to…they just didn’t time to pursue any of them…so very sad!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

  14. says

    Why the hell did they cancel Reaper and Privileged? Those were 2 good shows…as for the rest of the shows I could give 2 ***** less!!! I’ve never even heard of the rest except for The Game and Everybody Hates Chris which were 2 of the worst shows in history anyways!

    And I am NOT dead! I am just not in Vegas anymore. Please please believe me if anyone reads this. I swear! I AM NOT DEAD!

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