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227 cast reunionDebuting on NBC in 1985, the 227 sitcom revolves around a group of middle-class people living in a Washington, DC apartment building. The series was designed as a vehicle for The Jeffersons’ Marla Gibbs and also stars Alaina Reed Hall, Jackee Harry, Helen Martin, Hal Williams, Regina King, Curtis Baldwin, Countess Vaughn, Toukie Smith, Barry Sobel, Stoney Jackson, Kevin Peter Hall and Paul Winfield.

The 227 show lasted for five seasons and came to a close after 116 episodes in 1990. The final episode revolves around the plight of the homeless, a story co-written by Gibbs.

This morning, NBC’s Today Show hosted a reunion of the cast of 227 and it was the first time that they’d been seen onscreen together in 20 years.

Taking part in the tribute were Gibbs, Williams, Harry, King, and Baldwin. Martin passed away back in 2000. Alaina Reed Hall passed away in December and her husband (both on and off the show), Kevin Peter Hall, had died in 1991 after contracting AIDS from a blood transfusion. No mention was made of the other 227 castmembers, like Goodwin who played Hall’s daughter, Tiffany.

Though time has passed and everyone looks a few years older, the chemistry of the sitcom cast is still very apparent.

What do you think? Were you glad to see the cast again? Would you like to see a reunion with the cast reprising their 227 characters?

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  1. ursala r says

    I love 227. I still watch the show today. It brings back sweet memories of being a child and getting to watch it every Saturday evening. I am reminded of how my mom loved me growing up.

  2. Isabelle Browne says

    I want to see a reunion again because I miss the first one. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the reunion on the TODAY SHOW? I also want to meet the surving actors and actresses of the 227show before I leave Jesus’world. Which will not be for a long time. Or they!

  3. Deborah says

    Of course. I would like to see this show with a reprised cast. It was an excellent show. I was only years old when it started but I still have such fond memories of it. I think each character had something unique to contribute to the show. If only they made TV shows like they used to. Thanks for posting this video. I never would have known they were even on Good Morning America otherwise.

  4. Jenyne Wallace of Ashtabula,Ohio says

    I really loved 227!! I heard Jackee speaking of her role on the show and I want her to know that she was my favorite character.Most women loved her style,the way she dressed, her personality,and her humor.Please don’t look down on your role.It was amazing,funny,and you are an icon to many women.

  5. Anonymous says

    I was estastic to see the reunion of the 227 cast. I think they don’t get enough on-air play as it is. I’m playing catch up as you see this was almost a year ago and I didn’t even know about it, so I had to watch online, but at least I stumbled upon it and it’s great to see everyone looking good and Jackee hasn’t lost her since of humor and Marla and Hal are doing well it seems. Of course , we all know how about Regina King and even though she is slightly older than me, I feel like I watched her grow up too and she’s beautiful.

  6. ND Mitchell says

    I’m a little pissed because according to the TV schedule, this 227 reunion was scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) but instead moved it to today. I wanted to DVR it so now, I have to watch on my computer screen with a chair instead of my comfortable sofa. :(

    • says

      @ND Mitchell: It’s true. They mentioned the schedule change briefly yesterday but the Today Show website still said Thursday. We updated our posts here and on our Facebook page but guess you didn’t see them. Watching online’s not as nice but it’s better than nothing! 😉

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