24: FOX Prez Says TV Series May End Soon; No Season Nine?

24Is the clock finally running out for Jack Bauer? According to Kevin Reilly, Fox Entertainment President, this season may be the last for Kiefer Sutherland’s oft-tortured hero.

At the recent TV Critic’s summer press tour, Reilly told iFmagazine that the upcoming season is the last one under the show’s current contract. And while Sutherland remains committed to the show, Reilly is unsure of its future.

“It’s our last contractual season of 24,” Reilly said. “There are a lot of moving parts, so we’re not sure what will happen after that.”

He continued, “We haven’t made any decision whether it’s back or not [after this upcoming season]. The producers are passionate, Kiefer is passionate and we don’t have any of them looking to jump ship. It’s a show we’re really proud of.”

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Reilly concluded that, “It’s going to come down to a business decision. It’s not an inexpensive show on the network books and we also want to finish strong. This is not a show we want to prop up. It will be a whole creative and business discussion and something we’ll have to deal with over the next few months.”

Admittedly the show’s numbers have slipped a bit in the last couple seasons — from a high of 13.78 million in season five to 12.62 million in season seven — but did place 20th in overall viewers this year. In the end, it may be just too expensive for the network, especially considering that the contracts are up for renewal. Though the commercials for 24 are, next to American Idol, the most expensive in primetime, the network’s ad sales are also down about 16% from last year.

Reilly maintained that the show might still continue after next year but his initial comments align with the plans of 24 Executive Producer Howard Gordon. He wants to take Jack Bauer and company to theaters and, earlier this year, Gordon said, “My hope is to go [shoot the feature film] after the eighth season. That’s sort of what we’re aiming for. I think that a big-screen 24 will be a fitting send off for Jack.”

What do you think? Is it time for Jack to say goodbye to the small screen? Would you realistically pay to see a 24 movie?

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  1. dereje says

    I really enjoyed.and I am worried for Jake because in real life there is many Jake government forget them plz I went c season 9i will spend all what I have,

  2. says

    Comment From IRAN to Request session 9

    i’m Iraninan and watched all session this tv series is very very lovely of others plz make session 9 all of the world want to continue !!!

    please please please

  3. Bong says

    it is not only the Americans,but also the rest of the world loves the 24 t.v series,come guys! Give the fans what we truly deserves,don’t end 24 just like that.We want more,we want it badly.

    It is the show that is all worth watching from season 1 up to 8.

  4. Anonymous says

    I really did like 24….The only thing that worries me is my mom. She has a *****, and I’m not sure that’s quite right.

    • thomas says

      24….is the best serie i have ever seen .please please please please …all we need is to watch more and more seasons .jack bauer is the king …

  5. bahare alvand says

    please dont stop 24. im falling in love with it and kiefer sutherland. now he is my favorite tv actor and my family members too.
    i believe 24 is the most powerful tv series which is ever made
    actors did a really great job… and so did the writers and directors and producers…
    well done and thank you for making our time joyful

  6. says

    It is sad to read that 24 is coming to an end!!! I am writing you from Africa, Zambia and i luv this movie!!! Like someone mentioned earlier, no movie can match up to 24!!! please dont take away this movie from us!!! Please please!!! You dont know what this would do us!!! Jack Baeur is the best actor one can ever celebrate!!! Honestly why do you want to stop this? Honestly!!! Think about it!!! We need more seasons……we need for seasons…. please mr. producer, think about the step you want to take!!! You brought this to us and dont take it away!!! WE BEG YOU!!!

  7. Amanda says

    My boyfriend and I are addicted to 24 too. We are so sad that the show won’t air anymore. Keiffer Sutherland is an awesome actor I love him in this show. Please….please….please do not cancel this show, I love watching it every Monday. I know money is tight but please listen to the fans, we love this show so much! What would we be if we didn’t have 24? I am going to watch all the seasons and WAIT until the producers decide what to do. All the actors and actresses played on 24…ya’ll have done a fantastic job, as well as the producers. But please listen to me and the other fans, it would mean so much if you could come up with some more seasons. I am not ready to quit watching. I love 24….PLEASE bring it back!

  8. Manda says

    I have watched 24 for the last 2 seasons and I have absolutely loved them! I always looked forward for each monday for a new episode. I know this was the last season…but it would be great if there could be more. This is my favorite show in the world! Please keep them up!!!!

  9. Charlotte Hennig says

    My husband and I are addicted to 24. We are so very sad that this show is no longer going to air. Keiffer Sutherland is an awesome actor and the show is so intense. Please….please….please do not cancel this show. Money is always a factor but what about the fans? Now what do we do without 24? We will be buying the series of 24, seasons 1 to 8 so we can watch it while the producers decide what to do. Thanks Mr. Sutherland and fellow actors, ya’ll have done a fabulous job.

  10. says

    Id love to see the movie, Id probly see it at least twice in theaters (I assume it will be in IMAX), and I would also buy the Blu-RAy to fit into my collection of all 7 (soon to be 8) seasons on DVD.

    PLease email if possible when u find out if the movie is official…Thanks

  11. Steve says

    To Mr Keifer Sutherland and the producers of “24”..

    Guys, it ‘s apparent by the comments from fans that you are making a very big mistake, 81% in favor of keeping the show going? That’s a big number!

    In this dangerous world we live in, America needs “24” because this show gives us a since of patriotism, a feeling of Pride, it makes us think and remember why our troops are fighting. There is no other TV show that has even comes close to “24”. Many have tried but failed. You guys have succeeded in keeping people glued every Monday night season after season for 8 years. Right NOW we need “24” and you have the emails, letters, phone calls to prove that. Quitting now will let down millions of viewers.
    You must reverse your decision to cancel.. How many emails and letters is it going to take?

    Remember isn’t always about money, in this case I see it as for the greater good for Americans.

    Thank you for reading this!

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