24: Kiefer Sutherland Talks About Ending the FOX TV Show

24On Friday, following a joint decision by 24 star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland, executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Imagine Entertainment, and Fox Broadcasting Company, it was announced that this season would be the end of 24, after eight seasons on the air. The decision to end the series didn’t come as a big surprise as there have been rumblings about the series’ demise for awhile.

In a recent interview with Variety, Sutherland said that much of the decision came down to the fact that Gordon felt it was going to be very difficult to come up with a good story for season nine. The actor also said, “He and I both felt that the opportunity of making a movie, and doing a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day — which would not be restricted by time — was something that was appealing to he and I both.”

Looking back, Sutherland’s found the experience of making the series very rewarding in many ways and calls it “the greatest learning experience I’ve ever had as an actor, and singularly the greatest opportunity I’ve every had.” He noted the great friendships that he’s made and credits 24 with making him a better actor.

He said, “I’ve been able to work five days a week for eight years. I can’t begin to describe what that does for your confidence and your ability to break down a script, break down a scene, find intention. That’s something I know I will take with me, and I’m very grateful for.”

Though this TV series is coming to a close, Sutherland would be very open to doing another series in the future. Citing memorable shows like The West Wing, The Sopranos, The Wire, and Californication, Sutherland called television “an unbelievably exciting place to be,” despite the current commercial climate.

In terms of the 24 movie, Sutherland said, “Billy Ray is in the process of writing it right now. I’m very excited about the idea. He’s a fantastic writer. I know he’s been working with Howard recently. I’m very excited about the opportunity, and singularly because it’s a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day… Before on the TV show, the crisis had to come to us, because the best we could do was get across town. And the two times we ever put Jack Bauer in a plane, it just didn’t work. So it alleviates a huge hurdle that real time writing presented for us.”

And finally, the actor talked about the mood on the set as the cast and crew film the final episodes. He said, “It’s going to get sadder and sadder. But I think it’s going to be tempered by a sense of accomplishment. These people have worked unbelievably hard. I can’t say enough about our crew… I absolutely believe that creatively we finish [the show] in a really strong place, a much more definitive place. It’s going to be pretty clear what Jack Bauer’s plight is.”

Click here to read the complete interview. The two-hour series finale of 24 is schedule to air on May 24th on FOX.

What do you think? Would you like to see Kiefer Sutherland return to TV someday? In what kind of show? Another high-action thriller or something else? Any shows on TV today that could use his talents?

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  1. Ken says

    OMG OMG, 24 was the best tv show, series I have ever watched and after reading all the comments I agree its like my dog died or i have just lost a love one. 24 was the only show i ever watched during the week and now i dont watch anything. 24 definately needs to come back in some form or another and Jack and Chloe finally need to get together. Seems like she was married and had a son but last season didnt show either the hubby or son so who knows, Jack and Chloe need to be together. All the characters were awesome and all the twists per show really kept me on the edge of my seat.

  2. lamestory says

    i dont whish 24 coming back because it is just same story line again with bauers daughter in danger,some stealing nuke or president in danger

  3. barbara says

    wish 24 could come back on and make a seson 9 with his doughtor in troble with him trying to save her i love 24 and will really miss it

  4. Latasha Sutherland says

    I will love to see Keifer Sutherland return back in high action thriller, I will also love to see 24 come back rather it’s on a TV Series or a Movie. The Movie sounds like a excellent idea. No commercials.

  5. Todd says

    Another great series which is hard hitting, and moves just as fast is Human Target.
    The character may not be a spy but it’s fun to watch and the acting is wonderful, Mark Vally is the star and it feels a bit like 24 meets Sam Fisher type of style.
    Some of the actors from 24 have been on it.

    It’s a great replacement for 24 but I’m also looking for another series. A few new ones are starting this fall, maybe there might be a bit more luck.
    last I heard Kiefer has been a attached to do a few films before he does 24 the film.

  6. Stephen Lange says

    I think FOX and Kiefer should begin a spin off immediately. 24 is and was the greatest television show ever produced. Millions of people around the world want more. I would sit on the edge my seat with my adrenaline racing, and would curse at the TV when a commercial came on. Now that 24 is over, I don’t have a reason to watch FOX anymore. It was my one show, that I watched religiously. The next day after the last episode aired, I actually felt a little depressed, like I lost a friend. Never felt that before about a television show. I know that it was in the cards for 24 to end, but seriously, there has to be something to follow. Maybe a new show starring another Jack Bauer/Jason Bourne type character, that includes that same heart racing on the edge of your seat action. Either way, 24 will be missed, and I’m praying Kiefer will give us something else to count on.

  7. louisejana says

    As so many other “24” fans, I was glued to my chair last evening from 8pm to 10 pm (EST). I liked the ending. It was fitting – it left room open for still a great story line for any upcoming feature movie. I would like to still see Cole and Chole in the feature film and with a feature film, hopefully they will not be constrained to a time frame of “one hour” in a 24 hour period, but perhaps over days or weeks or even months, so that we can see more changes taking place in the personal lives of the characters.
    My friends knew that I would not answer the phone while “24” was on – I was never, never disappointed in any of the stories or the actors. All were great. It was so well written with action, adrenalin packed, drama and sitting on the edge of your sit with your heart pounding for one hour straight!!! I especially loved the nauances and shades of gray in the various characters. All had moments of great strength and vulnerability and all the actors played those aspects so well. It was so easy to empathize with them. I will surely miss my Monday nights with Keifer and the whole crew. May all the actors and actresses on this show be blessed with more opportunities and great roles coming their way. Thank you for such wonderful entertainment!

  8. Trish says

    Kiefer Sutherland is the best, we loved 24. It seemed like it no more started and before you knew it ; it was over. We made no plans for Monday Night just for 24. We sure will miss everyone.
    Would love to see another series just like it; sad to see it come to an end.

  9. Rebecca S says

    There is no other show or character that matches the intensity of Jack Bauer and 24. It’s a shame to cut the show when it still has the ability to keep its audience on the edge of our seats and spending money on its sponsors products. Please bring it back for season 9!!

  10. diane says

    this show renewed my faith in television and the creativity in the American writer. I so wish it would go on, but either way, I can’t wait for the movie and hope Sutherland is playing Bauer. When..When..when is it coming out!!

  11. Barbara says

    K. Sutherland is great. Please keep 24 on fox. It’s the best show on Fox. Keep Cole and maybe give Jack a break now and again. But just please keep the show going. I love JACK.

  12. says

    If Kiefer leaves, I just hope he comes back playing in something that is cut out so well for him, just as “24” was! He makes the best leader! Not only that, but he is soooooo handsome, and I just love his deep, sexy voice! I’ll watch him in anything, but I don’t know if anything will ever match up to “24”! Keifer, please say you’ll stay with us!

  13. Bob A. Booey says

    Such a good show,I guess everything can’t last forever. Jack Bauer is such a bad ass,way better than Bond. Looking forward to the 24 feature film.

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