24: Is the Jack Bauer Movie a Sure Thing?

24After tonight, Jack Bauer is finally going to get a day off — for a little while anyway. Though 24 is going off the air, there are plans to make a movie based on the TV show. It’s supposedly going to involve Jack battling some form of evil in Europe. But, where does it stand?

Executive producer Howard Gordon recently told Movieweb, “The current status of the movie is that Billy Ray has written a draft which Kiefer Sutherland has read, and we’re all working together on the second draft.”

He cautioned, “Now, it’s not been shared with Fox or anybody so there is no official status right now. It’s very much a work in progress. Honestly, the movie division is on the other side of the lot and I don’t know and can’t measure their intentions or their timing, and certainly can’t measure their reaction to the script because they haven’t read it yet. ”

Gordon concluded, “So I think it’s all very much speculative at this point. I think our preference would be to do it sooner than later, of course, and get Jack back out in front of people within a year or two, but I don’t know. That would be just me speaking.”

The executive producer believes that there’s a tricky balance in crafting the movie script. He shared, “There are two sets of requirements, which is honoring the series and the creative integrity of the character, and also potentially bringing in a whole new group of people into the franchise who can then go back and watch, and believe it’s been consistent. So I think we recognize that we’re serving two masters or two audiences here, not that they are mutually exclusive but there are two requirements.”

One thing’s for sure, the conceit of events happening in real time will likely have to be abandoned. Gordon has shared in the past that the format, though interesting, often limited what kinds of stories they could tell. He believes that the movie can still work without it though. He said, “I think Jack Bauer the character has got sufficiently broad and strong shoulders to carry a movie in this genre.”

What do you think? Is the real-time format essential? What has to be in a 24 movie?

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  1. Travis says

    If they indeed make the movie it should definitely focus more on Jack. Its should start with his military, delta force, cia or whatever days leading to the creation of CTU. That way all the seasons fill in the gaps leading to a sequel that will stand on its own. There’s no way they will keep the real time thing going because the movie itself will likely have a Jack Bauer title as opposed to 24 the movie. both titles are just generic names, but im sure you all get the point

  2. jimmy says

    I think they must have chloe back,and they should bring tony almeida back as well. Though it is a good idea to bring audrey back,I don’t know if they should due to the fact that he’s moved on from her. And for the real time aspect, I don’t think it’s necessary, just have the movie take place in 24 hours total.

  3. Angel1112 says

    I was Thinking & Still Thinking That Ending A Wonderful Serie Like 24 with no More Seasons After Season 8 is a Big Misstake , Cause u Have No Idea How Much that serie Mean to us And How Much we Wait for The season to arrive
    But if U People Want to stop the 24 serie , please please please make alot of Movies with jack bauer
    i completely agree with Mr Oli up for makeing a 12 movies each one with 2 hours
    or and thats the best idea ever , it would be much amazing if u people make a 24 movie of jack bauer and make like parts with 24 parts and each part include a differnt story or one big story with the same actors
    I wish u all the best and the good luck on makeing the 24 movies and i will apprciate alot if u people re-consider makeing season 9 of the best serie in the world today
    Thanks alot for listening and thanks for your attention

  4. nanaO says

    They do not need a 24 hr. real time concept anymore either but they have to involve the concept of time and allow that to play the role it played in 24. I say this because one of the thrills of the 24 series is that Jack was always racing against time so I think he should still be under some kind of time constraint to get things done. And I think the movie can actually play out to a sequel. To be honest, it may be worth thinking of building a brand around the character of Jack Baur as we see in the character James Bond. To be honest I actually believe the character of Jack Bauer is way more intense, enigmatic and complex than that of James Bond……..any agree?

    • VicksCornatto says

      Bauer can never be played by anyone other than Kiefer Sutherland. Bond however is a concept or idea, and not really a person, so therefore can be played by any suave sporty type out there.

  5. monstroze says

    I think they should bring back Tony Almaeda. He was freakin’awesome. Other than Jack, he made the show what it is.

  6. Dan D says

    The time has come to abandon the 24 hour, real-time concept. I agree with everyone who believes that the character of Jack Bauer can carry an action/adventure movie. Personally, I would like to see a movie that brings Mandy back, in some capacity, and Chase. I like the thought of a movie with Jack slowly eliminating different enemies who have followed him to Europe. Then, perhaps, he could carry out some mission that wins him entry back into CTU, and another movie. I disagree with the notion of bringing back Audrey Raines (sp?). Jack needs a love interest with a background similar to his own, like Renee. Perhaps a foreign agent or counter-terrorism unit director. Whatever they come up with, I will be heading to the theater to see it. Can’t wait!!!

  7. James says

    I think they should make on final season where Jack dies. Then to a prequel movie(s) that shows how Jack became Jack.

  8. palmer says

    how about a marathon 24 hour movie!
    $150/ticket – in for the entire duration-food served-drinks-bathroom breaks-24 hours straight!!! i am in!!!!!!

  9. david says

    we are now living in the world where not only terrorist threat, but financial corruption or greed at expenses of others. Create a character that will fight against that. Thank you for 24 show and for the best actor jack. Jack portrayed character and principle in the movie .we will miss you.

  10. B. Ross says

    Jack Bauer is the modern day “James Bond”. Without the toys and the gimmicks. The show kept you at the edge of your seat. When will these commercials be over, I want more!!
    I wish they didn’t use the Russian officials as the bad guys. The should have just made up another ficticious European country. There are a lot of nice Russians here who might be offended. Does Russian T.V. have the U.S. as the bad guys?
    I am going to rent the series and watch it again, in case I missed an episode somewhere along the line.
    Now it’s time to counts the days and minutes till the movie comes out.
    Good luck Jack! Hope you heal and enjoy your time off!

    • stovokor says

      The Russian have the Americans as bad guys inbooks and movies sinc the start of the Soviet Unio and pastthat, too 😀 Its just fiction, so don’t worry, none is offended :)

  11. Justin says

    I think they should shoot one more season….with an ending…. and release 135 min with of real time action every 1.5-2 months and make it a franchise. I think it would bring a ton of new viewers for franchise.

  12. Oli says

    I think that in a 24 movie, they should create 12 movies with 2 hr real time movie/episode! That would keep the integity of the show as 24 and viewers can look forward to more. Just like the James Bond movies, each movie has been connected to each other. I dont see a reason why they cant do that! I think everyone is just looking for more and thats what the producers meant to do.

    • John Smith says

      There is no way that this format would work! it would have to follow keifer sutherland while hes doing everything from taking a nap to taking a crap. If you didnt realize, theres no way all the events of a season could happen in a single day, and i dont think real time movies would do the series justice.

  13. bob says

    bring audrey back for the final movie… it is the only way jack can live a happily ever after with his family… as usual he should save the world but the only way it can be good is if you bring her back. its the only way.

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