3 lbs: CBS Cancels the Stanley Tucci Medical Drama

3lbs on CBS has been canceledCBS has a problem on Tuesday nights at 10pm. Last season, the network aired Love Monkey with Tom Cavanagh (who previously starred in NBC’s Ed) in that spot. It lasted three episodes before being pulled off the schedule. They tried the quasi-reality show Tuesday Night Book Club but that only lasted two episodes. Close to Home also performed badly in the timeslot but was moved to Friday nights and survived. CBS started the current season with the Smith series. Though many felt it was one of the best new shows on television, Smith was yanked off the air after only three episodes. To fill the hole left by the Ray Liotta series, CBS inserted the midseason replacement show 3 lbs to take its place. And now, guess what?

3 lbs. (which incidentally refers to the weight of the human brain) debuted on Tuesday, November 14, 2006. Billed as “the next great medical drama,” the show followed the medical careers of the difficult brain surgeon Douglas Hanson (played by Stanley Tucci) and his protege surgeon Jonathan Seger, played by Mark Feurstein. Also part of the gifted medical team is calculating neurologist Dr. Adrianne Holland (Indria Varma) and intern Dr. Tom Flores (Armando Riesco).

By airing this show on Tuesday nights, one might guess that CBS execs were hoping people who watched the very popular House on FOX at 9pm, would then turn to CBS to watch 3 lbs at 10pm. That didn’t happen.

The first episode of this House-like show debuted to 9.8 million viewers. The ratings have been dropping ever since. The second episode was watched by 9.2 million and the third episode was watched by 7.9 million viewers — prompting CBS to pull the doctor series immediately. The special 9pm episode of 3 lbs. that was scheduled for December 5th (entitled “Disarming”), has been replaced by an episode of The Unit. Repeats of CBS crime dramas will take the 10pm timeslot for the foreseeable future after that.

Eight episodes of the series have been filmed thus far, leaving five episodes unaired. Though CBS has not called this a cancellation, no further episodes will be produced and its highly unlikely that 3 lbs. will be given another primetime timeslot. Because of the public outcry, CBS has released all episodes of Smith on its website, for download via Amazon.com, and the show will possibly be released on DVD. It looks unlikely that 3 Lbs. will receive the same treatment.

It’s interesting to note that 3 lb.’s overall audience numbers have been lower than Smith’s, the show it replaced. Somewhere, I suspect Smith fans are quietly smiling. TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Kori says

    Coming from the medical field, 3lbs this is as close as it gets. House is a “has been and now a joke”

    Stanley Tucci plays an exact replica of the neuro guys a scrub in with. Bring it back CBS!!

    Coming from an M.D.

  2. Christy says

    My husband and I loved the three episodes of the medical drama 3 LBS that we saw. I don’t enjoy the main character of the rival show “House” but thoroughly enjoyed the more “human” character in this show. We just got done searching the TV listings wondering what happened to it. We could not believe that it had met its demise. Maybe the executives at CBS need to see the surgeon for some brain surgery of their own! This was a stupid decision. Far worse shows have lasted far longer before having the plug pulled. This one was never given a chance. I guess if a show relies on expensive but GREAT script writing instead of cheap reality tabloid like trash it doesn’t stand a chance. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

  3. Marie Dynes says

    I agree with most of the comments already submitted – this was an intelligent show with similarities to House and Bones, with great actors and good scripts. Three episodes got me hooked, and then nothing. Very disappointing it wasns’t given more time. HOpw the remaining episodes that were filmed will be shown in the new year.


    I was very saddened to learn that CBS cancelled 3 Lbs. after watching the first 3 conpelling and interesting episodes. Why is it that only dumbed down sitcoms seem to prevail? Bring back 3 Lbs!

  5. Kenneth Meyer says

    I love House but I also loved 3lbs. You guys need to practice the law of the price tag(leadership law) and not be so quick to cancel in my op-pion a very good show. I believe 3 lbs will catch on and be a very good show for CBS. By the way I think CBS has some of the best prime time shows.
    Ken Meyer

  6. George says

    The show was an intelligent series. It offered a way to relax yet not be insulted with cheap jokes, overacted drama and mediocre acting. Instead, it offered complex human issues that were dealt with an air of respect and a more than superficial treatment.
    It will be sadly missed as there is no alternative.

  7. Tracy says

    I can’t believe you have cancelled this wonderfully, interesting show. I recorded this show every Tuesday on my DVR and then would watch it the next day before work. I am so disappointed that it won’t be back on. Won’t you reconsider, if not Tuesday why not Monday?

    Disappointed By CBS…….

  8. Scott says

    I was shocked to hear of the cancellation of this show. Intelligent,well written.Great dynamic among the characters. CBS has no back bone. Go make survivor 90 or whatever number they’re up to.

  9. Elaine says

    Whoever at CBS decided to cancel this show should seriously consider a new profession! Does this person seriously think that more reruns of an extremely cruel, derranged & violent theamed show is the answer??

  10. Heidi says

    I can not believe that this show has been cancelled. I could not wait for Tuesday 10pm! Now, I guess I will be getting to bed early :(

    I was so impressed by the writing and how thought provoking and emotional it made me…I beleived in these characters. If you won’t put the show back on please tell me where I can buy the dvds.

    PS. My husband hates who ever decided to cancel this show…We hope soon you will be fired!

  11. Anonymous says

    I was so excited about this show. I generally hate TV, but this I loved even after a couple of episodes. It was nice to watch something intelligent related to my field of work.

  12. nora says

    This show was awsome.Like cagney and lacey….they just dont give it a chance.But hopefully enough people will let them know it is a great show and it will come back.

  13. says

    Really? Hmm. A friend of mine produces this show and the last thing I heard was that the show had received an order for additional episodes that will take it to a full season.

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