666 Park Avenue: Last Episodes of Cancelled TV Show Dumped

666 park avenue canceledWhen ABC cancelled 666 Park Avenue, word was that the network was committed to airing all 13 episodes. Now, it looks like that may not happen after all.

666 Park Avenue was scheduled to return on January 6th with the first of four final episodes. ABC has now dropped the series from the schedule.

The Sundays at 10pm timeslot will be filled with episodes of Happy Endings and Don’t Trust B in Apartment 23 on January 6th, 13th, and 20th. (Both sitcoms have been performing terribly and could certainly use additional exposure.)

On January 27th, ABC will air Hallmark Hall of Fame’s original movie, The Makeover. It’s unclear what will air after that but the Academy Awards broadcast is slated for February 24th.

A spokesperson for ABC indicated that the remaining episodes of Park Avenue may air over the summer. Keep in mind that the network has had plans like this in the past with mixed results.

What do you think? Are you upset that ABC has dropped 666 Park Avenue? Do you think they’ll eventually air the remaining episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Junior says

    I love watching 666. I was disappointed to hear that the show got cancelled. I really don’t watch anything on ABC except for 666. I hope ABC would reconsider and bring it back.

  2. Joyce W says

    I can not believe you ABC are doing this to such a great show as 666 Park Avenue. You just can’t leave well enough alone. 666 Park Avenue has been the best show ABC has had in many years. The actors and actress make you want to keep on following the show. You have nothing but junk on ABC. You have also cancelled Greys Anatomy and Private Practice also excellent shows. Nothing left worth wild to watch now. Wise up and at least give we viewers all the final episodes of 666 Park Avenue.

  3. Georgia says

    Didn’t want to hear this news. 666 Park Avenue is a favorite show at our house. So disappointed that they don;t plan on airing the remaining shows (Don’t believe they’ll do so in the summer.) and that ABC decided to cancel this show. Won’t be watching their two sitcoms. Just garbage! NOT funny!

  4. Duane says

    THIS IS TOTALLY BS!!! Fans have waited all season for ending and this??? At least clean them up on Sat. like CBS does. They are losing $$ because they paid for the final 4. Why not air at a discount to break even? They better air in the future but in summer? They could have blown them out during the boring holiday season when nothing new is on. Boneheads, just boneheads!!!
    TV SF, where’s the petition to send them?

  5. Raymond says

    “air over the summer?” Are they kidding?? Who’s gonna care (or even remember) the storyline by then?! If they air the remaining episodes soon, at least the small viewership who are interested in the series will watch the outcome of the story. But by next summer, NO ONE will watch. Ugh.

  6. Debby Modis says

    This is really stupid ABC! It is no wonder ABC is losing followers!!!! You are really stupid people ABC!!! This is really screwed up!!!! First you cancel the series, then you tell us you will air all 13 episodes NOW YOU TELL US WE WON’T SEE ALL OF THEM/??????? Really screwed up ABC!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dido13 says

    Ranna I could not have said it better myself !!!! Bad enough you have cancelled a great show like 666 Park, but now not even let us see the final shows….are you kidding ABC ? Are there morons running this network ? Why do keep cancelling great shows and keeping the crap ? Do you even listen to your viewers ?

  8. Patrick says

    I don’t understand why ABC is doing what they’re doing. It makes sense to move Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B, but they’re going to air twice a week. Since 666 Park Avenue only has a few unaired episodes left, why postpone them for six months?

  9. Maria says

    Come on! Do they listen to viewers… you know, those of us who spend money with their advertisers? Play the final episodes, and don’t make us wait until the summer!

  10. purplepantyeater says

    Bit of a daft move, cancel four shows that are unaired ie “new” and replace with repeats of one show thats gone downhill(though getting better imo) and one show that shouldve been cancelled in season one let alone get a second season.

    just a side bar, 666pa got slated for its “satanic” links, yet Apart23 gets away with a woman having no morals??? hypocrites

  11. nightmareb says

    Nope they took out the trash and I wish they would do the samething with Dancing with the Stars or I called it Dancing with the PUKE

  12. Ranna says

    I loved this show.. Why do they take the really interesting shows and replace them with those GARBAGE comedy shows .Well ABC you are off of my list….I think you are a bunch of idiots….

  13. A-grade sucker says

    666 is a show where you have a decent plot and stellar actors. But the trend for shows these days is if doesn’t follow the same same formula as the other drivel and tripe made for the unthinking audience it gets the bum rush to the never to be seen again closet at the back of abc.
    This show deserves air time.

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