666 Park Avenue: Cancelled by ABC

666 park avenue canceledTo little surprise, ABC has cancelled 666 Park Avenue, their struggling Sunday night series. While the network will air all 13 episodes, there won’t be any after that. In addition, ABC also cancelled Last Resort today and CBS canned Partners.

666 Park Avenue follows a Midwest couple who’ve moved to New York City. They end up managing The Drake, a prestigious residential hotel that’s not as nice a building as it seems. The TV series features the talents of Terry O’Quinn, Vanessa Williams, Dave Annable, Rachael Taylor, Robert Buckley, Mercedes Masöhn, Helena Mattsson, Samantha Logan, and Erik Palladino.

The show debuted on September 30th, in ABC’s troubled Sundays at 10pm timeslot. The premiere’s ratings weren’t very impressive, attracting a mediocre 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.9 million total viewers. That was 30% lower than what Pan Am had registered a year earlier.

666 Park Avenue TV show supportPark Avenue’s numbers have gotten even worse since the debut. The coveted demographic dropped to a 1.7 rating in week two (down 19%) and a 1.5 rating in week three (down another 12%). The ratings perked up a bit in weeks four (a 1.7 rating) and five (a 1.6 rating) but dropped to a 1.2 rating last Sunday.

But, what do you think? Should ABC have cancelled 666 Park Avenue? Will you miss the show?

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  1. bigbear says

    i love this show – they will take it off and probaly put on another reality show in its place. please please keep this show – its just keeps gettting better and better i wait each week to see what is happening next.

  2. Persistent Cat says

    This show could’ve been a lot better. I feel it might have been better if the two main characters were played by different, more interesting actors. Henry had too much of a wide-eyed, “aw shucks” look for me to believe he was ambitious and Jane was just dull. And I didn’t like how each episode dealt with a different resident and their problem. How often must people die in a building before people freak out? The girl that wrote the obituary and the guy came to life. Why didn’t she rewrite her story to save her editor’s life. She did it when she rewrote her mother’s obituary. Henry didn’t believe Jane about the axe murderer, however Henry spoke to the man in the elevator and Jane was right there.

    All that to say, it had a great premise but wasn’t written strongly enough.

  3. Dee says

    … I absolutely love this show. I don’t understand why ABC is cancelling it. It always happens this way… I start liking a program and then, “cancelled!!!”… Makes me leary about ever starting to watch another new series for fear that it will be cancelled.

  4. Crystal says

    What this show was amazing why do keep the bad shows and throw away the great shows but the only problem is that it is on Sunday’s at 10:00 like I mean people got to work kids at to go to school just change the day and time and you would get more viewers

  5. Lawana says

    I absolutely love this show!!! Why do you keep cancelling the good shows and keeping the bad ones on the air????? Really sad but not the first time they have cancelled a show that I love!!

  6. Tay says

    I really really like this show, but this show should not have never ever been picked up by ABC network and more so airing it on a Sunday night this is a type of show that should have been made and shop to and picked up by the FX network since they already have one of my other favorites Amereica Horror Story. 666 Park Ave would have been perfect on FX network it could have easily been on their network after America Horror Story ends their season.

    666 PA could have field the time time spot meaning with 13 shows a season of both shows would all could have had super natural shows airing from October thru either late May or early June since the networks pre empt their shows from time to time AH- October-January or Febuary, 666-PA January- Febuary -May or June.

    It would be nice if FX network would decide to pick up and re air the first season of 666 PA and then make a season two but of course all parties involved would have to take a huge pay cut in order for the show to go on. I rather take a pay cut than to not have a job. it would be a win win for all parties involve.

  7. John says

    I was captivated by this show in the pilot. I thought that was amazing.

    But somehow they just lost it after that. Not sure why, but it just goring after the pilot. I’m not surprised that it was cancelled.

  8. Romaric Anquez says

    I’m so disappointed. 666 Park Avenue was getting better! Sure it had a few “cheesy” moments, but the show was a perfect alternance of drama and horror, and looked more promising in each episode. Why can’t ABC give it a chance, just to let the show the time to find its audience? I think that the timeslot is a bad one as well. On Sundays, at ten p.m? I wouldn’t watch it either if I lived in the US. I also heard there were good DVR-ratings. I am myself coming from France, and therefore, can’t watch it live – still, I love this show. It is always the same, networks don’t look at internet numbers and DVR-ratings, and end up cancelling good shows.

  9. Marcella says

    I really like this show. It’s unique and it keeps you guessing. I hoe they at least wrap up the lingering questions.

  10. nightmareb says

    Finally ABC has wise up this show was nothing more than garbage and a train wreck I am glad it’s gone .Time to take out the trash

  11. John Nelson says

    What a great show, it’s a shame that ABC cancelled it. Love the drama/horror/paranormal plotlines and the characters.

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