666 Park Avenue: Cancelled by ABC

666 park avenue canceledTo little surprise, ABC has cancelled 666 Park Avenue, their struggling Sunday night series. While the network will air all 13 episodes, there won’t be any after that. In addition, ABC also cancelled Last Resort today and CBS canned Partners.

666 Park Avenue follows a Midwest couple who’ve moved to New York City. They end up managing The Drake, a prestigious residential hotel that’s not as nice a building as it seems. The TV series features the talents of Terry O’Quinn, Vanessa Williams, Dave Annable, Rachael Taylor, Robert Buckley, Mercedes Masöhn, Helena Mattsson, Samantha Logan, and Erik Palladino.

The show debuted on September 30th, in ABC’s troubled Sundays at 10pm timeslot. The premiere’s ratings weren’t very impressive, attracting a mediocre 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.9 million total viewers. That was 30% lower than what Pan Am had registered a year earlier.

666 Park Avenue TV show supportPark Avenue’s numbers have gotten even worse since the debut. The coveted demographic dropped to a 1.7 rating in week two (down 19%) and a 1.5 rating in week three (down another 12%). The ratings perked up a bit in weeks four (a 1.7 rating) and five (a 1.6 rating) but dropped to a 1.2 rating last Sunday.

But, what do you think? Should ABC have cancelled 666 Park Avenue? Will you miss the show?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Danielle says

    Sorry that this show has been cancelled. So many ridiculous shows on ABC instead but as one viewer posted it was on very late. Not everybody has dish or ways of recording a late show. Some people are still very old fashioned. Perhaps another night or earlier time. Happy Endings could certainly be pulled from the line up. Please.

  2. Carolyn says

    Times are changing, in fact have changed. The TV industry need a new way to track their viewers. There are only a few programs on TV that I like and fewer that I actually watch in their time slots.

    I do not have the time to watch TV in its time slot. Most of my TV watching is on demand, or on the Internet.

    I have only watched it on demand or on my computer, but I also liked 666 Park. I even went to my library’s web page to request the book when it is available.

  3. says

    Very sad to see this show end. found it being canceled when looking to see when it comes back after the winter break. Why do they have to cancel all the good shows…..

  4. kathy says

    My sister and I love this show. We are in our 60’s and we waited for Sunday nights so we could have something to watch. All of the other stupid things you have on are not to my liking so I don’t watch ABC. When that came on we was so happy. It was like watching a Stephen king movie. We love Stephen king . We have all of he’s book . Please bring it back.

  5. says

    I enjoyed the series, the show was different. I was confused. Saw a advertisement for the series to retun the end of January for it to be a no show.

  6. Terry says

    Here we go again ABC. You have a good show and cancel it. Why not try putting it on a different day? I believe a show like this would work well on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Great story line and a good cast. Since you cancelled it I hope one of the other networks will pick it up

  7. Lisa says

    I thought the show was really compelling, and the story was really interesting. The kind of thing I was surprised didn’t come from the mind of Stephen King. And I watched all of the episodes on Hulu, so the Sunday late-night scheduling didn’t bother me in the slightest. Wonder if online viewing is taken into account when calculating the ratings? I mean honestly, does anyone watch live tv anymore?

  8. Kim heller says

    Love this show can’t believe it was cancelled. Was waiting for it to come back on. So much like lost which I miss. My husband even liked it and he is a tough critic.

  9. Milo says

    It’s Lost all over again, after a brilliant series they close the show with that rediculous ending, and now Park Avenue, this is a really good show that makes you use your brain and get in depth with the charactors, it figures, the TV cattle would rather have everything spelled out for them….Oh Well !!! strike two ABC, don’t think I’ll take a third swing….

    • Shawna says

      I loved Park Ave 666
      ABC really missed up, they dump a popular show, which has a hugh fan base. Well, hopefully another net network will pick it. The Cartoon Network bought Family Guy, and the show became popular and Fox begged to have Family Guy back.
      I agree with the person that said this is why ABC continues to have the lowest ratings. Give the fans what they want and the ratings will come. But, since you don’t care about what the fans want, the network will probably ignore this post too.

  10. Faye says

    The first mistake was doing 3 prime times shows in a row on a Sunday night. the second mistake was the title, it should have been 999 Park Ave, showing shadows of the 666. I am very annoyed with ABC for cancelling the show and leaving viewers who did like the show hanging. Considering some of the shows aired it was alot better than the stupid Happy Endings replacement!

  11. Cathy says

    WHY would you “ABC” cancel such a great show. It was so interesting and magnificent. I can’t beleive you did this. I am so upset about this. Makes me very sad and I’m sure many other people. This is terrible :(

  12. Wanda says

    My daughter and I love the show. We always record it because it is on to late. I am sure that is what many viewers do. We both would love to see it continue!!!!

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