666 Park Avenue: Cast Reactions to Cancellation

Fans of 666 Park Avenue are understandably upset that the show has been cancelled. As you might imagine, the cast and crew weren’t crazy about the news either.

Here’s what some of them had to say, via Twitter. None of them mentioned One Million Moms.

Dave Annable ‏(Henry Martin):
“I want to thank all the 666 Park Avenue fans for all their support. Extremely sad that this project is over. Best cast and crew in the biz.”

And then, “ABC will be airing all 13 episodes so enjoy the ride. Still have 2 more episodes to shoot (weird) but if your in NY come by and say hi :)”

And finally, “My thoughts are with all the crew members of our show, #lastresort and #partners that lost their jobs yesterday. So sad.”

Terry O’Quinn (Gavin Doran):
“Thanks for the love… Onward and upward! Peace (not) out!” And later, “Too bad about the show, but…….**** happens.”

Vanessa Williams (Olivia Doran):
“Jeez! @666ParkAve_ABC AND @michaelurie in #Partners ended?! Can’t even commiserate over #Twinkies…they’re gone too!”

An Ugly Betty fan wrote, “@WeWantUglyBetty: @michaelurie & @VWOfficial – It’s time for Wilhelmina and Marc to have their own show” and Williams responded, “Amen to that!!”

Helena Mattsson (Alexis Blume):
“Big THANK YOU to all the amazing fans of @666ParkAve_ABC for all your love and support! #Love to you all!”

She followed that up with: “@666ParkAve_ABC will end at ep13. But we still have 6 MORE awesome episodes airing! So please keep tuning in! Keeps getting better!! ;)”

Mercedes Masohn (Louise Leonard):
“My lovely followers. As you may have heard, @666ParkAve_ABC is cancelled. Hopefully ABC will let us air all 13 episodes. I’m so sad :-(”

And later, “You guys are the most supportive amazing people! From what I understand ABC will air the rest of the 13 ep for 666 Park Ave so keep watching”

Matt Miller (Writer/Executive Producer/Showrunner):
I just want to thank all of the amazing fans who watch and tweet about #666ParkAvenue. ABC is airing all of our episodes, so keep watching!

Jesse Spears (writer’s assistant):
“@elizabethcraft only reason I’m glad you weren’t there today is because you definitely would have made my cry.”

Elizabeth Craft ‏(writer)
Sad about no back nine for #666PARKAVENUE. Thanks to all who made working there a wonderful experience!

666 Park Avenue TV show supportShe followed that up with “@adrialang I’ve been thinking about you today. Your first TV heartbreak. Good news/bad news — it’ll happen again!”

Adria Lang (writer):
@elizabethcraft Thanks so much Liz. I feel positive about the future, but I am very sad to see it end. We were a great team. xo #666Writers

Lang also wrote, “Hugs make me teary eyed. I love my co-workers so much! #666ParkAvenue :-(” and also,
“I can’t stress how much of a pleasure it was to wake up every morning and make television with the writers of #666ParkAvenue. Thank you. xox”

Vin @vingrao (writers’ PA):
“Thanks to everyone who watched.” And later, “Sad about the news today, but excited for the fans to see our remaining eps. Get ready to see @_Rachael_Taylor be even more amazing next ep!”

What do you think? Are you also sad about the cancellation of 666 Park Avenue? What would you say to the cast and crew about their work on the show?

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  1. joe says

    That show was so well-written, so well-done. I don’t even watch much TV and I watched this show (pardon the pun) religiously.

  2. GG says

    My family and I loved this show! I finally found a show worth watching, and now it’s being cancelled…well thank goodness I still can go and buy books, because there is so little on TV to waste my time with.

  3. Lori Spano says

    666 Park Avenue was the first show I worked on as a background actor. All shows should be as fun to work on as this one. I did the show 4 times and the cast and crew were always so nice and professional. I will miss working and watching this awesome show.

  4. dido13 says

    Another great show cancelled…ABC you suck big time !!!!
    I loved this show it is one of the better ones on not like that tired old ” will you accept this rose” Come on now, get it toether and rethink this, don’t cancel one of the few great shows on TV.

  5. Debby Modis says

    Two of my shows got cancelled this week too. 666 and Last Resort. I really think this got cancelled was not the ratings, not the stupid “MOMS” who kept writing those stupid letters about the so-called name of the show and begging everyone to boycott the show just because of the name it had but because of the damage to the sets that the storm Sandy caused. It caused thousands of dollars of damage to the sets of the show and I really think it came down to the money it would cost repairing those sets versus the ratings it had on tv. I am really going to miss this wonderful show. It had a lot of potential an I really liked this show. ABC has a record of cancelling new shows and it is getting downright tiresome! Every year it cancels at least two or three of my shows before they even have a chance to go to a second season. It leaves a lot of us not even wanting to watch their new shows!!!

  6. hlr says

    i happened to have worked on 666 Park Avnue, this past
    thursday, the 15th of November. what a great crew, director even gave me instructions instead of the PA and he addressed me by first name. was looking forward to working on it again. SAD!!!

  7. Teresa M. says

    Loved this show. As a mom of 4 it takes a lot for me to invest in an hourlong weekly show, but I felt that this was so worth my time. David Annable is a local and I wish him and the rest of the cast and crew of 666 much luck in their future endeavors. This ensemble will be missed – poor decision ABC!!!

  8. James Lendman says

    Very upset with ABC, big mistake. They do this every year and continually lose viewers each year because they are tired of investing in a new ABC show that always gets cancelled and offers no resolution to the plot. I think ABC should definitely reconsider or move the show to another night. To the cast and crew—you all did an AMAZING work. David Annabelle and Vanessa Williams are excellent and should be on tv again. Personally I am furious with ABC and probably will never invest in another new show of theirs no matter how good it may look. I know many thousands have the same sentiment.

  9. ND Mitchell says

    I am very disappointed that this show has been cancelled. Loved the storyline and the cast so hopefully the last episode wraps up everything. So sorry to see Vanessa, Terry and Dave go. This SUCKS! :(

  10. Samara says

    It should never have been cancelled! It is a great show, and I enjoy every episode! Good luck to cast and crew, can’t wait for your next projects! Why isn’t there a remark from Rachel Taylor?

  11. deidra says

    i am so disappointed! two of my shows got cancelled in the same week! LAST RESORT and 666 PARK AVENUE? evidently, my viewership is the kiss of death to any new show i watch! this is why i avoid most of network tv and wait for the dvd release of a series that i’m interested in. if only i could work my magic on MALIBU COUNTRY and LAST MAN STANDING!

    • BarrettTV says

      Every show i love gets cancelled too,i dont even like watching new shows because i get attached & it’s gone…when a new show gets cancelled i am glad i never bothered with it because its over so soon

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