666 Park Avenue: Does Mother Nature Want the Show Cancelled?

ABC is expected to make a decision about the fate of 666 Park Avenue soon. They’ll either cancel the low-rated drama or order some additional episodes. They could go either way but Mother Nature may have ended up tipping the scales.

The Sunday night drama is shot at Cine Magic Riverfront Studios in Brooklyn and the sets were heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Cine Magic owner Peter Kapsalis tells EW, “I went to check them out on the night of the storm at 10 p.m. and they were under 6 feet of water — the entire complex. It wasn’t in very good shape.”

The water has now receded and Kapsalis reports that it did some serious damage to the 666 sets. He added, “The Daylight Studio, which carried some of the smaller sets and was a little closer to the water [was] completely demolished… The main sets stayed in place even with the water rushing in [but] everything is extensively damaged.”

666 Park Avenue TV show supportKapsalis noted that it would likely be three weeks before shooting could resume in the studio but says that 666 Park Avenue could resume earlier by possibly filming on location or at Cine Magic’s SoHo location.

With such disappointing ratings, ABC could decide to cut their losses rather than wait for the sets to be reconstructed. Warner Bros. Television produces the show.

What do you think? Should ABC just cancel the show already or should the sets be rebuilt? Do you think the network will order more episodes?

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  1. Jonathan says

    Do NOT angel this show. Every show at 10pm on Sunday nights has done bad since brothers and sisters, and it wasn’t too successful. I hope this show stays afloat.

    They need to switch it and revenge. Revenge has a repetitive story line and ratings are dropping. They need to give shows more of a chance before dropping them.

  2. Alegra says

    I think the show is really interesting. ABC canceled The Gates after just 1 season. I feel like if they are going to continue to cancel supernatural dramas why even invest in them in the first place. 666 park Ave is definitely worth the watch.

  3. Adam Decker says

    I’ve never seen this show but Sandy didn’t help it. My guess is that the show will be cancelled only if they were already planning on doing it, but if not, than they could continue making new episodes. The premise just sounds weird to me.

  4. peter says

    i really like this show how cool it’s shot in brooklyn. Please don’t cancel this show it would be such a huge mistake enough that ugly betty was cancelled i can’t take another show that i like being cancelled so please abc wise up it is well worth the wait!!! Don’t you agree people???

  5. Anonymous says

    My husband and I love this show! We would be really saddened if it were cancelled. I really hope they give it a chance.

  6. Samara says

    I would be so disappointed if another show was cancelled before it had the chance to prove itself! Terry O’Quinn is well worth the gamble, he is a star and, along with the rest of the cast, he will make this show a success! ABC has cancelled far too many shows that we got invested in, they are risking pissing viewers off enough to lose them altogether!

  7. Amanda says

    I love this show. I really think if they would give it some time it would increase ratings. A lot of people do no get into the first season of a show in fear of it being cancelled.

  8. primetimeblabber says

    cancel this fake wannabe soap opera (as ABC calls it)….along with the other fake primetime soaps….Nashville and Revenge….

  9. says

    Even though I love the series, I think this might be it. I still feel that things would have been different if it was aired earlier, or on the CW where this type of show would be more welcome.

    • Anonymous says

      I really like the show!! Maybe if they try switching nights they would captivate more of an audience. It would be a shame if if were cancelled, it’s just getting started. They should give it a chance!

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