666 Park Avenue: Finale to Give Closure; Show Sees Ratings Boost

canceled 666 Park AvenueThough ABC has cancelled 666 Park Avenue, the executive producers say that the show is “is building to a powerful and surprising series finale, where all your questions will be answered. We hope fans of the show continue watching all the way to the end of Jane and Henry’s incredible journey to the dark side.”

The live ratings for 666 Park Avenue have been quite poor, the show sees a significant increase when factoring in the DVR data (live +7). November 4th’s episode rose 77%, from a 1.3 rating to a 2.3 demo.

The news frustrated star David Annable who tweeted, “Well this really sucks! You have to give shows time to grow! Nielsen is so outdated!.. We had the biggest movement of ANY show for the week 77% increase with the DVR ratings… I’m sorry but they f***ed up.”

666 Park Avenue TV show supportStill, this info’s not likely to lead ABC to reverse their decision about cancelling Park Avenue. Network president Paul Lee calls the DVR increase “amazing,” but it doesn’t change the live numbers. He said, “It’s wonderful to see the passion [these] shows have… We just have to make sure we monetize it.”

What do you think? Do you think loyal viewers will be satisfied by the last episode? Should the network’s place more importance on the DVR numbers?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. antonella says

    I Really love this show!!! I am very disappointed that they are going to cancel it. So we will never now the end… and I agree with all the above comments

  2. 666 Fan says

    Love love love this show. It’s feels like I’m watching a thriller movie every episode. I’m so upset it’s cancelled. Obviously they don’t know a good when they’ve got it!

  3. says

    My husband and I DVR everything also because we absolutely HATE commercials! We don’t have to worry about actually being home at a set time to watch it live. This a great show and when I told my husband it was cancelled, he refused to watch anymore episodes for the last 2 wks cause he was so bummed!! ABC should really re-consider this dumb move. Give it chance to work out. The series Lost took a while to catch on and loved that show but hated the ending.

  4. Marcy says

    666 is such a good show. I can not believe that it is being canceled. Such a bummer! I LOVE THIS SHOW! All these reality crap shows do not compare!

  5. Anonymous says

    666 is such a good show. I can not believe that it is being canceled. Such a bummer! I LOVE THIS SHOW! All these reality crap shows do not compare!

  6. wendy says

    I watch 666 on demand because too many good shows share the 10:00 slot on sunday nights and the other shows don’t run on Demand. I catch up on it on Monday and am so sad to see it cancelled. They should give it another chance or try it in a differant time slot. DVR and on Demand should be considered now in ratings as so many people watch shows on their schedules from many different devices. I think Neilsen needs to adapt to the changes in the way they count the ratings.

  7. Jenn says

    I am very disappointed they are canceling this show. It gives me something to watch on Sunday night. Who cares if people DVR the show, they still like the show since they will watch it later.

  8. ami kothari says

    These days people don’t watch live tv even remotely as much as they used to because of the use of DVR. We should not be punished for using DVR over watching the show live when we don’t have time. It was an awesome show I’m very sad to see it go. A show always deserves a second season.

  9. says

    isnt there anything the viewers can do to give this show a fair chance…i just can’t believe the crap these networks actually support on t.v..and give up so easily on shows that have potential to be great…totally disappointed!!!

  10. Melanie says

    ABC definitely needs to pay more attention to DVR numbers. I know a few friends I work with at DISH and I love 666 Park Avenue, but none of us watch it live. We usually get together to watch the show on my DISH Hopper instead. It’s set to auto-record 666 Park Avenue along with the other big four prime time network shows using Primetime Anytime, so I don’t have to remember to set a timer, and my friends and I can get together to watch the show whenever we’re all free. I’m sure a lot of other people use their DVRs in the same way. If ABC had taken that into account they may not have canceled such a great show.

    • Elliot V. says

      Melanie – DVR data is added-in every Tuesday for Sunday programming. It is all factored-in now. However, you are only 1 viewer (household), even if you have 6 friends coming over to watch with you. :-)

  11. randy says

    i don’t understand how some shows that air on nbc (30 rock, parks and recreation) have lowere ratings than 666 and yet they have be on several seasons. yes, i know 30 rock is finally ending but it’s ratings was never good. abc sucks. i watch more cable shows than regular networks because any time you like a show it is cancelled. when will law and order svu finally end that show has been on 14 years and they average a 7.8 million why is that show not cancelled when other shows that have the same ratings are cancelled? everyone switch to cable shows and forget abc, nbc, cbs. they do nothing but let us down anyway.

  12. Lisa says

    I agree with Dave Annabelle. I DVR EVERYTHING because I don’t have time to watch when it’s on or remember when it’s on. Neilson should combine DVR’s with the live ratings. It’s nearly 2013 and technology has changed. Older generations are the only ones watching TV live.

    • Sherri says

      I agree – they need to rate it differently, AND they need to move it to the timeslot right after Once Upon a Time. I think it was allegedly losing viewers because it was on too late, and if you wanted to watch it you had to wait through the “terribly boring and unentertaining” REVENGE! Maybe the stars can sway ABC – maybe they can make it a cyber-show – I would definitely watch it on the internet!

  13. says

    I am so disappointed that they are cancelling the show. I absoultely love this show and I am one of the ones that must DVR it because of my schedule. I think it is ridulous to cancel a show that is gaining momentum. Damn ABC!

  14. LB says

    The show is awesome. Sad to see it go. Unfortunately, nothing gets a chance anymore except second and third rate reality TV shows starring second and third rate has beens.

  15. tedd says

    i agree with what im hearing regular tv abc nbs cbs all suck they give u a good show and because the ratings arent great right out of the gate they cancel i havent watched abc for years but when they put 666 and last resort on i thought they were moving up, guest ill stick with cable shows on tnt and usa a f,,,regular tv shows again they always let me down
    remeber friends and shows like them didnt get good ratings at first regular tv sucks its all about money to them they dont care about the fans at all

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