7th Heaven: Camdens Say Goodbye? Maybe Not!

The Camden Family of Seventh HeavenThough the WB has been promoting this season of 7th Heaven as the series’ last since November 2005, the Camden family may not be ready for the TV afterlife just yet.

With the upcoming CW’s fall schedule still under wraps and undecided, there have been discussions about family drama 7th Heaven returning for an 11th season. Castmembers Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Beverley Mitchell and George Stults have all reportedly been asked if they would be open to returning for another season.

No financial offers have been made but the new network is probably holding off making a final decision on the fate of the WB’s longest-running series until execs make final decisions on the four dramatic pilots that they have in development. The CW will be looking to fill over a dozen hours of primetime each week and up to 10 hours of that will come from shows currently on either the WB or UPN.

Though many have said that the long-running family drama is ready to say goodbye, it should be noted that the show usually draws over 5 million viewers each week. By that account it’s the most popular show on either the UPN or the WB networks. It is also a very expensive series to produce which was been the primary reason sited for the cancellation. As is the norm, talent salaries usually increase as a series goes on and Heaven has a particularly large cast.

The final two episodes of this season (and possibly of the series) will air on May 1st and May 8th. They will focus on Rose and Simon’s wedding day and will be filled with flashbacks from episodes past and will feature appearances by moved-out siblings Matt and Mary (former castmates Barry Watson and Jessica Biel).

A “Camden kids” spin-off had been discussed awhile back but a pilot was never produced utilizing that concept. The CW’s schedule is expected to be announced in late May. TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    i love 7th heaven just as much as a fat kid loves his cookies =] i think that it would be a shame to see this show go off the air permently i wish that all you amazing directors,cast members =] , producers and everone else who works on the show which i know there are a lot of people that i didnt menchine but i realllly appreciate all you guys =] i am 13 years old and i reallly want this show back last year i watched the ending episode and cryed cause it was OVER i just want the show back the day after they aired the ending show i went into HOMEROOM and wrote out a 38 page lettter to the boards or what ever to try and bring the show back but i never sent them in becase i didnt know the address to the people who woek on the show i love the entire cast of 7th heaven =] so if you can see I REALLLY WANT THIS SHOW BACK you guys had the BEST money making show on Tv it would suprise me if you had the most watched Tv show in america =] PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK I BEGG YOU!!!!!!

  2. Bharati Belmore says

    does anyone know if this show is coming back for another season, i have really enjoyed it all these years.

  3. Kathryn says

    I hope that the tv show 7th haven comes back I have been watching 7th heaven for a long time now and I just loved watching the show and I hope that it is coming back to air cause I miss the tv show so much..

  4. gerebel schwartz says

    i started watching the show during my highschool years and until now that i already have a profession, i still see to it that i watch it every week. The show has morals and good values that people of different age can relate to. i’m glad and priviledged that i watched the show from the very start it aired on T.V For the cast and staff of 7th Heaven, congratulations and your show has truly touched the hearts of many people..=)

  5. KC says

    It is so nice to have a show that has values and doesn’t have all the nasty words and actions. Experiencing some real life problems and hard times! With emotions and lots of love in the family!

  6. Anonymous says

    i watch it every day even the older ones to. i am glad that it came back on for a nother season. i hope for a nother season will come on to. i wish that every body was in it thow it was a lot better. because simon and ruthie were close in the show. well that is what i think.

  7. crystal mae Jeppesen says

    I love seventh heaven because I like Lucey and kevin and the twins and saimon and rose and mary and matt and sarah calos eric and annie please coming back for the 12th season and 13th and 14th season 15th season

  8. says

    i love 7th heaven and i would hate if the shows even end but one thing thast is missing is ruthe she makes the show what it is with the teenage drama and her a martin those are the best eposide if any charachter needs to come back its her and i def. think simon be the father of sandy’s baby martin and rithie can be toghther.

  9. PL says

    I love 7th Heaven and i would hate if the show ever end but one thing that is missing is Ruthie…she makes the show what it is with the teenage drama b/w her and Martin…those are the best episodes…if any charachter needs to come back its her and i def. think that Simon should be the father of Sandy’s baby so Martin and Ruthie can be together.

  10. Dria Boyer says

    Seventh Heaven New Station
    Channel 11 Mondays 8:00pm
    It just started again.
    It’s supposed to be All New.
    I can’t wait.
    P.S. For all who missed the 30 seconds we saw Mary
    in the last episode, She was very pregnant/back with Carlos/ And He said they were having twins also.

  11. margaret tebo says

    hay i hve been watchin 7th heaven since well a very long time i was only 10 when it frist aired and know iam almost 21 i want to keep 7th heaven for as long as i can i wan to see sam and david grow up! i watched ruthy grow up and simon and lucy and mary and matt i just hope i can watch the twins grow to it would be great thankx maggs

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