7th Heaven: Prayers Are Answered – Season 11 is Coming!

7th Heaven cast ready for season elevenJust days after the WB series finale, it looks like the Camdens will be back for a record-breaking eleventh season. Remarkably, the new CW network has reportedly agreed to purchase thirteen new episodes of 7th Heaven.

In an article published today in Mediaweek: “With the merging of the WB with UPN, and an influx of corporate cash in the new partnership of CBS and Warner Bros, a decision was made to bring back the WB’s most-watched show on the new CW.” The show’s stars Stephen Collins, Catharine Hicks, David Gallagher, Beverly Mitchell, Mackenzie Rosman and George Stults are all expected to return.

Like all of the broadcast networks, the CW is still in the process of finalizing their fall primetime schedule. The network is expected to officially announce where on the schedule 7th Heaven will be at its upfront session on Thursday, May 18, 2006. Heaven aired on the Mondays and is likely to remain in that time period next season. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. kendera alcide says

    please do a season 12 ,13,14 because i believe that ruthie and martin belongs together and you should get reded of tbone

  2. Kelly says

    I hated how season 11 ended cause martin and sandy did not get married and they are not having another kid. They belong together. I was really, really, really dissapointed. This show was awesome, expecially the last seasons and I had love to see more of it. I loved Haylie Duff as Sandy and hoped she had started earlier at the show cause we only saw her in the two last seasons. There’s a lot stuff unsaid and not done. The show could still go on with further seasons and could reach the 21st season, cause we could see for a change now the next generation of the Camdens and their friends grow up. Fans wanna see that and viewers are increasing! So, why always talk about an end or better final?!!!! We need a new start of 7th Heaven, a new start where we see the next generation grow up. Fact is anyway, that a family show never can end until all the characters of the family are dead. The wonderful thing in life is that you have to solve problems in every age, that you have good and bad days in every age… It has to come back on tv. I can’t understand why they want to cancel it anyway? Bring 7th Heaven back in 2009 PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it back in 2009 PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it back in 2009 PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make a new beginning, bring the original cast back together and bring haylie duff also back to the show and make her a main character PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! She enriches the show so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE 7TH HEAVEN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sarah says

    please, do a season 12 and 13 and 14… shows like Bonanza got 20 seasons… why not having a few more seasons of “7th Heaven”?!!!!! All the new shows are crap and I don’t understand why they cancel all our good old shows!!!! They create new shows whoich ganna fail anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They spend money for these new shows which fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t keep that for our good old shows, expecially 7th Heaven?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last seasons were the best of 7th Heaven and I loved thad Haylie Duff played in it, she’s awesome!!!!!! They should bring the show back for many more seasons, and all its actors including Haylie Duff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. barbara says

    to whom it may concern i;ve watched 7th heaven every sence it has arreared on tv i pray it comes back on i love that show i;ve laughted i cryed i miss 7th heaven so please come back on i’m a big big fan need to see it come back on look forward to seeing 12th season to return

  5. says

    I Hope 7th heaven comes back for a 12season i love 7th heaven i watch it everyday a 4:00 and when it was on the cbw thank you if you are bringing it back for a 12season is my favorite show of all time i love it please come back another the show should end like at 20season not a ll season please come back for a 12th season

  6. Anonymous says

    my twin and i really love’s 7th heaven and these other people don’t like the show then don’t watch it.
    and we are waiting for the 12th season to come they can’t quit NOW. the twins grew up on the show and all the other new peolpe came on the show can’t LEAVE PLEASE COME BACK ON.

  7. says

    i love 7th heaven i hope they make another season of it i want to buy all of the 7th heaven dvds so i can have all of them i hope robbie returns one day to see everyone and see how much they have grown up

  8. Heather Wilson says

    Please tell me that 7th Heaven is going to be coming back with a new season this fall (2007). It is a wonderful show that has morals and values. A show that can be watched without having to listen to a lot of bad language that seems to be in so many of the movies/shows these days.

  9. Denise Hoover says

    i just want to thank you so much for having 7th heaven on for again the 11 season when my twin sister told me that you guys are coming back i cried i was so happy and i hope you guys keep it going and going and thank you so much i love you guys and my sister to your friend forever

  10. maggie says

    I think 7th heaven is the best show for people to watch
    and take avicse.the CW net work newsa ports about the
    simon and martin need to talk
    about the love cicle retions
    of girl friends.being in love

  11. robin souza says

    i always watched the repeats from 6-7 on channel 8 now they have put on 8 simple rules, when is 7th heaven going to return

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