7th Heaven: Will Camdens Reunite for Last Episode?

Will the family reunite for a 7th Heaven farewell?It’s been less than a week since word leaked out that 7th Heaven had been cancelled and would be saying goodbye — for real this time — at the end of the season. Will there be a special reunion including Camden family veterans Jessica Biel, Barry Watson and David Gallagher?

Unfortunately, no — likely due to the timing. When production wrapped on Heaven’s 11th season in early March, the cast and crew were unsure if they’d be back. A CW spokesperson did describe the series ending as both sweet and definite. The May 13th series finale, entitled “And Away We Go,” will also be dedicated to the memory of executive producer Aaron Spelling. Heaven is the last series on the air to come from the prolific TV producer.

Haylie Duff (who plays Sandy Jameson) confirms that the series ending will be a satisfying one. She told TV Guide “There is a lot of resolution, and a lot of new beginnings, as well.” Duff went on to say that, although she’d only been with the series for two years, it’s been an honor to be part of “a show that will go down in history. Everyone’s experience was so wonderful and we took away from it everything we wanted to, which I think is special and important.”

Beverly Mitchell (Lucy Camden) had this to say about filming the episode, “It was definitely sad! We love doing it for you [the fans]. But if it is [truly] the end, my deepest gratitude to the amazing people I have shared the past 11 years with, and thank you to the fans for giving me the best job in the world!” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    I love the camdens my big Fans is 7th Heaven because I like the all the Dvds of 7th Heaven I want the 12th Season out so I can watch it Over and Over again I love Kevin I want to get Married with Kevin and I also want to get Married With Wilson and having kids with both them and Babies too

  2. Blaccboi says

    it seems like just yeasterday they where all happy about annie having the twins now they all are grown up and having kids of there own i luv this show

  3. says

    7th heaven should continue to stay on because i never got to see if lucy was gonna have another. Would the baby be simons or martins. and i never got to see mary and her twins

  4. shelly says

    Is Sandy’s baby really Simon’s instead of Martin’s? Sandy told Simon that she needed to talk to him about the baby. Where was Martin on the last episode? He should have ended up with Ruthie.

  5. JOHN says

    the series should have been cancelled sooner and everwood should have stayed. the acting was better the story lines were better and the scenery was definitely better. everwood got screwed

  6. says

    They should archieve 20 seasons like Bonanza. They could tell much more. Even if a few actors only be sometimes in the show it’s awesome. It would be only stupid if one of the actors decides never to come back to the show. 7Th heaven should get 21 seasons, so it’s the #1 show ever, not only the #1 family show. Fans would watch and I don’t understand why they waist their money for new shows anyway, cause no one watch that crap and then they cancel it. Keep that money for 7th heaven. It should archieve the 21st season!!!! Please the last two seasons were better than ever. The last season are always the best and then they don’t continue!! I loved the Martin, Sandy relation and think Haylie Duff is awesome and should be an official member of the show. She should be in every episode/season who hopefully come. I wanna see Aaron grow up, Lucis kids, Matts twins and Annies twins. Ruthie should be together with t-bone go to collage having kids and get married also. Sandy and Martin should have another kid and get married. And I want to see Ruthies kids and I want to see all the kids grow up. See how the Camdan kids handle it to see their kids go on their first date with a guy/girl. I wanna see Aaron playing baseball with Sandy and Martin and if he goes to collage. I wanna see Sandys and Martins 10th wedding anniversary and their next kid (hopefully a girl). I wanna see wheather every Camdan member has 7 kids too. One big family. All that would fill up 10 new seasons. So 21 seasons are possible and Gunsmokes got 20 seasons so it’s possible that 7th heaven can beat it and it will it’s the best show ever!!!!

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