7th Heaven: Will Camdens Reunite for Last Episode?

Will the family reunite for a 7th Heaven farewell?It’s been less than a week since word leaked out that 7th Heaven had been cancelled and would be saying goodbye — for real this time — at the end of the season. Will there be a special reunion including Camden family veterans Jessica Biel, Barry Watson and David Gallagher?

Unfortunately, no — likely due to the timing. When production wrapped on Heaven’s 11th season in early March, the cast and crew were unsure if they’d be back. A CW spokesperson did describe the series ending as both sweet and definite. The May 13th series finale, entitled “And Away We Go,” will also be dedicated to the memory of executive producer Aaron Spelling. Heaven is the last series on the air to come from the prolific TV producer.

Haylie Duff (who plays Sandy Jameson) confirms that the series ending will be a satisfying one. She told TV Guide “There is a lot of resolution, and a lot of new beginnings, as well.” Duff went on to say that, although she’d only been with the series for two years, it’s been an honor to be part of “a show that will go down in history. Everyone’s experience was so wonderful and we took away from it everything we wanted to, which I think is special and important.”

Beverly Mitchell (Lucy Camden) had this to say about filming the episode, “It was definitely sad! We love doing it for you [the fans]. But if it is [truly] the end, my deepest gratitude to the amazing people I have shared the past 11 years with, and thank you to the fans for giving me the best job in the world!” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    i am sooooooooooooo sad to see 7th Heaven go.I feel like crying. I think it should stay on the air. Definitly bring back Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, and David Gallagher for the finale though. It won’t be the same. And have a slide show at the end like last season showing how each Camden has including Sam & David and Simon,Matt,and Marry even if they aren’t on. I will still watch reruns all the time on abcfamily ,but keep new episodes on Ifor a few more seasons on the CW. That will make me and all the other fans happy. I won’t know to do Sundays @8 anymore. Maybe you can do a spinoff in Sept. or in a few years a reunion show with the entire cast including ALL 7 kids.

  2. DC says

    It’s time for 7th Heaven to go. It was time last year. That it was permitted to continue in such a limp condition considering it displaced a wonderful show like EVERWOOD, still in its prime, was a disgrace. This season’s inane stories centered around young actors who could not act and had no real connection to the Camden. 7th Heaven was about 7 children. They’re gone; so should the show be.

  3. Ashleigh says

    i am so mad!! this show is my sunday. if i have to see it go myself and many other people around the world will have no good shows to watch. also i cannot believe that the cw is endong gilmore girls so soon. anyway the whole family needs to be there for the finale or it will not seem right. also martin and ruthie need to get together and so do simon and sandy.omg i am sooooooooooooooo mad and sad to see 7th heaven go:(

  4. Sylvie Girard says

    I think that they shouldn’t cancel 7th heaven i want to see if Lucy has her baby and I want to see if Ruthie will graduate from high school what ever happened to her going to private school?

  5. Anonymous says

    the 11th season sucked period and thats y its being cancelled cuz the stories r boring and the new idiot actors suck they should have left it at the 10th season but they had to drag this sh*t on. Thank god its finally finished after this the only place ull be able to watch this show is on dvd or on some channel as reruns. dont get me wrong i like the show as i grew up every season was good even the last but not the 11th and im happy to c it go :)

  6. says

    It will be so sad to see 7th Heaven say goodbye! I’ve grown up with this family ever since I was 5 and now college enters my life and it will be like we leave together which is really cool! I would have to agree it would be a wonderful episode if the whole family reunited! Well as all things come to an end…Goodbye 7th Heaven!

    Love a true fan,

  7. Amy says

    7th Heaven was and still is a great family show. I began watching this show from the middle of the first season. I wasn’t going to watch it cause I figured it would be to “preachy” but my daughter began watching and turned me on to it. Just like all the characters in the show, my own family has grown, gotten married, had babies. As it should be. Now it is time to say goodbye to a wonderful show and a great cast. Yes, I’ll miss Jessica, Barry, and David in the finale, but hey, they’ve all moved on too.
    It does look good for a spin-off, but then again, Beverly now has a music career to work on, so maybe not. (Did you all hear her song in the episode where she and Kevin were driving to Crossroads in the convertible? AWESOME!)
    Either way, I’m sure we will continue to see and hear everyone for many years to come.

  8. Will says

    I’ve watched this show since the beginning. Do I want it to end? No, not really. Should it end? Yes, it is definitely time. This last season compared to the early ones really paled in comparison, I just hope they end it much better than they did last year and I know that all the original cast members won’t show but I would hope at least one shows up for the RV trip.

  9. Jessaka says

    I think that there should be another season so that
    ruthie and Martin get together and Sandy and Nick Zano get married and. I absolutely love this show I have watched every episode since like rutie was like 4-5 years old and have watched her grow up to be like 16-17 and yeah they should def make another season.

  10. carlynn says

    i think 7th heaven should come back for the 12 , 13 ,14 and maybe 15 season but barry watson shoud not return because i don`t like him .

  11. Anonymous says

    The should have Rev. Camden dying.. That would be the best way to end the family’s story That would be the only way to make the last episode worth while. I doubt that the show would end that way.

  12. Hollie Crawford says

    I think they should at least keep 7th heaven on for at least a 14th season i really like the show please bring it back for a 14th season it’s a good show for the whole family to watch together as a family.

  13. Anonymous says

    It;s a good thing it finally ends, i just hope the finale will be wirthwile I would hate to see the show continue as i would be flogging a dead horse. Season 11 is one my least favourites, especially in comparison to earliest seasons. I should thank the crew for staying with us for so long. The Camdens deserve their retirment. Please make it a peacful and hopeful and and DO NOT bring it back for another season, PLEASE!

  14. Petrina says

    Oh my gosh, it is time for this show to END already! this season has been absolutely terrible. I mean, really. It’s pushing the boundaries by dragging on foreverrrrrr.

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