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90210: Silver’s Unresolved Cancer Storyline

90210 series finaleThe CW aired the last episode of 90210 this week and some have complained that it didn’t seem like much of a series finale — particularly with the “Silver (Jessica Stroup) has cancer” storyline. What happened?

Well, TVLine offers…

Question: 90210 pretty much wrapped up everyone’s storyline with the exception of Silver’s. It was kind of cruel just to leave things hanging on that cancer diagnosis. Was there supposed to be more to the story? —Tammy

Ausiello: Yes, but the 11th hour cancellation precluded the show’s brass from telling it. “It was a bit of a struggle not knowing where the series was headed,” admits co-showrunner Patti Carr. “We thought we would have more time to tell the end of it. It’s our apology to the fans if some of the storylines feel like they weren’t where you thought [they'd] end up — and I think Silver’s is one of them.”

What do you think? What did you think of the series finale of 90210? Are you satisfied?

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