90210: So Dylan’s the Daddy, Will Luke Perry Be Back?

IMAGELast night on the CW’s 90210, the speculation finally came to an end. Who had a son with Kelly (Jennie Garth)?

Sorry Brandon (Jason Priestley) fans, it was Dylan (Luke Perry). The reveal came out in a heated discussion between Kelly and old friend/rival Brenda (Shannon Doherty). You can see a clip of the big reveal below.

According to the 90210 storyline, Dylan knows that he has a son, spent some time with his young family, and then disappeared in typical McKay fashion. So now that we know the identity of little Sam’s papa, will he be stopping by for a visit?

Perry has repeatedly said that he doesn’t have an interest in returning to his old zip code. There are new rumors however that he’s reconsidering now that the paternity of Kelly’s son has been revealed. If he does decide to return, it will likely hinge on scheduling issues and on whether the CW orders additional 90210 episodes. Perry’s filming a movie in Sweden right now and the spin-off currently has an order for only 13 episodes.

Garth hopes that Dylan or her character’s other former beau, Brandon (Jason Priestley), will stop by. She told People, “I would love to work with Luke again. I love him dearly. And I also would love to work with Jason again…I would be nothing but totally happy to have either of them there.”

As far as other original Beverly Hills, 90210 castmembers, Garth is contracted to appear in 11 episodes this season. Doherty has filmed scenes for a total of four episodes (two down, two to go). She’s currently pitching a new show and didn’t want to commit to doing more. She is reportedly open to doing more in the future however. If Dylan returns to Beverly Hills, you can just bet that Brenda will be back as well. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

UPDATE: In a press conference call on 9/18/08, Perry confirmed that he still does not have any interest in appearing on the new 90210 series.

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  1. pauline says

    kelly and brandon belong together brandon should have been the father. brandon was always thhere for her more than dylan has. brandon was there for her emotional and phsically when she was shot when shewas in the fire he stayed by her side in the hospital

  2. pauline says

    kelly belongs with brandon becase they are soulmates and always will be and he deserve to be the father of kelly kid . i don’t buy it that its dylan im still praying and hoping that its brandon it looks exactly like brandon. brandon and kelly are so meant to be together they were always there for eachother. brandon was always by kelly’s side in the hospital everytime and has to count for something thats what a soulmate is.brandon was the first person to call kelly at 3am it can’t be dylan’s has to be brandon. Brandon and kelly had a clip on entertainment tonight four years ago before 90210 started. i saw the clip and also showed brandon at the peachpit with sammy. so its his

    • Jenna says

      You are a little crazy aren’t ya? Sammy didn’t exist in 2006 (four years before your comment) so you could not have seen a clip on EW. The writers for this new 90210 INVENTED him in 2008!

      And umm…. the kid can’t look exactly like Brandon. You do know it’s an ACTOR, right?!

  3. anonyous says

    ewh him and kelly so sucked. brenda and dylan were so much better. but i would just love for him to return period, for atleast one episode and i’d be satisfied.

  4. valentina says

    please leave kelly and dylan together! they had great chemestry! great passion i think they loved so much…they only fight because they were so young when they got
    together the 1st time!
    they are the best couple and soulmates!

    • pauline says

      brandon should be the father. brandon deserves to be the father and brandon had more chemistry with kelly than dylan . kelly and brandon are true soulmates and had true love and unconditional love for eachother and were truely in love and all 90210 fans know that brandon belongs with kelly no matter if dylan is the father at this time and are dissapointed that they chose dylan to be the father of kelly kid instead of choosing the perfect father figure and that will always be brandon walsh. the writers screwed up by making dylan the father by making bad storyline for kelly like having her have an affair with the principal that is dumb and by killing her mother off the show and by letting jennie garth go 90210 is nothing without jennie garth aka kelly taylor. bring her back please from your number 1 fan pauline bring back jason priestley and give him a amazing storyline and he’ll comeback for sure as brandon walsh like everyone wants him to be there.

  5. Katina Lee says

    I always preferred Jason Priestley to Luke Perry anyway. It does make sense for the child to be Dylan’s since he had returned to the show for the final two seasons while Brandon had left.

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