A Gifted Man: Cancelled, No Season Two

season two Gifted Man canceledPatrick Wilson and company won’t be back for a second season. CBS has cancelled A Gifted Man, their low-rated Friday night drama.

Revolving around a talented but arrogant doctor who’s visited by the ghost of his ex-wife, A Gifted Man ran for 16 episodes on CBS. The show features the talents of Wilson, Jennifer Ehle, Margo Martindale, Liam Aiken, Julie Benz, Pablo Schreiber, Rachelle Lefevre, Afton Williamson, Eriq La Salle, and Mike Doyle.

The TV series got off to an unimpressive start back in September, registering a 1.4 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic with 9.45 million total viewers. In week two, the demo fell 14%, to a 1.2 rating.

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The numbers for later episodes fluctuated up and down — even occasionally outperforming the series premiere — but were never very strong. For the show’s final few episodes, CBS moved it into the 9pm timeslot but it didn’t do as well as previous timeslot occupant CSI: NY.

The last episode of the season (and series aired) on March 2nd and was Gifted Man’s best overall series performance, registering a 1.5 in the demo with 9.70 million total viewers. On our CBS Ratings Report Card, which measures the relaive success of shows on the network, A Gifted Man had a “D-” rating right from the start.

In Gifted Man’s former timeslot, CBS tried airing episodes of reality series Undercover Boss. It performed significantly better and cost much less to produce. Gifted Man’s fate had been sealed.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Gifted Man won’t be back for a second season? Why do you think this series didn’t catch on? Did you like or dislike the “supernatural” aspect of the series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Silvia says

    I am so sorry this show was cancelled!! It is an interesting and intelligent show, very different to the ones we see in the tv. Please, bring it back, we need quality shows like this one. PLEASE, BRING IT BACK!!

  2. Porsche says

    So sorry that this has not been renewed. This was an intelligent show and had a nice edge of the supernatural. I loved the show so much better than all of these stupid reality shows. Our TV is just awful and filled with idiotic shows with people that are not actors.
    Please bring back this show, some of us like these show’s and would love more of them.

  3. Amanda says

    I agree with Eric. CBS did a terrible job promoting the show. I too found it on Netflix and couldn’t stop watching it!!!!! It is so sad that it was replaced with another stupid and boring reality show. PLEASE BRING “A GIFTED MAN BACK”!!!!!!!!! This show was so good, not to mention the fact the Patrick Wilson is gorgeous! That alone is reason enough to watch it. Please Please Please bring it back. Other shows have returned and done great. CBS needs to get their act together and give it more promos and a more suited time slop!


  4. LaRoyya says

    Very sad. I love this show. We need more well written tv dramas. Loved the cast as well. Just very sad that just an excellent tv drama arrives, it goes off air. Please oh please give it another go.

  5. Kate says

    It didn’t catch on because it was an intelligent show. It seems that most television is stupid now. This was an excellent drama with a supernatural edge. It showed personal growth in the characters and how fragile life can be. And I think it does make me ask the question: what does happen to us when we die.
    We were left hanging in the story. Seems like they could at least tied up the story.

  6. eillen clay says

    Please Please bring it back .This Nation needs a good realistic show that has a positive outlook on life.

  7. eillen clay says

    Please bring back gifted man It was one of the best series on Tv very informative. We need more shows like that I have talked to others who want it back.
    thank You
    eileen J Clay

  8. Ana says

    A gifted man was a great show for people who care about humanity and like to think
    no wonder it was cancelled, last thing we need is more dumb unrealistic cop shows
    and sitcoms bout dorks in there apartments. BRING IT BACK!

  9. Natasha says

    I too am sad to see it go, I think a dufferAnt time slot may have given this show a much longer life span, very sad to hear it won’t be back this year.

  10. says

    i had to find this show on netflix because maybe CBS did a piss poor job of promoting and set it up for failure on Friday night… i’d like a season 2 and 116 more episodes please… thank you cbs…

  11. Bonnie says

    It’s a shame to cancel such a great positive show. I just watched the entire first season. I never even knew it was on Friday nights. I would have watched it for sure. What a way too end. CBS re-consider a season 2 and maybe a different night.

  12. says

    this is one of the best series i’ve seen!!pleaase put it back on, it is sooooo good, at least end it with something more shocking, pleaseee i get really attatched to characters… its my 3rd favorite, it is worth it putting it back! and yeaaah the supernaturas is like the best part, thats the mystery that remains the whole time, we should know what really happens afterwards, if he is sick or anna will remain with him, or she will leave

  13. says

    This is the best TV series I have watched in 10 years. I am sorry to hear that there is no season two. Is there any way you might change your mind and let it continue? I absolutely love it. The characters had depth and were lovable. Perhaps it’d work on a different night than Friday? I watched the whole series over a few days….never knew about it when it was on Friday nights.

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