A.N.T. Farm: Disney Series Finale Airs March 21st

ANT Farm last episodeDisney Channel has announced that the last episode of A.N.T. Farm will air at 8pm on Friday, March 21st. Star China Anne McClain tweeted that the series was ending back in late December. Disney hadn’t confirmed the news until today.

Titled “the new york experiANTs,” the house of mouse describes the 65th and final episode this way: “Everyone accompanies Zoltan to the opening of the new flagship Z-Store in NYC. Chyna connects with a street performer named Hudson, who puts on a tough guy persona to impress her. Meanwhile, Fletcher gets the opportunity to move to NY as an artist in residence at a museum.” Roshon Fegan will guest as Hudson.

What do you think? Do you like this show? Do you plan on watching the A.N.T. Farm series finale?

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  1. Dee says

    I’m watching a old episode now of the Ant Farm. I’m missing the ant farm almost like how I miss Hannah Montana when it went off the air.

  2. danny says

    omg i love jake short to he is so cute i wish i could just squezze him to death jkjkjk i hate ant farm :0

  3. Alex says

    I will really miss Ant Farm. I am also an adult who likes Disney shows. There really is no limit to how good these shows could be. The shows are clean and fun and they make me happy when I watch. When some episodes are really good I wonder if the entire viewing public would enjoy these shows. Sometimes I feel they are really funny and the only thing that separates them from primetime is the lack of sexual situations and cursing which to me is a positive. I really like the newer style of Ant Farm and Mr. Grundy and Olive are my two favorites. I feel like now that I am really starting to like it, it is on its way to being cancelled. Olive is finally in the spotlight and being sought after which seems more natural than when every boy liked Chyna. Olive will move on and get plenty of opportunities I am sure. I am not sure where to look for Mr. Grundy though.

    Jessie is my last standing favorite and hope it goes for a couple of more years. Austin and Ally used to be better before Ally changed and now there is really no contrast in her and Austins character. Its just about Ally strutting around in tight pants and high heels and her identity seems really lost. I like Win Lose Or Draw, but the other newer shows just don’t seem to have it. Maybe Disney can come up with a newer show that has littler children like Ant Farm and Jessie. Also Bertram is my main man. Disney is really very lucky to have him in one of their sitcoms.

  4. Lori says

    Two words… THANK GOD! I hate this show. We don’t allow it on in the house. It’s just a bunch of whiny, screechy kids. I’m thrilled!

  5. Anonymous says

    I am an adult who enjoys Disney shows. I am just writing to explain my opinion on why are you cancelling all of these great shows?? Do the actors who become famous start to ask for more money which makes it unaffordable? I know ratings are important but sometimes when you change the whole concept this year for the show The Ant Farm? That didn’t work but there were some great kids who could have gone a lot longer with some good writing. The show The Dog with the blog. Just isn’t a great show. The characters are one dimensional and some just straight out awkward. I love Dogs too. I think it could have been different. The voice of the dog is very important. It just isn’t a good fit. Please reaccess how you write, create, and cancel shows. Your loosing some good things that you just can’t get back. Don’t write shows in a corner. And have better casting. Casting is solo important. And so is the writing and concept.

  6. Why?!? says

    Why do I feel like there’s a bunch of great shows ending at the same time! I think good luck Charlie lasted way longer than ant farm but they’re both equally AMAZING!!

  7. robert says

    Why does Disney pick up tv show only to cancel them after 1-3 years? Vhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Walt_Disney_TV_series Why keep getting new shows only drop them after a few year? Keep the shows you have for a few more years efore canceling them.

  8. says

    I always dreamed of folive since the first episode
    WHEN FOLIVE JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No offence
    Sorry i’m just mad (furious)
    I love ant farm to death!!! And i’ve been trying 2 get my dream
    2 come true (crying) ant farm inspires me to try out 4 new stuff
    every day!!!! with a little help of jake!!
    Jake inspires me more than anyone on earth!!
    I love jake short more than i love my own self!!
    With out him in my LIFE, i wouln’t be what i am
    right now:honest,respectful,dependable,emotional,and dreamer!
    Thanks to ant farm(cast)and jake short,i changed in a good way!
    Sorry 4 talking a lot,well bye,see u in my Dreams!!!!!

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