First Look at ABC’s 2010-11 Fall Season Schedule

Grey's AnatomyABC has announced their upcoming schedule for the 2010-11 season. On the whole it looks a lot like the network’s current lineup. ABC had a few holes in their schedule to fill but not many.

Despite having a pretty solid line-up, ABC has ordered 10 new shows for next season. That’s a good move considering that many of their top shows — Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, etc. — have been around for quite awhile and are losing steam. If they don’t build new programming to take their places then ABC could find themselves in the same situation that NBC did a few years back. They kept their shows on for too long and weren’t aggressive enough in finding replacements.

V is being held until mid-season but might return by November, airing on Tuesday nights after Dancing with the Stars wraps for the fall cycle. V’s ratings weren’t strong enough to mandate a second season and was truly on shaky ground after a several month hiatus. Giving it a six to nine month doesn’t sound like it will help ratings.

Other shows being held until mid-season include Off the Map (a medical drama), The Whole Truth (legal drama), and two sitcoms, Happy Endings and Mr. Sunshine.

Below is ABC’s new fall schedule. If you don’t see your favorites, be sure to check out our list of ABC cancellations and renewals.

7:00pm — America’s Funniest Home Videos
8:00pm — Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9:00pm — Desperate Housewives
10:00pm — Brothers & Sisters

8:00pm — Dancing with the Stars
10:00pm — Castle

8:00pm — No Ordinary Family (drama)
9:00pm — Dancing with the Stars (results)
10:00pm — Detroit 1-8-7 (drama)

8:00pm — The Middle
8:30pm — Better with You (formerly Better Together, sitcom)
9:00pm — Modern Family
9:30pm — Cougar Town
10:00pm — The Whole Truth

8:00pm — My Generation (drama)
9:00pm — Grey’s Anatomy
10:00pm — Private Practice

8:00pm — Secret Millionaire (reality)
9:00pm — Body of Proof (drama)
10:00pm — 20/20

8:00pm — Saturday Night College Football

What do you think? What do you think of ABC’s new schedule?

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  1. says

    To me to see Ghost Whisperer on any channel would be great. Taking Ghost Whisperer off TV would be a terrible mistake. I love the show. It doesn’t matter to me what day it plays on, just so it plays. If I can’t watch the day it is on, I will recorder Ghost Whisperer and watch it the next day. That is why stores sells recorders. Please just keep Ghost Whisperer rolling.

  2. Olderdandrt says

    For me, to see Ghost Whisperer on ABC or any channel, 9pm or 10 pm is best for me. It’s really the only reason I missed so much of Ghost Whisperer in the first place! What I can’t understand is why they just canceled it instead of trying a different time slot! 9pm (est) would have been so much better! I also hate that Numbers was cancelled!!! What’s with that? They have tons of potential storyline to explore for that show and the cast is sooo loveable….I feel like they’re friends who have moved beyond any chance of seeing them again and that really hurts.
    Anyway, I propose canceling Medium and put Ghost Whisperer in the 9pm slot and leave Numbers in the 10pm slot on Friday nights!
    Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

  3. jonas says

    I hope they pick up Ghost whisperer but, maybe they would get more ratings if, the show aired on a different date. Fridays at 8:00 is a tough spot. People have lives so, they might not always have time. Maybe on saturday or another night.

  4. Carol says

    Get rid of Grey’s Anatomy. Enough already. Television has lost its imagination of good television programming. I am tired of the “un”reality shows, all the shows that they feel every one of them have to have someone gay or someone sleeping around or with someone’s spouse. Where is the family television and shows that truly has humor. I do enjoy the Castle, the Mentalist and Criminal Minds. Don’t get me wrong, at one time, I enjoyed Grey’s, Brothers and Sisters and Two and a Half Men, but now it is time to go to some good showing. Don’t get me started about Ugly Betty and many of ABC’s mid week shows. Do all they know is gay shows. Is this going to be all they think about. The CW with all the sex and conceit, where will kids get anything from that.

  5. says

    I think “generically that ABC has gotten away from good shows- be they drama, documentary, etc. Alot of them remind me of daytime soap’s in the 1970’s. I realize that it is much cheaper to make shows where the “star” are Tom, Dick, & Harry; but you don’t go to the front of the class with these types. They may be good fillers for offtime demand (e.g. midnite to 6A.M).; but you don’t inspire the average consumer to return as they have different “contestants and there is no real loyalty, as everyone soon knows the rules and it’s just a adult ‘BOZO’ show with rotating “free” stars. (BOZO) was e.g. Minute 2 win it…
    My opinion; get good written material, get actors (known or not) and develop a following.

  6. X-Ray says

    I hope ABC picks up Ghost Whisperer from CBS also. I just wish they would get their heads of of their rears! They canceled Flash forward! It was the long break that killed all momentum it had built up after the first ten episodes! Now they are trying to kill V the same way. Show four episodes, show a few more, then a six to nine month break again. It will never survive that way! By the time it comes back mid-season, everyone will have forgotten what was going on! ABC=@$$ backwards channel!

  7. Rob says

    I love to watch Desperate Housewives and if ABC takes up Ghost Whisperer; they will attract a new kind of audience and make millions of people very happy… Please SAVE Ghost Whisperer!!!!

  8. Reesey says

    I just hope that ABC does the RIGHT thing and picks up this great show. It’s just a really great show with substance, a feel good show, something that I need and so look forward too. The actors are all so great and work so well together you just couldn’t ask for a better show. I’m upset because this is happening way too much where the powers that be just cancel these great shows at a whim and it just leave me numb. We are left with not much to deal with, but GW is so different and just is a really feel good show and it just seems like any show that is like that, they just want to get rid of it and that bothers me. So, I would hope that ABC would keep this show around, because it’s truly worth it and I know it’s got a lot of life left in it. Jennifer Love-Hewitt brings a lot of emotion to this character and she brings tears to my eyes and that says someting about her and the show. Please, I’m begging you ABC, I need this show, it helps keep me grounding and I work my butt off all week long, and this is the one thing that makes me happy, that brings me joy, and this show just means the world to me, I just can’t explain it anymore than that. It’s truly a blessing to me. So, for once, do the right thing, please!

  9. Jamie B. says

    Glad to see Gray’s is still on. But where is Mercy on the list? When you gise get it together there put up a new list and times for Grey’s and Mercy. Get rid of the other shows that are wasteing everyones time. Thanks!

  10. Rebecca says

    I am glad Castle is still on. My husband and I watch every episode. It is a great show.
    I just want to see Happy Town on the schedule. We also love that show. I hope ABC reconsiders keeping it.

  11. Scott says

    ABC needs to get it together. They are notorious for starting great shows, then cancelling them without allowing the proper time to prove themselves. I would like to say that I’m surprised that Flashforward is being cancelled, but that is typical for ABC.

    V is another great show, but then again.. Air a few episodes, go on a hiatus for several months, then try a comeback again. And they wonder why the ratings are in a slump.

    Kings is another great example. A new concept in Television, great writing and directing, just to be cancelled. I’m really loosing faith in ABC, which is sad because I haven’t had any in CBS or NBC for several years.

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