ABC Announces 2011-12 Mid-season Schedule

ABC 2011-12 midseasonThe alphabet network has released their upcoming 2011-12 mid-season schedule and there are a few surprises in it. Here’s how things are shaping up:

Sunday: America’s Funniest Home Videos will continue to kick off the night, followed by Once Upon a Time and Desperate Housewives. Pan Am will finish out its season and be replaced by GCB on March 4th. GCB (formerly Good Christian Belles) revolves around a former high school mean girl who returns home after her marriage ends in scandal.

Monday: The Bachelor will fill the 8-10pm timeslots on Mondays starting January 2nd. Dancing with the Stars steps in starting March 19th. Castle continues at 10pm.

Tuesday: Last Man Standing starts the night and will be followed by a new comedy, Work It. (taking over for Man Up!). Work It follows two unemployed guys who dress as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps.

The new celebrity version of Wife Swap will air on Tuesdays at 9pm until February 7th when a new drama, The River, will premiere. The thriller revolves around the search for a missing explorer on the Amazon river. Dancing’s results show takes back the 9pm timeslot on March 27th. Body of Proof keeps airing at 10pm.

Wednesday: ABC’s not messing with this line-up and the night will continue uninterrupted with The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Happy Endings, and Revenge.

Thursday: ABC starts the year with the winter version of Wipeout at 8pm. That’ll run until March 15th when new drama Missing kicks off. Missing stars stars Ashley Judd as a former CIA agent who’s searching for her missing son in Europe. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice round out the night at their usual times.

Friday: At 8pm we’ll see the return of Shark Tank beginning February 3rd. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will continue to fill the 9pm slot and 20/20 will follow at 10pm.

Missing from the schedule for now is the return of Cougar Town, new sitcom Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23 (formerly Apartment 23), and Scandal, a new drama from Shondra Rhimes.

What do you think? How do you like ABC’s new schedule for 2012? What will you be watching? Any new shows?

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  1. missymoo says

    PAN AM is THE BEST show on primetime! So well acted and filmed to perfection.
    What a shame if it is canceled. If that is the case, hopefully, it will be picked up by a cable network.

  2. carrie says

    really Work It! has cancelled written all over it. Give me back Cougar Town and stop replacing good shows with garbage!!! I dont want to watch mrs doubtfire! come on

  3. James says

    ABC can take all of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday line up off except for Body of Proof. It’s good I don’t watch TV on Wednesday or I would say take the entire wednesday line up off

  4. James says

    They can cancel Shark Tank and Wipeout as far as I am concern. My wife loves dancing with Stars but I was CBS during that time. A’m glad Desperate Housewives are finally ending.

  5. anonymous says

    it looks like ABC is trying to decide what show should take over for desperate housewives next year, so if they are planning on keeping pan am after this season, they will still need a show that can take place of DH next year. hopefully this ploy will work and sundays will continue to be great tv nights after DH is over!

  6. Steh says

    Taking Pan Am off?!? I’m very disappointed. It’s my favorite show right now. I won’t be watching ABC if it leaves. Bad choice ABC.

  7. Tom says

    They are replacing Pan Am with what? Come on, seriously? Taking off a very good show, with a ton of possibilities for Good Christian Belles? Proving once again why ABC just doesn’t get it and never will.

  8. Bruce says

    Weds and Thurs, look the suckiest. Grey’s Anatomy was played out 4 years ago. Private Practice has stank from the start. And who cares about sitcoms? Not me.

  9. linda says

    Keep Pan Am more then just until the end of the season. I love the show and would hate for it to be cancelled. It is my new favorite show. I agree with others that maybe the time slot might be wrong. Either way I love it and don’t want it pulled.

  10. Kat says

    “Work It follows two unemployed guys who dress as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps. ” Should add “unconvincingly” between “who” and “dress” — they’re going to need more episodes of Cougar Town after this tanks. 😐 Looking forward to seeing blatant LOST ripoff “The River” though — and that’s not sarcasm. Though the “shaky camera in the jungle setting while some noisy, unseen monster lurks beyond” bit is a little too obvious of a ripoff, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, LOST was great! And presumably “The River” won’t be any deeper than just the one mystery, so it won’t suffer from LOST’s potential pitfalls.

  11. Bethany says

    I say enough with the DWTS shows. Air them once each real season, and quit inundating us with them the whole year long. And am I to understand they just remade Boosom Buddies with a modern twist??? And that was better than running with a wonderful show like Man Up or even better Cougar Town??? Is there a new designer drug out there that only network execs are using, because their choices are not making sense to me, and haven’t been for a while yet. (Note I was asking a question, and not actually accusing anyone.)

  12. Craig says

    Most of the nights blow. However, Wednesday looks pretty good. Swap out Happy Endings for Cougar Town, and I would stick with ABC the whole night. I am not thrilled with any of the new shows that are coming to ABC. Work It seems like Bosom Buddies, and I can’t imagine it lasting

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