ABC Announces Their 2008-09 Schedule. Who’s Been Cancelled?

Notes from the UnderbellyABC unveiled their new schedule for the 2008 – 2009 season today. There are very few changes to the existing line-up and, as of now, are planning on taking on very few new TV series.

TV shows that will return in the fall are: 20/20, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Boston Legal, Brothers & Sisters, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, Samantha Who?, Saturday Night College Football, Supernanny, Ugly Betty, and Wife Swap.

Returning midseason (January or so) are The Bachelor, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Lost. As expected, Scrubs makes the jump to ABC for its eighth and final season. If CBS drops The New Adventures of Old Christine (looking unlikely), ABC may pick that up as well. According to Jim and ABC News’ Primetime: What Would You Do? will return as well but don’t currently have spots on the schedule.

The new shows include an as-yet-untitled Ashton Kutcher/Tyra Banks reality show, animated sitcom The Goode Family, a U.S. version of BBC’s Life on Mars, and reality show Opportunity Knocks.

Okay, on to the casualties. There are no big surprises in the list of shows that won’t be back next season but that doesn’t mean their fans will miss them any less. Shows not returning for another season include:

Big Shots — The drama was weak in the ratings from the start but ABC tried to keep it going. Production was interrupted by the writers strike and only 11 episodes were produced. The last one aired on January 24th.

Carpoolers — This offbeat sitcom was paired with Cavemen and was likely hurt by the lead-in. All 13 episodes have aired and the series finale was seen on March 4th.

Cashmere Mafia — This series competed indirectly with NBC’s Lipstick Jungle and lost. All seven episodes have seen the light of day and the series finale aired on February 20th.

Cavemen — Based on a concept from car insurance commercials, this sitcom became the butt of many jokes this season. A full season of 13 episodes were produced but only seven aired. You won’t see the rest on ABC.

Just for Laughs — A hidden camera and practical joke reality show. The series ran for two seasons and 32 episodes. The last one aired on April 8th.

Men in Trees — ABC bounced this one all over the schedule and put it on hiatus a couple times. Even devout followers had a hard time finding it. The network is currently airing Trees’ season of 19 episodes and the last episode is scheduled for June 11th.

Miss Guided — The offbeat sitcom sank in the ratings. Seven episodes were produced and all have aired. The series finale was broadcast on April 3rd.

Notes from the Underbelly — ABC gave the series a second season but its numbers didn’t earn it a third. Of the 22 episodes that have reportedly been produced, only 14 have aired. There are currently no plans for the remaining eight.

October Road — The show’s ratings weren’t great last season but ABC took a chance and renewed it. The ratings got worse for the second season. All 13 season two episodes have aired and the series finale was shown on March 10th.

Oprah’s Big Give — Though the series had decent ratings, the show won’t be back because Oprah Winfrey doesn’t want to do it. All eight episodes have aired with the finale running on April 20th.

Women’s Murder Club — Though the drama’s ratings weren’t bad, the demographic skewed older. All 13 episodes have already aired, with the exception of tonight’s series finale.

Here Come the Newlyweds and Dance War: Bruno VS Carrie Ann may return at some point next season. Initial casting a second season of Newlyweds has begun but the show hasn’t gotten a greenlight.

The network also hasn’t made its mind about several possible new shows for midseason, including the new version of Cupid which is still being developed. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Danielle says

    Ugg these cancelations…. If it weren’t for Grey’s and Ugly Betty I would be hating Abc….

    October Road canceled…. no kidding it wasn’t a good second season when u screwed it the first season…

    What’s wrong with tv.. I found that show a refreshing change from everything shown..wholesome , family, not over dramatic ..

    A really great show I could watch with friends and family…

    Sorry but this sucks…

    Sorry to hear about Big shots to…

    So now I have only 2 show’s left to watch on Abc.. oh well…u suck

  2. Melody Osborn says

    Big Shots and Men In Trees are two of my favorite tv shows. You don’t even give them much of a chance. I love these shows. As I have said to the other networks who took off my favorite shows, family time be will be better off without the TV on. Take the reality shows off and give us back our regular scheduled programs.

  3. desinence says

    October Road was a brilliant show… The scripts and actors were both awesome..
    The worst bit is, the network doesn’t ever really give a rat’s ass about whether or not the show ends on a positive note.. The show has basically been left open ended!

    Hey Network Execs! Give it some dignity atleast…

    Little do they realise they’re losing a lot of their audience by lining up s**t for another whole year..
    The ABC network is absolutely useless and retarded if they decide to cancel really entertaining shows and keep c**p like ‘Extreme Makeover’ (?!?!?) on air!!

    What a bunch of losers!

  4. jamie says

    I can’t believe they are cancelling October Road!!! You could have atleast answered the question of who is Sam’s father in the finale. I will not watch any new shows on ABC now until they have atleast ran for 3 years!

  5. John says

    It is ABC’s fault for the ratings of October Road this past season. You show one show and then 2 weeks of crap. Then 2 new shows and then 1 week it’s not on! It’s hard to stay focused on a GREAT show that may be on may not be on. Never the less, They need to bring it back.

  6. Diana says

    I hate to hear that October Road will be a no-show this season. I am 57 and i liked the show right away. My husband never cared for it but all he watches is Fox News. I always looked forward to Monday nights for October Road. Another show we really liked on ABC was “Rodney” and it was canceled a couple of years ago. He was so funny. Funnier than “According to Jim” and he is still airing. It’s time for “Jim” to hang it up.

  7. Grace says


  8. roxanne says

    please keep october road on.the show really is good sence theres nothing good on monday nights any way

  9. Imiss90210 says

    I LOVED OCTOBER ROAD!!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! It’s just not right to leave all of those questions unanswered. You could of at least answered some in the Season Finale. I agree with the some of the others – I will start watching any new shows on ABC. :o(

  10. ABC Execs are bad people says

    October Road was great! How do we get closure on a story you hooked us into. At least resolve the big question, like who is Sam’s father. Geez you’re killing me.

  11. Debra Shaw says

    I think it’s a real shame that you’re cancelling October Road. It is one of the few shows on network tv that is truely worth watching. Maybe if you stopped ‘trying out’ all these new shows, then getting people invested in them, then cancelling them, your ratings would get better. As of right now, I won’t be watching anything new ABC comes up with, because everytime I do,you pull it!!My whole family loves October Road.That list includes my two daughters,two sisters, my mother and various others in the family,and they’ve all said exactly what I’ve stated to you.Good luck with your new line-up… lost quite a few veiwers here.

  12. creasedfan says

    Scrubs coming to ABC? Why? It’s been on far too long..everyone has lost interest. What is going on with this network? Good shows are dropped for rehashed ones. Cops,Doctors,Lawyers, Oh My, how very original! BBC has great shows that do not translate here. The only long running ABC shows have lost all their mojo. Just look at old smelly Grey’s Anatomy with all the great promotions : please note just how many women George has slept with!!! that’s the only thing this show is about, just add some trendy music & it’s all good, right? Such a shame to kick October Road to the curb, couldn’t ABC put it on their familychannel? I am not willing to watch the junk pumped out from Ashton Kutcher like the school comedy about students teachers & sex such great grown-up ideas from the punk king. I’m tired of rich people throwing money around and networks think/tell them they are genius! I liked Eli Stone, but am not willing to support this network any longer!!! You risk getting your fav show taken down with no remorse, so why bother with network tv. Whatever happened to being original? Another cop/doctor/lawyer show … give me a break! How many of these copycat shows can there be ??? Seriously, Dude – doesn’t anyone else care what goes into their brain? Night after night of Reality shows (who really watches this crap?) & repeats of bad shows that just refuse to die (even from other networks) I give up on network tv – they refuse to listen to the fans, so it’s time to go green & turn off the tv!

  13. Mere says

    you all suck! men in trees and october road were two of the most promising shows on television! But yet you are thinking about bringing back carrie ann vs bruno dance war! I would rather spend my time with something more structured then yet another reality show!

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