ABC Gives Four Shows Full Season Orders, What About the Rest? Cancelled?

EastwickIn the past several days, ABC has given out full season orders to four of the network’s new shows. Comedies Cougar Town, The Middle, and Modern Family have all received orders for nine additional episodes, bringing each to a total of 22 episodes for the season. ABC has also given FlashForward an order for 12 additional installments making for 25 episodes.

Of course, these shows could still be cancelled. However it does mean that, for now, the network has faith in them. Realistically, The Middle’s ratings haven’t been all that great and FlashForward has seen significant drops each week. It’s certainly not unheard of for a network to cancel episode orders (see Southland).

The freshman shows that, thus far, have been left out in the cold by ABC are…

Eastwick — There’s been nothing magical about this show’s ratings. It’s been losing viewers every week and last Wednesday, its numbers fell to a terrible 5.28 million viewers and an 1.8/5 in the demo. Things aren’t expected to get any better tonight. Is Eastwickcursed to be the first ABC show to be cancelled this season? Looks likely. Show support.

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the forgotten — Fans may have grieved over the loss of Christian Slater’s My Own Worst Enemy but they seem to be ignoring his new series. Last night’s episode fell to a record low in viewers and lost 45% of the Dancing with the Stars lead-in audience. It’s also performing very poorly in the demographic. Show support.

Hank — This traditional sitcom is currently the weakest link in ABC’s Wednesday night comedy block though not much worse than The Middle in total viewers. The 18-49 demographic numbers tell a different story however. Last week, Hank only brought in a 1.6/5, putting it in fourth place in the demo. This sitcom also has a chance of being the first cancellation of the season.

Shark Tank — This reality show debuted early and was kept on the schedule for Fall. The series was performing poorly in the Summer months and now, leading into the successful Dancing with the Stars, it isn’t doing any better. Last night’s installment was in fourth place for the timeslot in both total viewers and the demographic. There’s supposedly one episode left and to date ABC hasn’t ordered any more. Show support.

Of course, older shows aren’t safe from the chopping block either. Castle hasn’t been doing very well and will have a tougher time once Dancing with the Stars is gone. Ugly Betty returns on Friday and doesn’t have an easy road ahead.

What do you think? Are any of these shows worth watching and worth saving?

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  1. mare says

    I agree with everyone. Eastwick was awesome. They killed Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money… now Eastwick. they put it out there we love it and boom it’s gone. Who the heck is running the show anyway? they need a kick in the bottom.

  2. sarah walczak says

    I loved wednesday nights thanks to Eastwick. It was the only show of it’s kind. Everyone at my work talked about it every thursday morning. It was a blast to watch. Please, Please. bring it back. What a disappointment…

  3. Nicole says

    out of all the shows they are keeping, eastwick could totally out due! you think they would actually give a good show another season.. who at ABC actually picks this stuff. i am done with ABC if they let eastwick go, they should have done thir job and advertised it more. I never even saw a preview of it, i just happened to stumble across it when i was channel surfing.. i havent missed 1 episode.. if they get rid of Eastwick, they get rid of me. Even the Daytime soaps will lose me and i have been watching them since i was a little girl with my mom.

  4. SLD says

    I love the show and wish they had at least finished the season, it’s not unheard of for a show to pick up viewer’s mid-season. What’s wrong with the network’s. EASTWICK should move to a network that does them justice.

  5. Renee says

    I can’t believe Eastwick is canceled!!!! What is the network thinking? Finally there was a show that wasn’t a CSI, or a cop show and it gets canceled. ABC has cancelled 2 shows that I just loved, including Dirty Sexy Money which was also different. Not everyone likes reality shows, never watched them, never will. I just don’t know what the execs are thinking canceling Great shows like these. Eastwick was funny, romantic, suspenceful and had great actors and fabulous acting. Its no wonder people choose to watch cable instead of the big 3 networks, at least cable gives their shows a chance!!!

  6. Kookie says

    This is getting ridiculous with ABC and their tirade on quick cancellations… Just recently they cancelled a favorite “The Unusual’s” and now “Eastwick”…!!!!! This is the first time I have ever voiced my opinion on a cancellation of a show but in this case I am extremely ticked at the cancelled the show that I happen to love!… The problem with these networks is that they don’t give the show’s a chance to evolve. It’s not easy grasping a new show and trying to get involved with out the networks just pulling them right from under your feet and the nerve of them to not evan bother to let us, “the viewers” know. I would appreciate the opportunity to be able to put in my protest and try to save a show that is worth keeping around. I certainly was attracted to the show and it’s cast. It was fun, interesting and intriguing. I am a fan of the movie “The Witches of Eastwick” from which it originated from and while initially I thought that I may not be able to get in to it, I truly fell in love with the show and all of it’s character’s and it’s fellow portrayers’. If there is a chance to get this show back or like they did with the show “Southland” wherein another network picked it up as they did with “Medium” I would love that… And damn ABC for not allowing the fans to get into full Loyalty power mode.

  7. Terry says

    I am very disappointed in ABC’s decision to cancel Eastwick. It is one of the few shows that is truly entertaining. I am disgusted beyond words with all this ‘reality TV’ nonsense that requires no talent, no plot and rewards people for being absolute idiots. All reality television has done is bring more low-life attention seekers to the surface and they continue to be rewarded for it. Examples of why it should not be considered entertainment would be the Heene’s of Colorado and the Salahi’s in DC. Please reconsider cancelling this show. Each time an episode airs, my family watches and cannot believe that the hour passes so quickly. We are always eager to see the next show. These are shows that I think can be watched multiple times and you’ll see something you didn’t notice before.

  8. Laura Sarratt says

    I like Castle, The Forgotten, Modern Family and Ugly Betty in that order. I had completely ignored network TV until I learned I could watch online at my leisure. Now if time allows I watch these programs on TV. I get to pick and choose what I want to watch.

  9. amanda says

    Canceling Eastwick? Really? It was bad enough when Dirty Sexy Money went away. I think that ABC needs to pay attention to good tv. How about canceling some of the other time hogs like Grey’s Anatomy, which in my opinion flatlined seasons ago. This is why I have been a loyal NBC girl, with the exception of Cougar Town and The Middle.

  10. Liane says

    I am really disappointed in the cancelation of Eastwick. I too was upset at the cancellation of Dirty Sexy Money. It was a good show … as was Eli Stone. I don’t understand why ABC keeps canceling the good shows! I think I will stop getting emotionally attached to ABC shows. They don’t give fans a chance to show their loyalty! Thanks God for NBC. At least they give good shows a fighting chance before letting the axe fall!

  11. key says

    abc is crap! I’m still not over dirtysexymoney, pushing daisies , eli stone and the unusuals! I will not watch any new shows on abc until it reaches a first full season!

  12. MARITZA SILVA says


  13. Kenji says

    October Road, Life on Mars, Dirty Sexy Money and what’s next?!!! Because The Forgotten and Flash Forward’s writers and actors have done quality work in putting together an intricate story line with characters featuring depth and appeal I am sure their future is in jeopardy. Unbelieveable that ABC does not recognize shows with true shelflife. Here is a bulletin ABC… Neilsen ratings do not make a show successful… belief by the network does. Someone at ABC needs to get passionate about programming… man up, grow a pair and stand up for the quality that is slipping through their sand filled hands. I want to stick around ABC I really do, but not when you keep pushing me out the door. Call me insecure but I want to feel needed~

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