Accidentally on Purpose: Season or Series Finale? Will it be Cancelled or Renewed?

Accidentally on PurposeTonight’s episode of Accidentally on Purpose marks the final episode of the freshman sitcom’s first season. Will it be the show’s series finale as well?

Accidentally on Purpose follows a thirty-something movie critic (Jenna Elfman) who’s broken up with her charming boss (Grant Show). She ends up having a one-night fling with a much younger man (Jon Foster) and becomes pregnant. She ultimately decides to keep both the baby and the guy. The series also features Lennon Parham, Nicolas Wright, Ashley Jensen, and Pooch Hall.

The sitcom got off to a good start back on September 21, 2009 with 8.99 million viewers and a 3.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The numbers started to decline in the next couple of weeks but then came back up.
On Mondays, the show averaged a 3.1 in the all-important demo and 8.23 million viewers. In that same timeslot, Rules of Engagement’s been doing about the same.

For the past couple weeks, CBS has been airing Accidentally on Purpose on Wednesday nights. Without as strong a lead-in as How I Met Your Mother, the sitcom hasn’t been doing as well. In its two weeks of original episodes, Accidentally on Purpose has attracted a 1.9 rating and just 5.97 million viewers. In the same timeslot, Gary Unmarried, averaged a 2.15 rating and 6.65 million viewers.

Should Accidentally on Purpose get a second season?

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In the end, Accidentally on Purpose has performed either lower or about the same as other sitcoms in the same timeslots. That’s not bad but likely not good enough to get it a second season. If the show had beaten Gary’s or Rules’ ratings then Accidentally on Purpose would have had a much better chance but it didn’t.

CBS isn’t satisfied with how their lower-rated sitcoms are doing, so they’ll want to try at least one or two new ones next season. They already have a new one from Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men) in the works and won’t want to let that go. They have the least invested in in Accidentally on Purpose and it’s essentially the lowest-rated, so will likely be the first to get the axe.

TV show supportStill, the ratings aren’t that bad and it is produced by CBS’ in-house studio. It could survive, perhaps as a midseason replacement. It just doesn’t look all that likely. We’ll know on May 19th for sure.

Thankfully, tonight we’ll see the birth of Billie’s baby so that means we’ll get some sort of closure, just in case this is indeed that last episode.

What do you think? Should Accidentally on Purpose get a second season? Is it better than some of the other CBS sitcoms? Would you be satisfied with this being the series finale?

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  1. Suzanne says

    Please bring back “Accidentally On Purpose” – such a funny show. You could just sit back and relax and enjoy fine comedy! I also miss the sitcom, “The Class” – Golly you CBS writers and critics, are you listening to the majority of your viewers? why do all you execs have to keep juggling the sitcoms on different nights and time? “sort of gives me a headache!! Plus, “Two And A Half Men with Ashton Kutcher was alright, but him going naked wasn’t funny sort of stupid I thought. The show will never be the same or as good with Charlie Sheen gone!!! Actually, “Berta” and “Charlie” made that sitcom number “1”!

  2. May says

    2nd season please!!!!!! It’s light but still entertaining. It doesn’t pretend to be anything more serious and i absolutely love it!

  3. Genesis says

    I want a second season of the show I really do!!! It’s soooo funny and I love it and I miss watching it and I want there to be more of it :DD

  4. Genesis says

    I really really really want this show to come back it is amazing and makes you have a good feeling very funny also . I got to see the season on nextfilspx and I totally love it !!!!! I really want to see more of it and it truly is a great show with out a doubt !!!! Please make a second session <3

    • Genesis says

      Oppps I ment that I got to see it on netflix haha ๐Ÿ˜€ but anyways like I said up top I lighthearted the show sooooo much !!!

  5. cori says

    that show was great just like a lot of good shows. it was funny without being corny. just like sheri but that was cut from lifetime. pushing up daisies, cut from syfy. survivors cut from bbc. invisible man also cut from syfy (syfy sucks!! except eureka : )) favorite shows of mine mostley found on netflix. that should have given me a clue anyway they always have the cancelled shows and don’t warn us that we’ll never see them again. ahgh!!!

  6. ginger says

    what happened to this show?? i love jenna elfman! anything with her is great! if not this show find another one for her

  7. Ty says

    Well we know that the show isn’t coming back. Not to say that the show wasn’t funny or even good. CBS likes to drop stuff and put something else in its place. Rules of Engagement is funny, but was dropped for whatever reason and Accidently on Purpose was put in its time slot. I myself was not happy about the decision and wasn’t really going to give the show a chance no matter how funny it was. The show really didn’t have a chance.
    My wife (who was pregnant at the time) fell in love with the show. We ended up watching it and really enjoyed it. There was a great dynamic with the actors and storyline. Awkward yet funny, but not stupid awkward. Then the show disappeared right before our eyes. Too bad the show didn’t get more than 18 episodes, but we can still enjoy it on Netflix. I wonder if the writer strike had anything to do with it?
    Hey CBS why don’t you change the people who are deciding on shows and stop shuffling shows around mid-season. Get it right before a season and stick with it. I’m sure there is a lot of untapped talent out there who really know what funny is.

  8. zach says

    I would love to see another season of this! Just watched the entire 1st season on netflix.. could’nt stop it was to good.

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