Accidentally on Purpose: CBS Orders Five More Episodes

Accidentally on PurposeThings can change awfully fast in the TV biz. One minute your show is the hottest thing on the air, the next minute it’s cancelled. When it comes to CBS’ new sitcom, Accidentally On Purpose, what a difference a few weeks can make!

Accidentally on Purpose revolves around a thirty-something movie critic (Jenna Elfman) who’s broken up with her charming boss (Grant Show). She ends up having a one-night fling with a much younger man (Jon Foster) and becomes pregnant. She ultimately decides to keep both the baby and the guy. The series also features Lennon Parham, Nicolas Wright, Ashley Jensen, and Pooch Hall.

The sitcom got off to a good start back on September 21st with 8.99 million viewers and a 3.2/8 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. The numbers started to decline in the next couple of weeks. Coupled with mixed reviews, this led some to think that the show would be following in the footsteps of short-lived CBS sitcoms like Worst Week, Welcome to the Captain, and The Class.

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Then, in week four, the ratings started to go back up. Last night’s episode hit a post-debut high in viewers (8.54 million) and matched its premiere numbers in the demo.

CBS is cautiously optimistic about the series and has just given the sitcom an order for five additional episodes, rather than the usual “back nine.” This brings the first season order to a total of 18 installments. The order may also be influenced by the fact that CBS has Rules of Engagement waiting in the wings.

TV show supportNow, struggling Three Rivers is the network’s only freshman series that hasn’t received an order for additional episodes.

What do you think? Does Accidentally on Purpose measure up or do you prefer Rules of Engagement, or one of the cancelled sitcoms?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    This is one of my FAVORITE shows. I absolutely love this show and truly love the blending of the 20 somethings with the 30/40 somethings. The humor and timing is awesome.

  2. Jasmine says

    I absolutely love AOP. I hope they keep it because it is such a great show and the chemistry of the cast is perfect and I can’t wait for Monday to see more.

  3. Michael says

    I don’t think there is a show I haven’t at least given a chance, so I can say I watch a ton of tv and this show is absolutely hilarious. I can’t believe the haters….the chemistry of the actors is off the charts, I get the same feeling I had when friends was on, the cast is perfect….can’t wait for a second season….

  4. mcphillips says

    I love this show! I think all of the characters have great chemistry. I’m just wondering where the writers can really go with it. Seems like it will just have to be the same break-up/make-up dance between Zac and Billie for years to come.

  5. Lindsey Lee says

    Well I don’t care I love this show. Never liked her in Dharma and Greg wasn’t a fan.

    This show is funny, funny, funny I love the cast and the stories. Great half hour comedy appreciate it for what it is. I think this show is needed right now as can’t compare it with much. I love my half hour comedies please keep this on the air for the full season at least.

    At the end of the day we all like different things and we all have different senses of humour so we won’t all love this show but there are a lot of fans that do.

  6. GodNo says

    Oh Please, I can’t understand why even chicks would want to watch this crap. And with that, I will say no more because it not worth my time.

  7. Bonnie says

    This weeks episode was funny. Give it another chance. Some shows are slow to get audience, but has same sort of humor as that 70’s show. Silly and light hearted. Nice break from all the heavy drama. Get rid of Cougar if you want to get rid of stupid show!

  8. Kelly says

    I really like this show. I must admit the first thing that interested me in the show was Jenna Elfman, and I decided to watch it without evening knowing what it was going to be about. I tried not to have high expectations, and the show turned out to be really entertaining! I too can’t wait to see what happens between Billie and Zack (it could be like another Ross & Rachel saga). They have a good group of characters they can select from to focus on each week that work well as a family unit (also sort of like friends, but in a whole different setting). I hope CBS orders even more episodes to lengthen the season beyond 18 episodes and brings it back again next season. It’s good to have Elfman back on TV in a sitcom I look forward to watching each week…I still watch Dharma & Greg!

  9. Mariah says

    Wow, five more episodes of pointless? And yet they’re talking about canceling good shows? Wow, I guess all networks suck and cater to the morons of the world.

  10. Michelle says

    Are you kidding me??? 5 more episodes of this crap. If you put this anywhere else in CBS’s lineup on any other day, it would be the biggest bomb. Please CBS do something intelligent, you really lack brains anyway, and get rid of this NOW!!!

  11. Shelli says

    Absolutely LOVE Accidentally On Purpose. The Show is HILARIOUS!! I think CBS needs to realize why last night was a higher rated show…lol. Pooch Hall adds immense character, he is so funny and talented. Him and Jenna have this charisma that lights up the screen. They need to have more episodes with Pooch in it. He has a great fan base from The Game and all of them are anxious to see more of him on Accidentally On Purpose and when they know he’s on they ALL tune in. This show has GREAT potential I say give it another season. I’m anxious to see what happens with Billie and Zack and I would love to see where Ryan and Davis come into play after the baby is born. Three Dudes and a Baby? LOL!! Keep Em Coming!!

  12. says

    I think its a good show, but you kindof already know whats gonan happen, not much they can do with this show, rules of egagement is really funny, put that on instead!

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