Against the Wall

Against the WallNetwork: Lifetime
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: July 31, 2011 — October 23, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Rachael Carpani, Treat Williams, Kathy Baker, James Thomas, Steve Byers, Brandon Quinn, Andrew Walker, Chris Johnson, Marisa Ramirez, Daniel Kash, Chris Mulkey, and Mayko Nguyen.

TV show description:      
Abby Kowalski (Rachael Carpani) is a fourth generation Chicago police officer who finally lands her dream job and becomes a detective. Unfortunately, her dream turns out to be a nightmare for the four other cops (her father and three brothers) in her close-knit family. She must figure out how she can pursue her career dreams in the Chicago department’s Internal Affairs division while keeping her family intact.

Abby’s father is Don Kowalski (Treat Williams), a police sergeant in the Bureau of Patrol who’s married to Sheila (Kathy Baker). He’s the biological father of Steve, Richie, and Abby and the adoptive father of Donnie, the clan’s eldest son.

Donnie Kowalski (James Thomas) is a Chicago police officer and was fathered by a man named “Speedo,” prior to Sheila meeting Don Kowalski. Recently divorced, he tests for and transfers into the SWAT team. Second brother Steve Kowalski (Steve Byers) works in the Bureau of Patrol and is married with two little girls.

Youngest sibling Richie Kowalski (Brandon Quinn) also works in the Bureau of Patrol. He and Abby are very close and his wife Laura and he are expecting a baby. Richie’s partner is John Brody (Andrew Walker), a good guy that Abby begins dating. Abby also dates Danny Mitchell (Chris Johnson), an old friend who used to work in the State’s Attorney’s office.

Abby’s partner on the force is Lina Flores (Marisa Ramirez). She’s married to a fellow cop, is pregnant, and has three sons (including a set of twins). They work under Lieutenant Papadol (Daniel Kash) in the Internal Affairs Division. Also on the force is Carl Scott (Chris Mulkey), the investigating officer of an officer-involved shooting case.

Mackie Phan (Mayko Nguyen) is Abby’s best friend and neighbor who helps Sheila open her own bakery.

Series Finale:     
Episode 13 — We Protect Our Own
Don’s former partner, Paul, is investigated for the shooting of his wife. Abby and Lina decide to look into who really did it and this leads into Don’s old cases being reopened. Meanwhile, Lina worries if her partnership with Abby will change after the birth of her baby girl. Abby’s relationships with Danny and Brody heat up.
First aired: October 23, 2011.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. heather says

    I can’t believe theyve canceled Against the Wall. this was a good show that I actually looked forward to every week. I believe lifetime has made a very big mistake. I hope they decide to pick this back up or someone else does because it was well made. now that lifetime has canceled against the wall and the protector I have no interest in the channel anymore.

  2. Jeannette says

    They need to bring back Against the Wall. They left me hanging. How dare they!! It was a great program. They cancel the good programs and keep the horrible ones!

  3. Karen says

    Too bad that Lifetime can’t see a gem in front of their face. I would like to see Against The Wall back on the air again. Please reconsider Lifetime. Or someone else pick it up
    and you will have a hit!

  4. Shari Lynne says

    I don’t know of any updates on whether we can get this show back on the air, but ALL of what I’ve read since finding out about its cancellation has been disappointment and outrage. Worst of all, it’s being replaced by a crappy show about how Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character stoops to prostitution to survive. From girl power and functional families to sleeze and weak character…. Bull!

  5. Noreen says

    Boy I cannot believe the good shows like “Against the Wall” and “Protector” are taken off…shows that have interesting story lines, and the networks keep shoving reality TV down our throats…What is wrong with these people!!!!

  6. Lisa says

    I am so disappointed against the wall has been canceled! I watched faithfully each week. I loved this show. Abby and Brody were so cute together. And Abby and her partner had such great chemistry. I’m so upset that we never get to see what happened with her family, and if her friend started dating her brother, how her moms bakery went, which guy she ended up with! Ugh the frustration

  7. sondra says

    I didn’t know this show was cancelled!!!! WHY ????? It was a good show, I looked forward to watching it every week and even got my mother interested in it. I was waiting for it to start airing again.

  8. ed says

    Great show just waiting for new season and now is now. We agree get rid of the reality shows. Stick with something that is good.

  9. Tammy says

    Really enjoyed the show. Was so disappointed to read that it was on the list to be cancelled. Had looked forward to the following season. It was a great depiction of a hard-working Police family. Great storyline. Fabulous cast. What happened?

  10. says

    I cannot believe you took a good show like that off the air. I looked forward to watching it every week. My husband actually sat with me and enjoyed the drama of the show. Now we won’t know who Abby chose to be her boyfriend. You need to change your thoughts and put this show back on and maybe removed shows like project runway or all the other shows that show no interest to the viewers. It seems to me there are loads of people upset of Against the Wall not coming back.

  11. denise says

    This show could of been toned down a bit, a little bit to much sex all the time, got away from the story plot of the show, but I wish the network would of given it more of a chance, ordered at least another 8 shows to give it a chance. As I said this network has the rep of doing jus this.

  12. Andrea says

    Omg! I loved this show and was waiting for it to come back on. Well now I’m very upset. It was a good show, way better than the Project Runway crap they show now. I might stop watching Lifetime because it seems like they don’t/wouldn’t know a good show if it bit them in the butt.

  13. denise smith says

    Against the wall wasn’t given a chance to succeed, first the times were changed, come on, at least give it a full run to see about the ratings, this is bull. You keep cancelling the shows we like, and keeping on those stupid reality shows.

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