Against the Wall

Against the WallNetwork: Lifetime
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: July 31, 2011 — October 23, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Rachael Carpani, Treat Williams, Kathy Baker, James Thomas, Steve Byers, Brandon Quinn, Andrew Walker, Chris Johnson, Marisa Ramirez, Daniel Kash, Chris Mulkey, and Mayko Nguyen.

TV show description:      
Abby Kowalski (Rachael Carpani) is a fourth generation Chicago police officer who finally lands her dream job and becomes a detective. Unfortunately, her dream turns out to be a nightmare for the four other cops (her father and three brothers) in her close-knit family. She must figure out how she can pursue her career dreams in the Chicago department’s Internal Affairs division while keeping her family intact.

Abby’s father is Don Kowalski (Treat Williams), a police sergeant in the Bureau of Patrol who’s married to Sheila (Kathy Baker). He’s the biological father of Steve, Richie, and Abby and the adoptive father of Donnie, the clan’s eldest son.

Donnie Kowalski (James Thomas) is a Chicago police officer and was fathered by a man named “Speedo,” prior to Sheila meeting Don Kowalski. Recently divorced, he tests for and transfers into the SWAT team. Second brother Steve Kowalski (Steve Byers) works in the Bureau of Patrol and is married with two little girls.

Youngest sibling Richie Kowalski (Brandon Quinn) also works in the Bureau of Patrol. He and Abby are very close and his wife Laura and he are expecting a baby. Richie’s partner is John Brody (Andrew Walker), a good guy that Abby begins dating. Abby also dates Danny Mitchell (Chris Johnson), an old friend who used to work in the State’s Attorney’s office.

Abby’s partner on the force is Lina Flores (Marisa Ramirez). She’s married to a fellow cop, is pregnant, and has three sons (including a set of twins). They work under Lieutenant Papadol (Daniel Kash) in the Internal Affairs Division. Also on the force is Carl Scott (Chris Mulkey), the investigating officer of an officer-involved shooting case.

Mackie Phan (Mayko Nguyen) is Abby’s best friend and neighbor who helps Sheila open her own bakery.

Series Finale:     
Episode 13 — We Protect Our Own
Don’s former partner, Paul, is investigated for the shooting of his wife. Abby and Lina decide to look into who really did it and this leads into Don’s old cases being reopened. Meanwhile, Lina worries if her partnership with Abby will change after the birth of her baby girl. Abby’s relationships with Danny and Brody heat up.
First aired: October 23, 2011.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. amber says

    Please bring against the wall back..I loved that show I always looked forward to the next episode..please bring it left us hanging when she decided to pick the she was going to date..please bring the show back!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    It is amazing to me that the reality shows about rich housewifes and kids who summer in Italy and get drunk can go on and on but good shows that have a story line are cancelled. One of the reasons I rather pick up a book than watch these stations. Really is to bad just started getting interested in watching tv again.

  3. Linda says

    I can’t believe the show Against The Wall is cancelled, come on now you
    can’t leave us hanging who did she pick ??? I really liked the show you should
    put it back on the air

  4. Valarie J says

    I was still looking for Against The Wall even after the cancellation, hoping that at least one network would have the sense to keep good scripted shows on the air and not feed us reality shows. So much for the high road.

  5. jeff says

    I loved the show it was excellent and couldn’t wait for it to come on again and find out its not this show is not the only one that I enjoyed wish the would at least finish them instead of leaving you hanging ……….

  6. says

    I cannot belive you would cancel this show. It is so good Why would you do something like that? The story line is awesome, who does she pick? Does her partner come back after the baby? Does the bakery do well? We need answers!

  7. Cortes says

    I cant believe they cancelled it. I really wanted to see who she had picked to be with at the end of the season. They could of least had told us that. Very disappointed in Lifetime network now.

  8. Wendy Olmstead says

    I can’t understand why the networks pull a show so early. Sometimes it takes more than one season to grow a good fan base. Against the Wall was a really good show. More people would have joined the viewing as word got out. Some of the longest running series were given a second season despite the let down of first season pollings. Believe in your product and stand by it for atleast two seasons. It’s a good thing that we don’t give up on networks after one show.

  9. Lou says

    Looks like all the networks have lost their minds. They’re cancelling many many really good shows. Who watches this crap they’re replacing them with???

  10. krikamri says

    I can’t believe they cancelled Against the Wall. It showed a whole different side to Internal Affairs. Abbey was a doll and love Treat Williams, Kathy Bates and rest of the cast. I’m going back to Net Flix.

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