All My Children: Online Series Plans Cancelled

All My Children canceledBad news for fans of the long-running All My Children soap opera. It looks like the cancelled TV series may not be continuing online after all.

After ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live, Prospect Park announced plans to continue the soaps as web programs via their new Internet channel, The Online Network.

Unfortunately, the company has had difficulty working out a financial model that could support the production of new episodes. In addition, only two AMC actors — Cameron Mathison and Lindsay Hartley — signed on for the new version.

it’s now being reported that Prospect Park won’t be doing an online version of AMC after all. Other reports indicate that the show will be delayed for three months or longer. This news is particularly disappointing for longtime viewers who were hoping the series would be wrapped up in a satisfying way. Since the online version was in the works, producers ended AMC with several cliffhangers rather than wrapping things up as originally planned.

Prospect Park does still plan to produce a web version of One Life to Live. They haven’t set a date as to when that will debut but several castmembers have already signed on to take part in the new version. One Life to Live is scheduled to sign off of ABC in January.

What do you think? Do you think One Life to Live will really continue? Are you sorry that AMC may not be back? If new episodes can’t be made, how would you like to see AMC continue or wrapped up — via books, audio dramas, animation, or ?

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  1. Mary says

    Not a surprise. When I heard Susan Lucci was not signing…it was over. But it was ok if she didn’t sign… who cared… as long as the others signed (Matheson, Knight, Izzary, others) who cares if Lucci didn’t resign. It seems that if she did, it would continue… but without her it is not. Betcha they are waiting to see if Army Wives is taking her longterm. I am, however, disappointed after 40 years of watching both AMC and OLTL (I love OLTL and am happy that they will continue… don’t care where, I will watch as will others I’m sure) was canceled – but it all came down to dollars. I wish there were a cable network (Should have been SOAPNET – stupid execs at ABC – canceling that channel to – they would have been HEROS – but cancel it to put on a CHILDREN’S SHOW ??? ) that would re-instate all the canceled soaps and also put back old episodes of Dallas, Falcon Crest and Knots Landing , etc… It would have a terrific following. My idea… charge the fans dollars in support of the station … like Channel 13… bet you if they put those soap stars on a money drive the cash would pour in.

  2. Ruddy says

    This deeply news saddens me. I have been mourning AMC since it was first announced it would be cancelled. Pine Valley has been a part of my life for 35 years. It was my one hour a day to escape the day to day life and follow along with all the twists and turns brought to my living room through great story telling and excellent acting. I have missed every minute of and I feel like I am mourning this loss all over again. As all the other fans have previously stated, I will never watch the replacement shows. There is enough reality TV and boring cooking shows out there in the world. I hold hope that a true Pine Valley happy ending will happen here and bring back the drama, romance and beloved characters for us loyal fans.

  3. Stephanie Nicole says

    I am devastated at the thought of AMC not coming back. I’m not that into TV as a rule, but I love AMC and OLTL. I used to watch the three soaps in the evening instead of watching any nighttime TV. I certainly hope something can be done to bring back AMC. this is awful!

  4. Judy says

    I am so sorry AMC was cancelled in the first place. I work, but always recorded it to watch at night. You have made my Mother unhappy also. What a disappointment.

  5. nettie says

    this is a bunch of bull. First you leave us hanging with that last episode. Now its not gong to be online WTH. then yall going to remove one life to live what are yall thinking. We loved those shows your fans spoke. WE BLAME ABC YALL CANCLED OUR SHOWS and for what that cooking messssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rita says

    I am very saddened that All My Children won’t be online now. They had two actors they had signed, and if the other ones wouldn’t sign on, I wish they would have found replacements. I had heard that “Jesse” signed on, and “Tadd” was close to signing, but am not sure what happened there. I still think AMC should continue online, but it would be much better to have it on TV again. Maybe another network would buy the rights from Prospect Park. This is terrible news after watching AMC for 40 years. It has left a big void in my day – my husbands too. We didn’t even get an ending to the show!!! What kind of crap is that? As for The Chew, I will never watch it. I read that it wasn’t doing so good. I hope that if is a big flop, and ABC reconsiders their plan or at least fire the guy who idea it was to take our soaps off line. I am really upset over this whole ordeal. I was so looking forward to AMC starting online in January. All I can say bummer, bummer, bummer!!!!!!!!1

  7. lorrie says

    I have been holding onto AMC’s last show so I could watch it again when the online version started but I guess I can delete it now. I can’t believe after 41 years it has ended the way it did. I also will never watch abc once OLTL goes off. At least I still have OLTL.

  8. Debbie says

    Could’t believe it was cancelled for the two shows replacing them. Just another cooking show and ? don’t know what other show will be. I am sure it will be equally disappointing

  9. Shelly says

    How recent and accurate is this news? I also heard today that it was just pushed back to March of 2012. If it is true then somebody owes the fans a wrap up show putting all the pieces together and ending the series like it deserves to be ended.

  10. Sally says

    I would like to know where the author of this piece got his /her info that PP totally cancelled. We heard they delayed putting AMC online until they had more investors/money. Which is it ? I’ve boycotted ABC for 7 months and will never return and I can do the same with PP.

    • Kat says

      I would say put the blame on ABC, who cancelled All My Children, the producers who left things purposefully open-ended, and the actors who decided an online continuation wasn’t worth their time before you go blaming Prospect Park, who tried to bring you the show you loved, but ultimately couldn’t.

  11. Natalie says

    I can’t believe that all my children is over i have watched for years. I wont watch the chew is upsets me that they would take them off the air.

  12. Liz says

    ABC is blowing it…We need more food shows like we need more reality shows…What happened to good TV shows? Not so long ago there were shows that actually had plots, characters who you love, and characters that you love to hate. Now we have reality, cooking and self help shows. There’s a food channel, a reality channel, channels that are dedicated to featuring only one topic. No thank you ABC…Looks like I’ll be surfing the webmore and watching ABC less.

  13. Carol Ferenchick says

    I have watched “All My Children” since the day it came on TV. That is a LONG TIME! And to have it end in such an unsatisfactory way is very disappointing for the show and ABC. A good way to end the series would be a TV special which would be a good way of
    concluding the series and wrapping up the storylines which were eft hanging. Going online to see these is not an alternative as there are a lot of people who still do not own PCs especially older people.

    • Charleston says

      That would be the best option. It maybe difficult because some of the actors I’m sure are beginning to work on other projects.

  14. ben says

    I feel that after years of loyalty to ABC, viewers were just cut off so that ABC could produce cheap crap like The Chew and Revolution. Shows that don’t cost as much to make, aren’t needed and will probably better for the ABC bottom line. I don’t watch ABC anymore.

  15. Kat says

    I’m not a fan of soap operas, but after 41 years on the air, it’s a travesty to have a show end on several cliffhangers. Even if they REALLY thought the online version was going to happen (and, frankly, they should’ve been skeptical), they still should’ve wrapped up as many plot points as possible, to give fans who weren’t going to flock to an online destination a sense of closure. If the writing was good, it’d be easy enough to re-open or create new plots for the cast members (new and old) who signed on for the online version. I think continuing/concluding the series as a book or audio drama would work best for most of AMC’s fanbase. They deserve to know what happens in the end. By the looks of it, at leaset OLtL will continue online — or at least it’s got a fair better chance than AMC — which is good.

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