Allen Gregory: Has FOX Cancelled the Animated Series?

Allen Gregory canceled?FOX has released their new schedule for mid-season and Allen Gregory wasn’t on it. What does this mean? Has the animated series been cancelled?

Allen Gregory revolves around an arrogant and delusional seven-year-old, Allen Gregory De Longpre (Jonah Hill), who’s being raised by his persnickety father, Richard (French Stewart), and his father’s hunky life partner, Jeremy (Nat Faxon). Neither Allen Gregory nor his father are fond of adopted Cambodian daughter Julie (Joy Osmanski). Because of the recession, Allen Gregory is forced to start attending a public elementary school. He meets his best friend/personal servant Patrick (Christina Puccelli), his idol Joel (Jake Johnson), and his crush, the school’s senior citizen principal (RenĂ©e Taylor)

Following a slew of negative reviews, the series debuted on October 30th. It attracted a 2.4 in the 18-49 demographic with 4.77 million total viewers putting it in last place for its timeslot. The series tied with The Cleveland Show as FOX’s lowest-rated show of the night and was even out-performed by a repeat of The Simpsons. This certainly wasn’t an auspicious beginning. A year earlier in the same timeslot, an episode of The Cleveland Show performed 30% better.

Allen Gregory fell by nearly 13% in week two and still hasn’t stopped falling. This week’s installment fell an amazing 21% in the demo, hitting a new series low of a 1.5 in the demo and 3.18 million viewers. It currently ranks 12th out of 13 scripted shows on the network, beating only Fringe which airs on Friday nights. It has “D+” demo grade on the network report card and, the way things are going, it won’t take long for that grade to drop even lower.

FOX ordered just seven installments of Allen Gregory and, the way things have gone, they’re very likely glad they didn’t ask for any more. There are two episodes left to air and they’ll be finished airing by December 11th. The network could run repeats after that but may decide to run something else. New episodes of Allen Gregory have done so poorly that its hard to imagine that reruns wouldn’t do even worse.

FOX hasn’t officially cancelled Allen Gregory and has no reason to announce it if they did, at least until the show’s off the schedule. If they did, the ratings would only go down.

They’ve made no mention of putting new episodes into production — even though they ordered additional scripts way back in July. Animated shows need a longer lead time for production so FOX has often handed out very early renewals. Not so in this case.

In the end, it makes no sense for FOX to renew the Allen Gregory show for a second season. It’s performed very poorly and the network has plenty of better-performing animated fare.

But, what do you think? Do you like the series? Do you think it should it be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. jess says

    I don’t think that Allen Gregory should be cancelled it was my Sunday favorite show hopefully adult swim will pick it up. Its sad what this world has come to when family guy is actually more popular than Allen Gregory was. There was at least real thought put in it and for the makers of family guy that is the most idiotic show I have ever seen.

  2. Staci D says

    Wow I didn’t realize how many low brow people there were in this country. This “comedy” is fueled by cliche’s and dark humor that goes beyond funny to just…..sad. There is nothing appealing about this show unless you think pedophilia, adultry, **** noises, and hitting someone in the face with a knife is funny. The family situation promotes semi-child abuse situations, the one parent left is wife and kids and is yet portayed to be the “sensible” one out of the group, a KID falling in love with a disgusting ADULT and everyone just plays along with this? Is society really that numb that they need a fix such as disgusting and outlandish as this just to chuckle? I could understand if these jokes were at least funny, but all of them are fueled by sadness and anger…..not cool. Grow the F up people.

  3. Mary-Anne Smith says

    I LOVE this shoe, as does everyone else who I have introduced it to in England. I do think its sense of humour would be more favoured to the British public, maybe the BBC should by the show.

  4. Nona,e says

    I hate how if they start a tv series and it doesn’t renew. I liked it. Who dose it care if it’s as good as family guy or Simpson witch I like both but if they posted commercials more often on popular shows maybe they would get more viewers so of they do t renew ppl will get mad. It reminds me of bobs burgers.

  5. Hannah says

    I like the show. I’m definitely tired of the same ol’, same ol’. It’s the only new show that I set up to record weekly. I still remember when they cancelled “All That Glitters.” Heavy sigh . . .

  6. kiki says

    I love this show , please don’t cancel it ! It is very original ! It is nauseating that people won’t even give the show a chance to develop the characters more! Family guy is very distasteful yet funny! Allen Gregory is ORIGINAL and HILARIOUS!

  7. Matt says

    Allen Gregory Is a Fantastic show! I hope it gets to be on for a 2nd season even if its not on fox. maybe another channel could pick it up. Def one of my favorite shows.

  8. Ms Moni says

    Please don’t cancel this show. I love Allen Gregory. I waited so anxiously for the premiere. I think this show is hilarious. I think that Jonah Hill and French Stewart are so funny. I usually can’t catch the show on Sunday nights because I work, but I watch it online or on demand. Please don’t take away Allen Gregory. My boyfriend even likes this show and he is not a fan of anything animated. Please, please, please don’t cancel.

  9. balch says

    Those of you who don’t get it i feel sorry for you. Allen Gregory’s father is one of the funniest and most original charictors I’ve seen in a long time and if the program is canciled we all lose.

  10. Pollonius says

    The first time I saw the show, I wasn’t that into it, but, this show really grew on me. I think the ratings problem is I think the reason for this is the originality of the show, the fact it’s so different. I believe if viewers would give it a shot, it would do well. The problem is people want the same crap in a different setting. Also, family guy did horrible at first, so badly it was cancelled. After (I think) a year and half later they brought it back. I really hope fox gives this show time to develop a following, this show is extremely original with multiple characters that are hilarious, I love Julie, just her character is worth watching the show. However I am afraid that since fox knows anything original is difficult to get the average viewer onboard and cancel it. I. Believe if there were at least 14 episodes and put them on reruns for awhile so the average viewer becomes acclimated to the show and it’s unique style of humor. However, I hope it doesn’t get cancelled, I fear that will be the outcome, hopefully they learned something from when they cancelled family guy. In the meantime the best thing we can do is have EVERY fan let fox know how we feel. Also appeal to businesses who advertise with fox and tell them how much you like the show. In the end advertising money is all it’s about.

  11. Citygrl says

    Oh come on, lighten up a bit – maybe crack a smile. Allen Gregory is funny, it’s a sarcastic animated series. If you’re a fan of Jonah Hill, then AG is something you’d enjoy. If you’re a bit up tight and unable to see the humor in everyday life – not your cup of tea. Fox gets kudos on New Girl this season, but two thumbs down with canceling Allen Gregory.

  12. coop says

    OMG.Why can’t people have open minds? I admit when I first saw thw show I thought this is crazy, but I laughed a little. Some folks have a strange sense of humor, but the show grew on me. Everyone needs a chance . The creator Jonah Hill isnt Seth Macfarlane, but with time who knows the show can become a success. I’m sorry to see there were only seven episodes and thats it the season finale. Look at Dave Letterman he sucks and has been on for years. I say BRING BACK ALLEN GREGORY theres nothing wrong with the show. I like it!!!

  13. MsWatch says

    I absolutely LOVE the show! I’m really sad that it’s going to be cancelled. I think Allen’s assertive and aggressiveness especially toward the principal is hysterical! I’m really sad to see it go. I have looked forward to it every week. I guess I’m in the minority. I was hoping it would really take off. I’m surprised it hasn’t. I guess it has hit a nerve with people. Family Guy hit a nerve with me for a long time even though I kept watching it. However, I got past the parts that bothered me (I’m sick of the **** jokes, plus I didn’t like Stewie at all at first) and I definitely love it now. Goodbye Allen.:(

  14. ITguy says

    I’m a gay male and my hubby and I do NOT like the show. Why? While the utterings of Allen Gregory are sophisticated daggers and sometimes funny (and yes, we “get” all the jokes), we find his character irritating as hell. Sometimes you just get tired of a show that is largely nothing but put-downs. The characters are all a little too idiotic/delusional, and every time we watch an episode we end up looking at each other several times saying “WTF????” I honestly think that the negativity of critics and viewers is NOT centered around anti-gay sentiment; it’s just plain irritating. Family Guy is funny. The Simpsons is funny. Even American Dad is funny. All these shows have some character balance. Allen Gregory is unbalanced and just plain unlikable. The main character’s arrogance and nastiness is the same type of thing that the stereotypical “bitchy queens of West Hollywood” say to insult people. We tried to give the show a go, but felt it would be canceled from the first 10 minutes of the first episode. And we were right.

    • Pollonius says

      Wow, you have no idea how much you don’t “get it”. BTW how is your sexuality is relevant to whether or not you like a show. I am a heterosexual Caucasian male, I’m in my early 20’s my girlfriend is a 18 year old freshman at U. M. and I graduated from Cornell and I started my first year of medical school at the University of Miami Miller school of medicine…. Which is all completely irrelevant.

      • Colossus says

        I like pollonius’ review… this show is HILARIOUS..

        They cut FAMILY GUY… it came back to life when people realized how hilarious it was. I wouldn’t put this one past fox yet..

        Seriously though, nobody cares if anyone is gay anymore, just like black people are the ones who mention anything relevant to being black / racism more than white people… That sh*t died long ago (99% of it)

        So, get over your sexuality, get over your race, and enjoy these shows for what they are, pure comedic relief.

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