Alphas: Cancelled by Syfy; No Season Three

Alphas TV show cancelledSad news for fans of Syfy’s Alphas. The show has been cancelled after two seasons and 24 episodes. Dedicated viewers have been waiting patiently to hear about the show’s fate since the second season ended in October.

Three of the show’s actors — Ryan Cartwright, Azita Ghanizada and Warren Christie — broke the cancellation news via Twitter.

Ryan Cartwright, who suspected the show had been canned a few weeks ago, wrote, “Unfortunately #Alphas is cancelled :(”

Azita Ghanizada tweeted, “Sad to say that ALPHAS will not be returning. What an honor to get to play Rachel for 2years & to work w/ & for the MOST AMAZING PEOPLE EVER”

Warren Christie wrote, “Like my buddy @RyanCartwright has reported, unfortunately #Alphas has been cancelled. Thanks for tuning in the last couple of years!!”

Alphas saw a significant drop in its second season ratings. Year one averaged 1.85 million each week with a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic while year two brought 1.3 million with a 0.7 demo rating.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Alphas has been cancelled? Are you surprised?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. jeff says

    I have watched TV for a long time, and as executives become more and more short sighted they can’t seem to figure out what quality is or what respect is for their audience. At least let a good show end, it shows a lack of respect for the fans and viewers to “just decide” to end a show with no closure. I have no loyalty or respect for a networks because they have none for us.

  2. Elizabeth says

    So disappointed to see such a wonderful show be canceled. This was one of my favorite shows. I never have a chance to watch it when it comes out on television but always catch up on episodes on It’s a shame to see them end it this way. The least syfy could do was give it another season to at least conclude the series some way. Seriously syfy and nbc are going down the drain. As well as many other networks. It’s hard to find really great shows anymore.

  3. T2 says

    I am so afraid to engage in and attach to the story line of any new show for fear it will be pulled before reaching a logical and final conclusion. Over and over, we are asked to voice our opinions to no avail. The cuts go on. Over and over we look for shows of value and are fooled into complacency. Then it ends, just like that. Like they say, nowadays it’s all about the Benjamin but more importantly, it’s about the tasteless corporate entities who rule. Down with mediocrity!

  4. June Gabriel says

    I’m late to the gate – I didn’t know it was cancelled and I didn’t see the last show. I’ll try and find it as a download.

    I liked the show – and thanks to all the performers – and writers – fan here.

    • Elizabeth says

      The last 5 episodes are still available to watch on It had a great ending. So sad to see it won’t be renewed.

  5. Dondrick says

    Please please please, im calling out for any other network to pick up this show. It’s the best show on tv!!!

  6. Sarah says

    I cannot begin to imagine what the decision makers were pondering to justify canceling such a smart, funny, dramatic, suspenseful and all around fantastic show. Please bring it back! David Strathairn is so great in movies that it is wonderful to watch his talent on a weekly basis. Ryan Cartwright was so committed to the show that his “Bones” character (best squint ever) was killed off. Please don’t let the death of Mr. Nigel-Murray be in vain. Gary, Rosen and all the characters are so much fun to watch. We were just getting know Kat. I want to know more. Please bring Alphas back! Thank you for your time and consideration.

  7. Mike says


  8. Everyone says

    To whom it may concern,
    With all do respect, Who ever made the decision to cancel this show has got **** for brains. **** you and ever body you care about! No offense.

  9. Tammy says

    Demographics-schemographics! I’m 52, and I have a 10-year old son, and this was one show that we both loved to watch together! He loved the “powers” of each of the characters, and I loved ethics and values being learned and taught by the show’s story-line and the character development. Now-a-days, ratings don’t mean anything. I don’t even have a cable TV service – I watched all of the episodes directly from SyFy’s website. Did they bother to calculate that into the ratings? In case you couldn’t tell – I’m really bummed that this show cancelled. It’s so difficult finding something on TV that my son and I can both watch and enjoy and discuss. I guess it’s back to the classics — A-Team on Netflix. Yea!

  10. John smith says

    Sci fi or syfi what does it matter. They are owned by NBC who likes to tow the party line what i think is alphas had guns in it.. and Obama now hates guns. so the show had to go. Also NBC has a record of canceling some of the best shows. And others like heros start great and go on for some of the shittiest seasons I’ve seen. Some like surface which was building to an awesome ending get thrown out. What happened to the event? I don’t think anyone who works for these networks has a pair of balls. They wouldn’t know a good show if it crawled up their collective asses.

  11. Scott Harmon says

    This is crap! Why do the shows with characters who have powers have to be canceled? This was a great show! I think it would get better ratings on TNT or USA network. The producers should try to shop around the show to other networks!!!!!

  12. anne sorling says

    this is unbelievable. this show had such potential. The ratings score do not factor in DVR recordings and thats ashame. It has hurt so many shows.!!! Hey ,its the 21st century, and technology now allows us to view more than one show when there are scheduling conflicts or people have to work evening, Its time recognize this and some how factor the current technological advances in calculating rating!!!

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