American Chopper: TLC Reality Show Cancelled, No Season Seven

American ChopperLooks like the choppers are shutting down. TMZ is reporting that the American Chopper TV show has been cancelled after six years on the air. of the cancellation, TV critic Aaron Barnhart noted, “TLC wrecks another family.”

The end of the reality show isn’t a total surprise. In the season six premiere of American Chopper, it was shown that Paul Teutul Sr. and his son, Paul Jr., had a big fight over Paul Jr.’s contract and he was terminated. The son later returned but the problems erupted again and he left once more.

In December 2009, Paul Sr. took legal action against his son over ownership of their family business, Orange County Choppers. The custom motorcycle manufacturer is based in Orange County, New York and was co-founded by the father and son.

Paul Sr. contends they had a deal that he could purchase his son’s stock options in the company but Paul Jr. apparently doesn’t want to give them up. Paul Sr. is suing for $1 million in damages and hopes that the judge will order Paul Jr. to sell his stocks.

Of the show, a TLC representative put a positive slant on the cancellation. The rep said, “The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run.”

The last episode of American Chopper will air on February 11th at 9pm on TLC.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see American Chopper end or is it long overdue?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. JB says

    When we listened to Mike Rowe narrate the show while the Teutul family actually built bikes… I loved it. I don’t claim to be a biker, but I was impressed with there ingenuity and inspired by their creativity. When the show became less about their craft and we were just tuning in to watch as their family crumbled, it really just became an invasion of privacy. The show should have ended a long time ago and shame on us for watching.

  2. biker says

    Give me a break your all like good luck teutles, they dont give a rats ass about you. They have sucked all you posers dry with there stupid t shirts and **** bikes. The son has a addiction problem (rumored) and the old man is obviously on roids. This mixture is very dangerous and now you all see the outcome. It amazes me how white trash can **** up a perfect situation stop kissing there asses. ******* Posers thinking your a biker just because you have one in your garage………and you wear a OCC shirt….. pathetic

  3. Bob says

    And I thought Paul Sr was just being dramatic for the sake of the show. I didn’t think he could be that awful for real. He’s a disgrace to all dads and families. I’m a dad to a 16 year old and a 13 year old and I could never do something so awful to them. They’re my CHILDREN and I love them! Paul Senior’s got seriously misplaced priorities! He’s going to die a lonely and empty old man.

  4. F says

    Its too bad the show is gone but it the long run it will probably turn out to be a blessing for the Teutul family. I didn’t watch as much as I once did but it seems everytime I did catch it all hell broke loose. Hopefully now with the pressure gone the dust will settle and time will heal the wounds. I think the first move Jr needs to make is sell his part in OCC to Sr, that way he will be completely out of the OCC picture and they can both move on. I believe that’s the one thing that needs to be straightened out before the healing process can begin.

    Good luck Teutul Family.

  5. Kim says

    Yes, I’m dissapointed. I loved the show. But the worst part is the family issues between father and son. Paul sueing junior…its awful. I hope the work it out. I truly did love the show and the creations they made. Although I’ve heard they’ve gone down hill in recent times. They truly (mostly paul jr.) were artist. I love watching the process of how the bikes come together and the amazing final result. I will miss it. But I truly am sad for the family and their situation.

  6. TJHawk says

    I’m sad to see the American Chopper go, but maybe it’s for the best. The show hasn’t been the same since Paul Jr. and Mikey left OCC. I wish the Teutels could have settled things between themselves before the show left the air. Maybe someday TLC will do a reunion show.

  7. Rita says

    Unfortunately there is always one bad seed in the bunch, and this one’s name is Paul Sr.
    some of us watch these shows to live out a american dream through the eyes of others. I do not like strife! I have it at home. I read books to escape the horrors of my life, I escape through the pages in the book. You really want to see a family making it, and surviving. It is most unfortunate to see yet again the curse of the reality show glitz. Paul Sr, was such a dissappointment! Power went straight to his head! Family should always come first, no matter what! I will continue to pray for them. Mikey and Paul Jr made the show. I really wish they would have their own show and include the rest of their family.
    Bad mouthing you children to others, is just not cool dude! Paul Sr. Lost me when he made the statement, on National TV. he does not care about them. In my book, He is the father so many of us do not want in our lives! Please do not give this man another show!
    Give him therapy! and let him make it all about him!
    Good luck Mikey and Pauly

  8. John says

    I’m sad to see the show go even thought it got all hollywood. I liked it when it was just Sr, Jr, mikey and vin. Hopefully the show will come back in another form or they will pickup vin s show which I heard was currently in production. All that money so fast is sure to break up a family look at Hollywood. I hope the family solves all thier issues.

  9. Ken says

    Glad to see the show gone. It is long overdue. There is a whole lot of builders out there that I believe are far more talented than these guys. I congratulate them on their sucess but if it wasn’t for the TV show would anyone have really known who they are or care!

    Greed drove the family apart it was bound to happen all the shows success did was make it happen quicker!

  10. Ann Hill says

    It’s sad what’s happened to that family. Love of money destroys all. With the show off the air, it’s likely the company will go belly up. After all, it was the free publicity that made it a “success.”

  11. Chris B. says

    Another family destroyed over ratings (and money). Reality television is out of control. I think the old man has gone off the deep end, breaking the relationship with his sons. I stopped watching the show, which I enjoyed very much, after the fight between Paul Sr./Paul Jr.
    My dad died a few years back, it would be a shame to not have these guys reconcile. Not a day goes by when I do not think of mine.

  12. CJ says

    It’s been rough watching the family come apart like that. I hope with the cameras gone some of the tension will vanish and some bandaids can be placed.

  13. Mike says

    Of course Im upset that its canceling. I hope the family works things out. I just wish that they could go back to the way things were when they didnt have so much. Money seems to ruin so many families.

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