American Chopper: TLC Reality Show Cancelled, No Season Seven

American ChopperLooks like the choppers are shutting down. TMZ is reporting that the American Chopper TV show has been cancelled after six years on the air. of the cancellation, TV critic Aaron Barnhart noted, “TLC wrecks another family.”

The end of the reality show isn’t a total surprise. In the season six premiere of American Chopper, it was shown that Paul Teutul Sr. and his son, Paul Jr., had a big fight over Paul Jr.’s contract and he was terminated. The son later returned but the problems erupted again and he left once more.

In December 2009, Paul Sr. took legal action against his son over ownership of their family business, Orange County Choppers. The custom motorcycle manufacturer is based in Orange County, New York and was co-founded by the father and son.

Paul Sr. contends they had a deal that he could purchase his son’s stock options in the company but Paul Jr. apparently doesn’t want to give them up. Paul Sr. is suing for $1 million in damages and hopes that the judge will order Paul Jr. to sell his stocks.

Of the show, a TLC representative put a positive slant on the cancellation. The rep said, “The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run.”

The last episode of American Chopper will air on February 11th at 9pm on TLC.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see American Chopper end or is it long overdue?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Peter says

    Where there is smoke there is fire. His other son and daughter stopped talking to him well before the show began (strike 1). His ego allowed him to build a huge new facility under the expectation the show would last forever and he would continue building “theme” bikes which are unridable (strike 2). He treated his 2 remaining son’s like they had NOTHING to do with OCC’s success and didnt show the least concern about their future in the company (strike 3). As a father, I would be blessed to be in a position to build and pass along a successful company to my children. He has now failed in the most important career a father can have. He failed his family.

    I guess slapping a new chrome add-on to my Harley makes me a builder. Hello TLC, call me.

  2. Higgs says

    After Vennie left the shot went to sh$t. I would like to see Rick get somewhere else, but the whole shop is filled with idiots, coming from the Chief himself Paul Sr. Would like to see the business go under and have him realize what means most in life, not money but family. Get rid of the show off crap you have in your garage, you would have NEVER of made it without TLC. Not taht you were good, but just in the right place. I remember the first show, Paul SR about cried because he thought TLC ruined him. Well Sr, you are ruined now, no show , NO family, and all you have to show for it is a worthless bike company. Congrats. PS, Jr is just like Sr, an complete idiot

  3. michael says

    A new show with paul jr and mikey vinny and rick get the fans to suggest the theme for the bikes and raffle all the bikes and give all the prossedes to worthy charitys DO NOT put paul sr in any of the shows, mikey needs to do more on the show, he is very funny. PAUL SR is such a d**khead hero, like to see someone his own size knock him out…

  4. Johnny says

    So long. I am only sad for the employees like Rick who has talent. Paul Jr. is a selfish moron who believed too much of his own press…so he slapped some chrome on a stupid grill…so what? Since then, nothing besides putting stickers on his stupid truck. Mikey was a lazy spoiled brat from day one. Jr was too busy being a “star” to consider the responsibility that a business owner has. He constantly showed up late, disappeared for hours on end and left early. Top it off with bragging about the new Mercedes while the other employees were just trying to earn a living was self centered and totally immature. Rather than be a real owner and realize that being the “boss” has a LOT of responsibilities and your actions can have a great (or dire) effect on many peoples lives. That’s why Vinnie left. He was doing all the lifting while Jr was hamming it up for the camera…sadly, without SR. to be their safety net, Jr and Mikey will probably end up on food stamps…since you can’t eat those stupid hats. Too bad for Paul Sr. that he built a wonderful opportunity that put the beans on a lot of stoves only to have his two nitwit sons screw it all up. Best of luck to Sr. and the staff…to Jr…good riddance. Go put some chrome flames on a lawn mower now.

  5. jerr says

    i would love to see paul jr. start his own show. he has the talent , he has the drive . theres plenty of people who would love to work for his. there would certainly be plenty of backers for this new project. how `bout it paul jr. , think about it > you have sucess wrote all over you. you got my vote . use your god given talents .

  6. jerr says

    paul jr. was my favorite. mikey i think kinda felt out of place, maybe he could go back to school , learn about business , or motor cycle s , creating a knowledge that he could rely on and contribute to the family business for his future. i know the pressure is on, and this leads to depression, paul sr. wont be here forever, hes subject to a heart attack the way hes going.occ is big enough venture that could take care of the entire family, both now and the future. god gave you all a brain, you all should start using it , or just sit back and watch it all just fade away.

  7. jerr says

    see what money does to people, i enjoyed seeing the production of fantastic bikes of the program. but to see them totally demolish the shop and other vehicles because of their immaturity was to much. people who come into fantastic money totally loose their common sence. it`s discusting. i`m glad they are gone. i would believe paul sr. would the idea that his legacy would be left to his sons.after all , paul jr`s talents building the bikes is what built the bussiness in the first place. i hope paul jr wins the suit.

  8. COLLEEN says


  9. says

    It ended up a shadow of itself. I think the decline started when Vinnie left. But, on the other hand, replacing it with “The Policewomen of Mariposa County” surely isn’t an improvement.

  10. Bodgeitandscarper says

    What total sh*te that God awful programe was. Bunch of morons showboating for the cameras trying to outdo one another and screaming ‘look at me!!’

    They should do a programe about true bike/ trike builders who don’t showboat and actually build proper bikes/ trikes and not the poofy overpriced chrome cr*p those bellends cobbeld together.

  11. ib pod says

    If the kids have any connection to their performance, they are in for a real learning experience. PJR and Mikey best learn how to hold onto cash as well as hold a job in real world. Like way too many kids today some feel life owes them. I exist therefore I demand! Lots of entertainment folk find their entourage bleeds them dry Real fast so boys best be careful. De:5:16

  12. hkymanpc says

    Happens more often than you think. Once the money starts rolling in people start getting selfish, they fight over petty things and relationships get damaged. I have watched my own father do this and I see where he is today. He struggles to pay for his perscription medication, how sad. When business owners don’t share the wealth and take care of the people that help you get there then I believe you are doomed. It’s really to bad I liked the show, yes I didn’t like it when the just wrecked pefectly good stuff but that just me. I have to work to hard for my belongings. I looked forward to seeing what they could do next. I am a pretty creative person and could identify with Paul Jr. Mikey needed to get out a long time ago. He doesn’t have the passion for the business and should go find something that makes him happy other than food.

  13. Mack says

    Paulie Jr and Mikee and The Dad, Paul Sr, fighting, was what made the show popular. The show then got too big for its britches. The money rolled in, what did they do? Started showing all the toys they bought, the big house the dad has, the trips to France Australia , etc etc etc. Who wants to watch that? The show reminds me of that Show Walking Tall. True story the original sheriff the movie was made about, became famous and got a lot of money from the movie, and then went downhill after that.

    The show was about building bikes, and the family dynamics. When the show turned its focus to WOW lets build a million dollar headquarters and show us driving around in our Hummers , people lost interest. Then to top it off they fire Pauly? I am not sure if just that would have doomed the show it was already going downhill with Vinny leaving etc. I mean these guys were the shows cast. The dad is so arrogant though, he thought the sons were stupid and lazy and it WAS HIM who built that company . So he was too blind to see how much he needed the sons.

    What a fool

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