American Chopper: TLC Reality Show Cancelled, No Season Seven

American ChopperLooks like the choppers are shutting down. TMZ is reporting that the American Chopper TV show has been cancelled after six years on the air. of the cancellation, TV critic Aaron Barnhart noted, “TLC wrecks another family.”

The end of the reality show isn’t a total surprise. In the season six premiere of American Chopper, it was shown that Paul Teutul Sr. and his son, Paul Jr., had a big fight over Paul Jr.’s contract and he was terminated. The son later returned but the problems erupted again and he left once more.

In December 2009, Paul Sr. took legal action against his son over ownership of their family business, Orange County Choppers. The custom motorcycle manufacturer is based in Orange County, New York and was co-founded by the father and son.

Paul Sr. contends they had a deal that he could purchase his son’s stock options in the company but Paul Jr. apparently doesn’t want to give them up. Paul Sr. is suing for $1 million in damages and hopes that the judge will order Paul Jr. to sell his stocks.

Of the show, a TLC representative put a positive slant on the cancellation. The rep said, “The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run.”

The last episode of American Chopper will air on February 11th at 9pm on TLC.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see American Chopper end or is it long overdue?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. RobertL says

    Sr. like the head honcho of the time bandit and that goofy ***** on basketball wives wanted to be able to control who gets on the show and who didn’t. Jr. made that old ******* and everybody knows it. Jr. should have sued Sr. for the foul way he talked to his employees.

  2. joe smoith says

    thanks for no more shows, should have been bikers who belong in skirts and pumps anyway. Way to much drama for chopper building. Maybe they should try to mesh with angry housewives of Orange County.

  3. Harless says

    Let this show of whining, wealthy, star struck egomaniacs who are only pretend bikers go and burn all the copies so no one will have to suffer re-runs of this drivel. Skilled and creative they proclaim? No, they just add on more and more tacky, gaudy, and heavy little items of themed bling and there is not a true rideable scooter built by these TV stars, but they don’t have to ride what they build. Their bikes are mostly bolt-on heavy unrideable expensive junk, there has not been an original clean bike ever built by them and they don’t realize more is really less on a bike. There is not a true mechanic or tuner among them, kill this display of bad behavior now and let OCC & Jr’s businesses fold like a cheap suitcase as no real riders would ever buy their over-done crap. How these large companies come to them for a ‘theme-bike’ after watching the behavior of the Tuttle family escapes any logical thinking. And these ‘men’ being portrayed as role models to children and young employees? These people belong on Jerry Springer’s show and can only be examples of bad behavior. Kill this terrible display of men acting badly! I agree with the above entry by steve kline’s entry of May 3, 2011 at 11:17 am; he told the truth.

  4. says

    I have my DVR set to tape any episode of American chopper. It is to bad that senior is not nearly as good at being a father as he is as starting a business. He just needs to grow up and realize that family is more important than the people he has around him that only care about the money. I really watch the show to see the creations that PJD comes up with. I recently have been looking for a semi-chopper to purchase.

  5. steve kline says

    Not a bit. They are a bunch of whores. Not for real people taking advantage of everyone. Feel sorry for them, Hell no

  6. Linda says

    Yes, I will truly miss this show.My son and I watch it every week. I was hoping thay could patch things up. I would like to wish Jr. all the best. May God Bless him. As far as Sr. I pray that some one will reach him before some thing bad happens to one of his family and it will be to late. He needs to love his sons and stop being bull headed. Your son’s love you and you don’t see it.

  7. jerry mcwilliams says

    The older one is going to stroke out with the way he rants and raves.Maybe end up in broke and his kids hating him

  8. Jonas Kahn says

    Just like the SYFY weekly show, “LOST”, the networks has us give five years of our life, viewing their show, and when the end come, the network drops the bomb. Nice going Network, I’m going to give my free time to adding two more hours reading a good book, before they too are gone.

  9. Lib Lib says

    As it is now, it seems after cancelling, they brought the show back as a two-part hour. I used to like it but sometimes it gets too wishy washy and shallow. I don’t need to see grown men taking fits and throwing things. I don’t need to know about Pauls Sr.’s therapy sessions and everyone bad mouthing everybody else. I watched it to see the bikes built and the end result. There are other bike building shows that have less mamby pamby drama and more true grit bike building. Now if I do watch American Choppers, I Tivo it and fast foward through all the goofy crap (as well as the commercials) TV is so boring now days that they have to fill up an hour with only 30 minutes of truly interesting TV.

  10. Bob E. Lee says

    I think its better of to cancel the show. I wont let my kids watch it anymore due to my youngest asking ” Why is he always mean to his sons” speaking about Paul Sr. “doesn’t he love them anymore you wouldn’t do that to us would you daddy?” If anything it has been self destructing and should of been cancelled long time ago. Paul Sr. doesn’t represent what a family should be and shows his real colors to the fans. I don’t know how anyone could treat a family like that and still be able to live with that. I guess money is thicker than blood for Paul Sr. Should TLC bring the show back it should be with Paul Jr. and crew. He has shown he is more mature and family oriented. Thank you Mr Paul Sr. for bringing your true colors to what used to be your fans. I hope you go bankrupted and people realize what kind of Bullsh@#%er you are and hope Paul Jr. out does you. He has a better crew and is far more mature than you will ever be. Also… Paul Sr. lay off of the steroids…..your not twenty something anymore.

  11. Big G says

    I loved the show, with or without the father and son getting along. It’s sad to see that they were unable to patch things up, but whatever! Two rich guys fighting over nonsense is always a train wreck worth watching.

    Thanks Jr. & Sr. for the fun shows. Now get back to suing each other, will ya?!?!

  12. James Taylor says

    I looked forward each week to the American Chopper series. I will miss the rantings of Paul Sr. and the hard work of the crews of both businesses. I guess we’ll have to move on, but it won’t be easy.

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