American Chopper: Cancelled TV Series Resurrected for Season Seven

American ChopperEarlier this year, the TLC series American Chopper was cancelled after six seasons on the air. The series reportedly came to an end as a result of tensions between Paul Teutul Sr. and his son, Paul Jr. The series finale aired on February 11th.

But now, there’s word that the show is coming back for a seventh season, with both father and son on-board. Junior has apparently opened a new shop of his own that’s near the original.

He hasn’t spoken to his father in over a year and told the NY Post, “I’m always hopeful for a reconciliation, but sometimes these things happen for a reason… Even though you never want dissension in any family, especially with your father, this has allowed me to break out and do things on my own.”

Paul Sr. wasn’t quite as philosophical and said, “Junior seems to say all the time he’d like to reconcile, but the thing of it is, he’s never come to me with that… I’m happy he’s making an attempt to go out on his own, but I don’t feel he’s ever really followed through with anything in his life. But this way, if he fails, he can’t say, ‘My dad made me fail.'”

The plan is to film both of the Teutul shops and include footage from both in each episode. Filming will begin next week and the new season is expected to debut in August.

What do you think? Are you happy to hear that American Chopper is coming back?

UPDATE: It was later revealed that the Teutuls were actually returning in a spin-off, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. JML says

    When it really comes down to it Paul Sr. is really a whimp. He may be able to lift weight but other than that he’s a whimp. I get tired of Sr.’s bitching. I think he’s had to much to drink and too many drugs. Other than that I like the program.

  2. Ron S says

    I was disappointed to hear the show was cancelled and could not beleive that was true, with the following that the show has.I think if Paul Sr. would watch some of the shows, he would see how silly he is make himself look. Also you can see that although Paul Jr. came in as late as 9:00am, he stayed late alot of days and as late as 1:00am on some days.

    Paul Jr. has talent. He can visualize the bike in the completed state while he is building it, without having plans to go by. There are not that many folks with that kind of talent.

    I don’t think the show should ever end as long as the new designs keep flowing and we can see that kind of talent.

  3. Bill Koehler says

    I think its great the show s coming back, but I WISH FATHER AND SON would accept thier differances and go forward with thier talents together. Life’s way too short to carry these resentments. I m 54 yrs old and my Dad has been gone for 19yrs already. I still mourn him from time to time and once a son or a Father is gone,. there’s know gettn them back. My Dad never got to see his grandchildren become men, and never got to see me ridn my Hog.

  4. Tom says

    I get a kick at the comments from all you kids, wait until you become a father of a grown kid who has it all handed to him. I can see why Paul Sr would get pissed with Paul Jr., comes to work when he feels like it, leaves crap all over the place for someone else to clean it up, disrespects his father. I know, I know, sometimes Paul Sr,. asks for it but when you have worked hard so to build a business and to see your kid take it for granted, it burns your butt! I have been in business 40 years & I can write a book as thick as the “Health Care Laws” & tell how many kids have broke a good business that was built by parents.

  5. Beth R says

    I will be real sorry to see the show end, but the volitility is something. I REALLY think senior needs to step back and reevaluate… he has alot of talent in that family and alot of love..Stop being so self absorbed in himself and work on being a totL UNIT.
    And Mikey is the jem in the whole show his humor is alot of times the only bright spot. They employ alot of talented people also…. get our act togther and put out some more awesome bikes.

  6. Scott P. says

    I’ve always enjoyed American Choppers, because of Mikey’s humor and personality and Jr.’s creative abilities. Sr. is an egotistical JERK who needs some serious couch time! The fact that Sr. is doing everything he can to destroy Jr. and his new company is just sick! Mikey is standing with Jr. because he understands what his father is trying to do to his brother. It’s a sad situation to see a father try to hurt his son……..very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jerry Orloff says

    If TLC cancels American Choppers they will be making a big mistake. To many peaple like the show. paul Sr needs to stop playing his egotistical games with his kids

  8. james says

    I’ve been watching “Choppers” since the beginning. I hope that it will continue so Jr can kick Sr’s egotistical azz in the chopper building world. I want Jr to finish the show in a very successful way and to show Sr that he wasn’t the entire series as he thinks!

  9. Mike says

    The show is a joke who wants to see a Dry Drunk ***** at his kids because he can’t drink on T.V they can’t build bikes they put them together

  10. Dick says

    I am looking forward with interest to the opening of a new season. Paul Jr. is representing the flavor of enterneuship regardles of the family adversity. Paul Sr. shows his fear of losing to what he used to be.

  11. says

    I really enjoy watching the show…..still watch the reruns. In my opinion i really think sr. Is selfish, i mean He always comments on that jr. had nothing to dø with building the company,pr that he dosent know how to build a bike. I mean sr. didnt do it by himself. Dont get me wrong i like sr., i admire him overcoming adversity and to acomplish what he has but to always degrade jr. and talk so negative about him makes him look so bad. I think jr. is a talented bike designer. I mean according to what ive seen on the show and im not sure if its all just for the show, or behind the seens. I think jr. has built the most sickiest bikes ive ever seen, i mean come on give the guy credit. Im not saying that he dosent need to be swatted back on track sometimes but being so negative about him just seems so unecessary. Remember he went down the same path as sr. but as a child. I think its rediculous but at the same time very entertaining. I think they ought to let jr. build the custom bikes and let sr. have the production bikes. Jr. im pulling for ya!!

  12. says

    **** OCC and Paul Sr. He has no talent of his own. Sure he can build a bike from parts, but Jr did all the unique design & fabrication on all the theme bikes while his “father” bitched and moaned it was taking too long. Seniors only complaint was Jr coming in late but where was he when his son worked until 1:00 am?
    Ever since Jr left, all the bikes are the same! Company logos in paint, wheels, primary cover, and mirror. Same **** different bike.
    I hope Paul Jr puts his heart & soul in his new shop and makes the original bikes he is capable of designing.
    Paul Senior is as ****** a boss as he is a father. Period.
    OCC is a soap opera with tools. I’ll never watch it again. If you’ve watched one episode you’ve seen them all. Time to move on!

  13. says

    Creo que OCC esta compuesto por el equipo que forman tanto Paul Sr como Paul Jr Mickey Rick y antes cuando estaba Vinnie, con los nuevos miembros de todo el elenco crearon un reality show con mas sustancia, ahora que tanto padre como hijo se han separado, es posible que uno de los dos se vaya a bancarrota, dado que Paul sr tiene talento y experiencia, y Paul Jr tiene Talento e ideas buenas y contemporaneas, me gustaria verlos unidos de nuevo ya que, queramos o no, las discusiones ERAN PARTE ESCENCIAL EN LA RELACION y el programa dado que son padre e hijo en fin, espero con ansias la septima temporada

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